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URWFRC acrostic and double acrostic

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25/05/2003 at 09:44
So what's a double acrostic Tim - is that two in a row or the first two words in each line have to start with the appropriate letter?

Underwear is non wicking
Rubbing now it's got sweaty
Worries it may cause a blister
Frets a lot at this thought
Reaches for a vaseline smear
Covers nuts with it

iron fraggle    pirate
25/05/2003 at 09:46
pure class fruity!!
25/05/2003 at 09:47
Genius indeed! :)
25/05/2003 at 09:49
Ah - I get it Tim!
25/05/2003 at 09:50
not quite sure what your talking about but hows about

Upwards and onwards
Run rain or shine
We eat up the miles
For our peace of mind
Running a race or a plod in the park
Cos we really like it and it makes us feel fine
25/05/2003 at 09:54
Urinate in a bush
Really wish there were more loos
Watch out for stinging nettles
Fiddle with shorts quickly - HELP!
Race is starting
Catch up - been left behind
25/05/2003 at 09:59
Depending on which way you take "come now" Tim, that one could be extremely rude - after a line like "rubbing with vigour"!!
iron fraggle    pirate
25/05/2003 at 10:07

Ultimately my goal will be achieved
Running frees my mind
While keeping me fit and healthy
Friends have been made
Races have been run
Come on you know it makes sense - get out there!

yes I know I'm a crap poet, but it IS sunday morning!!!
iron fraggle    pirate
25/05/2003 at 10:08
must make one up about bras or knickers next.........
iron fraggle    pirate
25/05/2003 at 11:00
Right especially for DavidB - ode to the sports bra

Underwired, encapsulated or compression?
Reduces bounce and jiggling boobies
Without them gravity prevails - ouch!
Fuller figures need more support
Resembling medieval corsetry
Comfort at last!!!!!

25/05/2003 at 11:34
Brill Frags :-)
25/05/2003 at 11:42
So is this an inversie double acrostic?

Utterly fanatiC
Rubbish runneR
Wanders ofF,
Forgetting hoW
Return to caR
Crushes yoU.

(sorry, no body parts or other interesting activities mentioned. I'll think about that during my long run (if I make it back to my car :-) )
25/05/2003 at 11:55
Undeniably knackered
Ran Twenty six point two
Walks to get a medal
Finds the baggage truck
Removes shoes gently
Can't walk for six days!
WildWill    pirate
25/05/2003 at 12:13
Up that bloody hill
Reaching runners high
Waddaling on peguin style
Finishing with a smile
Racing,training just tell me why?

Coz running's bloody brill
25/05/2003 at 12:44
Up the hill I run with you,
Reach the top, enjoy the view.
Wander back, we wander through
Fields of green and ponds of blue.
Run so fast but I'm always beat
Cos your a dog and you've got four feet.
25/05/2003 at 14:27
Very tranquil Tim!
25/05/2003 at 14:38
The trip to the Indian one.

Unlucky me I get the flU
Race is ruined - time will be pooR
Where's the pot of pills I knoW
Finish the bug - I must them scofF
Repeat for days, germs go afaR
Cruise to a PB - that's fantastiC

25/05/2003 at 14:39
Nice one Tim :)

I'll work on the one for you, but not now!
25/05/2003 at 14:54
Up this hill, I'm taking it steady
Remembering to save my best for the race
Wouldn't want injury through over-training
Far too many have made that mistake
Running back down and my thinking is changing
Could probably get a new PB today.

BTW This is my first post. What does URWFRC stand for?
25/05/2003 at 16:40
Today's run:

Uninhibited moaning and
Ragged breathing sensous sounds
While dripping sweat in the
Forest on a sunny day
Rhytmically pounding until I

Cut off Donna Summer upon reaching the car.
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