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Ratbag    pirate
18/09/2002 at 11:03
How about Pussycat Willum and Ollie Owl. They appeared with Muriel Young (aunty moo)and Wally Whyton??
18/09/2002 at 12:22
I didnt have a telly when I was growing up , my dad decided that with just 3 channels it was a waste of time and money

Looking back I can see he was right but at the time I felt sorely cheated
18/09/2002 at 12:23
I think you were cheated, they were great days and great memories.
18/09/2002 at 12:31
Nope I had a wonderful upbringing shooting pigeons and setting fire to farmers fields, being bought up in the country meant there was always something to do . I think i was lucky and neverreally felt left out unless someone decided that I was a weirdo with two heads
18/09/2002 at 12:32
that sort of contradicts my first post
18/09/2002 at 13:38
a while ago i didn't have a tv for five years. it's quite funny how it stops you being able to talk to work colleagues whose only topics of conversation are what was on tv last night!
18/09/2002 at 20:25
Anyone reminisced about 'noah and nelly' yet?
Also the good news is that you can now get Hong Kong Phooey Fromage Frais (oh the joys of having children) each with a different character : Sgt Flint,Rosemary the telephone operator (hello,hello) , spot , Penry (could be) , Hong Kong himself and the hong kong phooey mobile.
My 4 year old told me to grow up and that Hong Kong phooey is horrid.

19/09/2002 at 01:22
Does anyone remember a puppet thing called "four feather falls" it was cowboys and indians I think, showing my age now........
19/09/2002 at 01:27
Vision On
John Cravens Newsround

Gaz, I should go to bed, you'll end up like me
19/09/2002 at 01:48
Underover elephant? as soon as he put his eye mask on no-one could tell he was an elephant!

Shambler - I read Marianne Dreams when I was a nipper, very scary indeed. The sequel was called Marianne and Mark (I think), not sure what it was about...
19/09/2002 at 01:49
oops that should be undercover elephant...!
19/09/2002 at 08:14
The Adventures of Lizzie Dripping or something like that

Parsley- was there a sequel to Marianne Dreams & did you ever see Escape into night (really scary adaptation of marianne dreams)

Children of the Stones

Cheggers plays pop (really bad)
19/09/2002 at 13:01
Nick, I don't remember seeing Escape into the Night.

Definitely remember the book though.

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121 to 133 of 133 messages
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