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03/01/2011 at 18:56

Happy New Year all!!

Not actually run yet this year but hoping to get out for one tomorrow at some stage. Need to get back into some kind of routine. 

MH - that sounds like a terrible event! Good on you for covering half mara distance though .. hope you didn't ache as much as I did after Sunrise to Sunset Challenge Half mara I did at Denzil's!!

JA - Hmmmm, I'm finding t all very tough going too!

The only way is UP for me with this running lark ... lets see how things pan out!?!?!

05/01/2011 at 11:30
Just rolled my 2011 London Marathon place over to 2012  think its for the best  as still not going to be running for another four weeks min , but have now got a new bike to get out and about in the park and get some sort of fitness back so watch out for a newby mountain biker .
05/01/2011 at 11:52

Prob sensible TR. I've been cycling quite a lot lately as well - really enjoying it.

Think I've got my running bug back as well. Had a great club run last night and feel I'm back into it now. I've got a couple of races in Feb, the Tough Ten and Blackmore Vale Half so all to train for. The big worry is Rhayader. I've entered it but I start a part-time job soon that means working on a lot of Saturdays so I dont think I'll be able to get the time off. Pity I cant defer!

05/01/2011 at 19:56

PM - I have deferred Rhayadar before. I contacted the organiser and they rolles it over to the following year. Know it's a different organiser now, but you never know!?!?

Still no exercise as yeat this year Trying to get back into a routine again!

05/01/2011 at 20:56

Looks like were having a Mick & Phil half mara  this year. Venue and dates to be confirmed. Ran the last one in 2009 and must say it was 100% BRILL

07/01/2011 at 12:20
Hi all , sorry to hear about VLM TR , but it'd be best to do it and enjoy it rather than struggle. I'm all up for Stratford this year, I've made up my mind to get training . Did that dodgy half on the 1st and I fancy the Blymhill 10K this sunday.

I would have liked to have a crack at Denzils race, and I ran about 12 - 13 miles that day anyway but carol was working and I had to take amy to the horse in the morning and afternoon so I couldn't have driven over there. I've done some OK training too - a 7 miler yesterday and gym today , though going out to work in the afternoon then into the evening when I want to just chill is a pain.

Peaceman - I fancy Rhayder this year too , and if you know you can't do it for deifnate and can't roll it over I'll buy that off you with all the costs. We mustn't leave it too late or it'll be full for entries if you are doing it and I need a place. Milford the the week before.

But the problem is the gap between Rhayder and Stratford mara - it's in May this year so by April I'll be ready and then I'll have to wait!

John - I fancied that last year but it clashes with something
Edited: 07/01/2011 at 12:21
07/01/2011 at 13:18

Good on you Mike will give you a good focas for all the training.

Had my xray again yesterday and its still not pulled together so back in another 3 months for the final xray and if its still not together its a bone graft ,plate and pins  bummer. Will have to just get that bike going loads to stop me going mad. Take this running lark so much for granted.

Will still be at Rhayader if we can and i could cycle round and try and run you runners over  Milford, Rhayader, Valentine 30k, all good races i will miss this year but onwards and upwards will come back stronger once this foot is sorted.

Have a good run all will be out on the bike tomorrow.

08/01/2011 at 21:01
Hi all - TR , I really would try and take it easy , the cycling possibly might aggravate the ankle. It needs rest. If the scenario of pinning comes about you won't be running on it for a VERY long while indeed, and even then it will be with a stack of time consuming and regular physio. Rest it now and avoid this, we'll all be missing you at races if you don't get better soon!

Blmyhill 10K tomorrow - I better get Stratford booked up
09/01/2011 at 17:29
WOW - fantastic race at Blymhill 10XC!! Great to see both RC & TR , a lovely day and a great course!

Great to see TR without crutches - I had imagined you still on them and in a cast! If the doc says cycle then it's OK but just don't GO MAD . Swimming and gym work could see you come back leaner and fitter than ever!

plenty of time to get this sorted rather than rushing out to run

Sorry I couldn't stop longer - I got back just before 1pm and was out the house by 1:30 with Emma back to Nottingham!

I REALLY must enter Stratford!

09/01/2011 at 21:33

MH - good to see you too Was a nice course with great countryside to look at (I had plenty of time to take it in). Well done on your run.

Well, I seem to finally be back to it, just hope it continues over into the working week. Did a 6M muddy run yesterday with Des and Jason followed by a tough undulating, muddy 9M bike ride with TR. Then today I did the Blymhill 10K, a muddy off-road course (1:05:54 - whoops!) had lunch then headed out with TR again for a 12M bike ride along the canals. 

Hoping to swim tomorrow before work and then out again for either a run or aerobics in the evening.

09/01/2011 at 22:21
PM - have just entered the Tough Ten Challenge to make sure I pull my finger out with this running lark. Will be down with TR and the kids. Would be nice to meet up for a drink or two
10/01/2011 at 10:28

RC - good news. It will be great to see you. Quite a few from Southville are running it. My name isnt on the list as for some mad reason, I entered by post! I'm doing the Blackmore Half the week before so I dont think I'll be pushing too hard for the Tough Ten!

