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31/08/2011 at 13:13

For what it's worth (prob not much) I used to work as a charity accountant (volunteering).

We had to pay for rent, rates etc. Then we have to pay for all the HR and safety and training and CRB checks that comes with volunteers and those paid little. We also had to pay someone to coordinate all those volunteers because it is tough to find someone willing to volunteer almost full time or take a cheap wage with the right skills and experience. So some of your charity money does go to big salaries.

However, you can always make a donation and have it written and bound that it can only be used for a particular area. I always write a legal document to have my donations specifically on research and not towards overheads and I let my sponsors know.

When I was at the charity we got sent a letter about London Marathon. We were asked if we'd like to handover 500 quid to pay for a place and we'd get a spot on their website blah blah blah. The more we paid, the more advertising we got. This is why London asks for high prices, to off-set what the charity have paid for the place. And the saddest thing is that if that runner tries their hardest and still falls short of the target, some charities will 'blacklist' them with the organisers and charge their credit cards what they have not managed'.  That, I think is very wrong and I do wish London organisers would make some attempt to let more people ballot and choose their charity.

Rant over, la la la...

31/08/2011 at 13:22
BOTF - I wish there was a like button *likes*
31/08/2011 at 14:51
Sussex Runner (NLR) wrote (see)

So who is being naive to think people working for charities are on "fuck all money"? People running charities are earning 6 figure sums. No doubt to earn their salaries they are getting more agressive about making money move around to justify their wages.

Working for a Hospice  is not earning a six figure salary running a charity is it?   I know personally 3 local community fundraisers for our hospice. One is a volunteer. One is on minimum wage, and one works part time but puts in a lot of unpaid work because she wants to.

Your lame excuse is the same one trotted out by the people who won't give money to comic relief because the Africans spend it all on weapons.

And if the head of Macmillan, or any other charity that is so succesful in delivering its aims, is delivering the results, then they deserve whatever salary the trustees see fit to pay them.

31/08/2011 at 16:01
Agree with Bouncy Bunny's intelligent statement too.
31/08/2011 at 21:00
I used to work in the head office of a charity (small but national sized) and the level of wastage and inefficiency was so sad to see.

Mainly because the head of PR was a nightmare. She insisted on having a water cooler machine when the tap water was perfectly fine. She demanded a palm pilot (this was yrs ago!) when it was twice as expensive as anything else. It's small stuff like this in each of their many offices that add up to money being wasted instead of spent on helping people.

And yes, she was on mega money.

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