Olympics 2012?

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16/01/2003 at 10:37
Should we in the UK bid for the Olympics in 2012?
Manchester went well, and gave British athletes a chance to shine on their home stage. Runners such as Brendan Foster and Steve Cram etc.., never had that chance in a big championship.
Personally after travelling abroad to places like Australia and the USA and seen what they have in place think its laughable. Particularly after Picketts Lock, Wembley and British transport.
I wish however the government would build the facilities anyway, regardless of the olympics. They may take us more seriously if a lot of the infrastructure and complexes are already in place.
16/01/2003 at 10:38
We still have 9 years to build stuff!
16/01/2003 at 10:41
Commonwealth Games in Manchester were good.
Not to sure about the Olympics though - it might just be too big for the UK to do properly.
16/01/2003 at 11:55
London would be worse than Atlanta for getting the athletes around. There's also little chance that it would be as well-attended or as popular locally as the Commonwealths were.

After Sydney, cities have a lot to do to compare & London doesn't come close.
16/01/2003 at 11:58
I'd love to see it come over here. However, those in power are too afraid of having to get their act together in front of the rest of the world. If we had the Olympics, they would absolutely have to get the Tube sorted (in fact, the whole transport system) as well as build some world class arenas (although private enterprise in the form of our football teams have managed it, our governments come up with the Dome, Wembley, Picketts Lock etc). At the moment those in power are dragging their feet until the IOC sees that they are not fussed, and tells them not to bother bidding. If we're not waiting for a public poll, we are having to wait for impact assessments on local areas et al. Compare this to New York who are so keen that they already run a triathlon along the proposed Olympic Triathlon course, to show the IOC they can handle it.

16/01/2003 at 11:59
I don't envy Athens following Sydney
16/01/2003 at 12:29
I think the reason that the goverment are dragging their feet is more to do with the fact that the decision is made in 2005 which is election year and they don't want another 'failure' on their hands...
16/01/2003 at 12:40
Do you think having another failure on their hands would make that much of a difference? Even the inadequate halfwits that are in charge now must realise that they can't lose the next election (largely as there is no-one to lose it to).

Blimey, I'm feeling beligerent today!

16/01/2003 at 12:50
Of course it should come to London. If Manchester can do it, how hard can it be?
16/01/2003 at 13:04
makes my blood boil.I'm right behind the telegraph on this-they have been campaigning aggressively against the soulless pygmies in parliament-and the gnomes in the treasury for whom any money is too much for anything- to get this done.the distortion of the arup report is v interesting.i'm not convinced we could hold a torch to a nyc bid,and its massively political at the ioc,but if we don't have a go i doubt i'll see a games here in my lifetime.and, more relevant,its what the great british public want,so my message to kauffman,one of the most loathsome relics of the intellectually bankrupt left of the seventies,is get out of the way and let those who can bring some of the new yorkers spirit of 'can do' to the effort.and,as a londoner,i don't enjoy having all our money redistributed to the rest of the country to then be told our infrastrucure isn't up to it-that needs fixing badly anyway.
rant over.
16/01/2003 at 13:31
It's a pity your rant's over. I could have listened/read on for pages!

BBBB (Blood-Boiled Big Bopper)
16/01/2003 at 13:47
Surely it would have to be done outside of London ? Congestion would be crazy otherwise. I know that public transport there needs to be fixed, but where would the money come from for that PLUS all the stadia and sporting villages that the olympics would require ?

I think the Olympics has outgrown small countries like ours.
16/01/2003 at 14:08
It makes me sad that so many people are convinced that we as a nation are not capable of hosting this event. I would prefer it not to be in London, however I do not think anywhere else in the country could win a bid.
It would be the perfect opportunity to really invest in Londons infrastructure and this could stop all you Londoners moaning about the public transport i.e. the tube and road and rail links....which happen to be much better than in most other citys in the country.
Barcelona used it to really improve what was a sprawling, old fashioned city with poor infrastructure. Come on if the Greeks can do it surely we can!
I think the major sticking points behind the governments support are that it would mean major investment in the next 12 yrs with no guarantee that they would be in power during the olympics to reap the benefits. Plus after the Dome (which really was the Tories baby originally)we know that the newspapers would just rip the whole scheme appart from the begining!
16/01/2003 at 14:23
i'm clearly biased in favour but its the dishonesty of the way in which the select committee is acting to prevent us getting to the starting line which gets my goat.even if we had everyone working really hard with a lot of money and a clear vision we'd be pushed to beat nyc,but grrrrr...i'd really ,really like to take my-by then- teenage children to see some outstanding sport-mind you,olympics could be just golf,f1 and tennis by then....
16/01/2003 at 14:30
I'm getting a bit sick of us not getting it while the USA get it time after time. They had it in 1984 and again in 1996, and now they're trying to get it for 2012. Give the rest of us a chance! The last time it was in Britain was 1948!

I'm not sure if it was big enough for the Olympics, but I think one excellent use for the Dome would have been to turn it into a spotrs facility - either an academy like they have in Australia, or a world class stadium. Better than giving it away to priavte enterprise for a song. Grrrr!
16/01/2003 at 14:31
...And another thing - all this talk about us being too small to hold it - we may have a smaller land mass than Australia, but we've got a population that's several times larger, and they managed to pull off what by general concensus was an excellent Olympics, wthout commercialising it like the USA does. Just keep David BEckham out of the opening ceremony in his sparkly logoed tracksuit!
16/01/2003 at 14:46
Its a lot easier for Countries such as the USA and Australia, they have lots and lots of cheap space. If they need a stadium, they just find a bit of scrubland out of town and build whatevers needed. London and South-east England doesn't have that luxury, in fact one of the problems in this is that the south-east is too overcrowded. Thats why i moved to Scotland.
16/01/2003 at 14:50
We have got space in london. The Stratford Rail Lands, which would host the Olympic Village is part of a 1000 acre development 'site' in this part of East London. The masterplan for this area takes into account the possibility of Olympic developments being undertaken in a sustainable manner so that there is something of value left behind after the tournament. Local people are hugely supportive of the proposal. Cross rail should be complete by then to aid transport across London and the Channel Tunnel Rail Link will put European trains right in the heart of it. All this will be complete by 2112 as well as new hotel developments and as much retail provision as exists in Lakeside.

I am also saddened by the lack of ambition displayed by this Government - their argument that the costs should be borne from London council tax is enough to kill the project stone dead.
16/01/2003 at 15:32
What do we do after the Olympics with all the stadia ? Huge cost of upkeep for no-one to use them.
How much use does the average running track get ?
16/01/2003 at 15:57
To quote from a bad film
"if you build it, they will come"
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