Got back into things lately. Last week did 80 minutes on the bike on Monday, really good club session on Tuesday, a solo speed session on Friday and 12 miles on Sunday at under 8 min pace. So things are looking good again.

11/01/2011 at 13:02

Happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good to see you all finding your new year mojo

 Caz/TR - JT said he saw you at Blymhill, nice off road running over that way, would have supported but was over in Ireland.  JT finished 20th, so all good.  With a turn out of just over 200, which is fab for a first time race. 

TR - Good luck with the ankle...  tis a bummer when you can't run.  Not so servere, but I'm still off running, x training is starting to wear thin when I've had more time on my hands and the nights starting to lighten......  Will have good abs if nothing else....  Roll on injury free 2011

Edited: 11/01/2011 at 13:03
12/01/2011 at 10:38

Had what might be the hardest club run ever last night! Dont know if RC knows the area but we did a hill session up Perrets Park. It's a long steep hill and we started off with two hard as you can up and jog down reps. Then it was hard up to the top, full pace down Sylvia avenue, turn and hard back up tothe top then jog down Perrets. THEN, we did Perrets twice again in pairs to encourage each other. I thought that was it as my legs were mashed by then. But no, off we went to Totterdown and did two hard as you can reps on the steepest hill I've ever run up - it was hard enough just to walk! This was on top of a very pacy 15 min warm up and ending with a similar 'warm down'. Despite crawling up the long hills with bursting lungs and no legs we still averaged under 8 min miling for 6.5M! I need to ignore the rain and get out on the bike today or I think my legs will completely seize up!

 Still, it will hopefully get me fit for my Half and the Tough Ten in Feb!

12/01/2011 at 22:30
Sunday was great wasn't it! - it would have been great to see you there Prue! loads of newport runners there. I hope you'll be back running soon, along with TR , you can join me at the back of a half!

Pman - top quality training!! I should join a club really but Tuesday nights I usually work late and I hate commitment if I can't deliver.
Any thoughts about Rhayader? if not I'll enter anyway and you'll easily be able to off the number you have given the popularity of the race.

I was going to run Sunday after a good 7 miler today but I've just noticed a FREE 10K in sutton park with the British Military Fitness company Saturday 1pm . I might go there do that then perhaps do a few more miles after.
13/01/2011 at 10:08

MH - If I recall right dont you have to pick up the number on the day for Rhayader? Cant remember. If so, you can do that as I'm sure I wont make it. And I thoroughly recommend joining a club - maybe you can find one that meets on other days as well - mine is Tuesday and Thursday but I only do the Tuesday. It's made a big difference to me.

Still looking for a cheap garmin if anyone notices one anywhere. Currys had the Forerunner 405 in their online sale at £109.99 - only it wasnt available anywhere in the country. Then, when the price changes to £249.99 suddenly you could get it everywhere! I emailed them to complain as I think that might be illegal (although they would get round it) but it wont do any good.

Finally got a start date for my part-time postie job. They are short-staffed but dont have enough people to train newbies so, although there are 5 of us starting, they can only do up to 2 per week. So I'm not on until Monday 24th Jan! Oh well.

13/01/2011 at 21:29
Pman - that would be great , drop me a line with your name and address and I'll zip you a cheque in the post, sorted. Aldridge do Tuesdays and they are local but it's the commitment..... That said I'm really fired up for the training now I've entered Stratford marathon, running yesterday and Gym tomorrow, I've lost 4lbs since Xmas as well!

Garmins do appear on Ebay , these 405's >>>

a private used sale - Item number: 19048871109 - £130

or a new one , now I don't know where they source these but they seem new from Garmin

Item number: 250756686180 --£179

Good luck on the new job, remember those census temporary posts too.
14/01/2011 at 10:22
Cheers Mike. I've picked up a 305 for £100 from Amazon so that will do me.
15/01/2011 at 15:57

Hmmm, getting back into this running lark is slow progress. Managed 3 runs last week - a 6M, a6M and a 3M. Have been out today and done 7M and am hoping to get out tomorrow and Monday evening but I'm so unfit I'm finding it hard to get myself out there!!

PM - congrats on the new job. Looking forward to the Tough 10 weekend ... see you then!!

15/01/2011 at 20:30
Cracking good value PM , cheers for Rhayader,

RC - now it's funny but I feel 100% motivated, I really feel for the first time in possibly 10 months that I'm *into* my running, I've managed one midweek run since Xmas of no less than 6 mile and a weekend run or race. A gym visit too , I've lost 4 lb since Xmas and hopefully more tomorrow. I've found like last week at Blymhill that I'm fitter and more motivated, I really feel better for the first time in ages.

Now this afternoon I tried this free 10K in Sutton Park with the British Military fitness blokes. Bit weird time for me but I turned out as did about 20 others, the main bloke is ex Para and classic Para quality trainer.

I really enjoyed the race and got in in about 53 mins , they all then did stretching in a group and were then away to the Park House for drinks, but I needed more and went off to do another 3 and a bit miles to make the ten. I felt great.

So good that I then went to Sutton Runner and got new trainers!
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