Political Correctness

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24/03/2013 at 10:06

Is Great Britain too political correct and should we be unafraid to offend?

24/03/2013 at 10:09
I've never been afraid to state my opinion, if that offends tough ( )
24/03/2013 at 10:12

I think it's fine to be as offensive as you like, but I understand 'political correctness' to mean thinking about the connotations of what you say so you only offend when you WANT to, not by accident because you haven't thought about what the language you mean might mean to someone else. Saying 'well, it's not offensive because I didn't mean it that way' is nonsense at the point when you've already offended someone.

24/03/2013 at 10:29

For example what is better gagging hate preachers or letting them sprout their crap and exposing the stupid rationale of their views ?

24/03/2013 at 10:30

I thought political correctness came around because some people are so far up their own arses they think they have th right to tell  others what they SHOULD be offended by and impose their sense of guilt on everyone else

24/03/2013 at 10:31

Hate preachers are in a different class - they preach murder and should be sent home.  They are not really part of pilitical correctness as it affects the rest of us day to day

24/03/2013 at 10:32

Well, let's face it, It rather depends on what someone is saying. If it means not being able to call someone a "spastic" or a "poof" or a "n*gger"  without being challenged about it then it's fine by me.

24/03/2013 at 11:08

If something is correct you should be allowed to say it no matter what, offence is caused by the way you say it, or by the way others receive it.Opinions and things not quite factual are the causes of most offence.

Political correctness is the correctness that is imposed on us by people or groups with an interest. in other words whether you agree with it or not, it is a changed perception of correctness based upon certain aims and strategies.

24/03/2013 at 11:11

I think the purpose of political correctness should be to get people to think about what they are saying and challenge their own ideas and beliefs.  If they still feel strongly about something then they should be allowed to speak freely and receive the feedback from society about their views. Idiots will be ousted but it still allows for differences of opinion and changes in society

Unfortunatly you can't legislate for that though so we end up with laws that prevent us from speakly freely in case it offends someone

24/03/2013 at 11:20

un-PC of me to say so, but one of the marshalls at the Orion 15 yesterday was absolutely bloody gorgeous

24/03/2013 at 11:26

I never speak politically correctly, but then again I always try to speak in a respectful way (even though I speak bluntly at times) so I guess I don't need to.

Like all things the extremes are always worse than the reality, and Baldbloke, there is nothing un-PC in that

seren nos    pirate
24/03/2013 at 12:47

to me political correctness is having a general concensesus of what is acceptable or not acceptable to say..

 for years you could call someone a spastic, poof or sambo.......many used them knowing that they were negative and insulting............and many used them without thinking and just thought they were harmless teasing words........

but to many those and other words were words that were used to hurt and put them down as inferior........

so if we have a collection of words that we all know are not acceptable then that is good.........those who weren't aware that they were causing pain can now be informed that there were out of order......

if people are not told then they can not stop and change their attitudes and behavuiour...

and just by saying that it was ok when i was younger soes not make it right......

24/03/2013 at 12:50
"politically correct" is a pretty pejorative term and since it surfaced I've found it used mostly by reactionary complacent right wingers who are pretty comfortable in their lives and don't really have to worry about the real lives of people less fortunate than themselves.
24/03/2013 at 12:57

Seren, but any word can be used in such a way that it is insulting.  There are words in use that have changed meaning or that are new.  Just look at how the meaning of the word gay has changed.  Firstly it meant happy and careful, then it was used as a derogatory term and now it is used to mean homosexual (mostly) without the negative connotations

seren nos    pirate
24/03/2013 at 13:05

yes words change......but if there is a general consesnsus that certain words should not be used in company........unless those who want to use them can come up in debate a genuine reason why they should be avoided then i am happy that they are banned from our society.......

24/03/2013 at 13:21

No words can't be banned nor can we legislate on mass for what is acceptable or not - half of what is insulting is about how it is said and the meaning meant rather than the actual words. 

Political correctness insults us by suggesting we can't make our own minds up about what is acceptable language or not in our day to day interactions and whether someone is genuinly trying to upset us.

24/03/2013 at 13:33
I don't think black people should be referred to as niggers. Is that politically correct? I think it's pretty insulting for a young black lad to be playing football for instance and be call ed nigger by the opposition? Who decided it was acceptable? The black lad or the other player?
seren nos    pirate
24/03/2013 at 13:38

and yes if people continue to use words in public that are not acceptable by the government courts .then they should be dealt with.......

freedom of speech is great for your own front room.....but yes there are certain words that are not acceptable and shouyld not be used in public or you should be challenged and stopped........

agree with you Mr Puffy....same as we have laws on what is acceptable.language comes under those....

24/03/2013 at 13:39

I work with a black person who is happy to be called a nigger as that is what she believes she is, in the same way as I am a Limey.  But she would never find it acceptable for that term to be used in a derogatory way to describe her.  Its not the word that is insulting but the intended meaning behind it

seren nos    pirate
24/03/2013 at 13:45

there will always be the odd exception to the rules Caz.......


there are people out there that think its still acceptable to for men to have sex with 12 year old girls.........and in some parts of the world now doubt its probably even legal.

there are still people out there who think that women are the property of men and that rape isn't a part of a marriage......in many countries this is still so

but the majority of people in this country think its wrong and so it is not allowed......

we ahve laws and rules to protect the vulnerable

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