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flyaway    pirate
07/05/2012 at 09:24

I thought I would pop in and say hello since it's been such a long time. And because apparently I ran past musky twice on Friday evening, and never knew...!

Swimming is really rubbish btw. I am never, ever swimming that far again. Not even to save my life.

Mighty Lexi    pirate
07/05/2012 at 10:10

Good Morning ALL......

Firstly I thought it was my computer playing I logged out/in, re entered RW, fiddled (not a good idea under the influence of a General Anesthetic) then left it until today (Twas Thurs evening I visited) I had hoped everything would be back to normal and it was a blip.....Nope, I have things on my left that shouldn't be there....Is this the New Look (excuse the free ad for clothes shop)  .

After getting worried, please DO NOT jump off tall buildings...unless you have a parachute/attached to a bungie or there is a net or SVT to break your fall..... (Well you did suggest he jumped higher I think you should catch him).

Hope All are enjoying Bank Holiday Leisure time. If tea is not preventing colds...try coffee.!!  

After my Operation I have been grounded (sorta) for 10 days.... Thats not the info i got last year. 4 days max....but being very tender i can see why...4 days are up and still delicate, still stitched. Running/Cycling a def No No!!  

SOo am revamping bathroom...puting in some ladder miles instead..Why?

My bathroom ceiling is wood panelled as is halfway up the walls, colour...dark yellowy/Orange (there's a specific, name but i have no idea)Apart from F*$ing big Job. I have chosen Ivory requires 2 undercoats, have done the first on the wall going to be doing the ceiling now am not under the influence and less in pain.(Apart from fumes of TCP...but thats another story ) The thought of doing the ceiling makes me want to lie down.... 

Mighty Lexi    pirate
07/05/2012 at 10:14

Flyaway...I would advise staying away from swimming....its not good for You.  

Right ceiling here I come......I maybe gone for some time......DAYS perhaps.!!! 

Crash Hamster    pirate
08/05/2012 at 09:44

Morning gentlefolk, ginroman SVT, congratulations Musky.

Flyers, swimming is good for you; fact (not that I've done any for ages, though I did try 'cycling' on Sunday...)

Lexers, hope the decorating isn't pulling on the stitches

In other news, the update has broken the thread.

08/05/2012 at 19:30

What is this 'cycling' that you speak of?  

Hello - I have finally started running again after my 3 week cold, I even did a Parkrun on Saturday which was painfully slow. I've noticed everytime I have time off running I get a really sore back when I start up again, I must have core muscles like jelly. 

Mighty Lexi    pirate
08/05/2012 at 21:27

Cycling....not something to try with stitches or in British weather.....  

According to Physio you can strengthen core whilst sitting on bum. Situp straight, pullin lower muscles (asif your trying to stop awee) hold for 15sec, relax. Continue until you realize You do need a wee.!! There is another exercise for the back, but would think you would get funny looks in the office trying to practice *that one*  

Weekend was white now going for the retro Ivory highlights.  I have also a design that will make me *loadsa money peeps*. I just need someone to help me patent/manufacture it....any ideas.....


08/05/2012 at 22:45

flyaway - lovely of you to pop in - stay a while - we'll make a cup of tea and I've some chocolate biscuits in the cupboard!

Well done on running, cycling and swimming everyone.

08/05/2012 at 22:57

In other news:

Lexi - take it easy (not sure why I'm writing that but you never know)

I have my final assessment for this year's college course next Monday and have nothing to say (yet!)

Mighty Lexi    pirate
08/05/2012 at 23:13

Evening HL... 

Am sure you will put together an excellent report for your assessment.

 I did my final exams few weeks ago and am now going back over excel. Want to learn more, did Pivot tables and charts on my own last week....(.with the help of YouTube) . Have asked tonight about the advanced level....but they only do it full time as part of another course  

As for taking it my book, I am!! . Not allowed to run/cycle whilst healing. So Decorating is fun..... Music, Paint...(everywhere...),switch off from worries and watch the slow...very slow transformation of a dingy room, into a Master Piece of Chic Decor.!! Sell my talents very well doncha think.!!! 

09/05/2012 at 07:56
Lexi - mmmm, it's just that decorating wouldn't be on my post -op radar. Mind you I don't manage even 1% of your usual activity level!
Stay safe out there kids!
<leaves doughnuts>
Crash Hamster    pirate
09/05/2012 at 09:13

Mmm doughnuts

Morning gentlefolk, gormnin SVT.

Decorating is nowt but a necessary evil. I'm off out for a run...

Mighty Lexi    pirate
09/05/2012 at 12:49

I want to run........... Erm, i did 400 mtre jogette...not on purpose mind..I wouldn't do that..........

Twas at the Dentist (mine, just wanted to see my enigmatic smile ) then hairdressers. Came out and it was like normal....I started to jog to the Car, when i got there, I realised....Oops 10 days they said.  But although no ill effects...I wont be doing anymore til Saturday.... Right back to decorating.!!!! 

09/05/2012 at 17:06

I have only just noticed (after how many years?)  that Worcestershire is mis-spelt in the second line of the thread title.

09/05/2012 at 21:47

I can do decorating, it's deciding what colour etc to use that I always get wrong.


Today is exactly 1 year since I started my new job. How long do you have to be working somewhere before you stop calling it your new job? 

Mighty Lexi    pirate
09/05/2012 at 23:59

The second one is a type of dog isn't it Musky? Like a Red Setter, its a Worc seter shire puppy.! 

Ant.....Am very good at selecting colours....crap at preparation....once i get onto the painting...Whoopie Doo!!

I have had a major disaster....anyone got a spare Armitage Shanks Bath spare in (I think its Beige). I have put a crack in mine. Now this bit you fall off your chairs builder did........ I couldn't reach the ceiling above the as previous I put step ladders in the bath with the feet covered in tea towels to stop scratching the bath (I didn't realize it did more than that). Rushing to get said corner glossed, i didnt put towels on...stepped on ladder and heard a crack. . Rang builder in tears (I can't afford a new bathroom suit). After he stopped laughing (and the lads in the back ground ). He said he would do a repair job. But meant he would ahve to spray area white...what colour bath. Aah...right.!! However have had an Idea....I could use a starfish stencil and spray the repair in the shape of a starfish and do a couple more round the bottom of the bath....very chic retro.......well its either that or paying for a new bath.....any other suggestions would be more than welcome....PLEASE>!!! 

Crash Hamster    pirate
10/05/2012 at 08:18

Ah, you used your step ladder; is that because you don't get on with your real ladder? I have nowt helpful to say, but it was a great chance to give the step ladder joke an airing!

Morning gentlefolk, mrongni SVT!

Today I am expecting a parcel, which apparently they tried to deliver yesterday, but there was noone in so they left a card; no they didn't, the lying gits!


Mighty Lexi    pirate
10/05/2012 at 08:32

Good Morning..........didn't realize i had gone to bed SOooo late.!! do you know they didn't leave a card if you weren't In and they didn't...sorry that sounds confusing...Gloss fumes affecting brain me thinks.  

Lurve the Step Ladder Joke...

I can smile now..... I have printed orf a serious about this.....besides said bath is £130...then there is fittment, removing of wood paneling and possible not able to refit said panels..Ooh well thats 3 things gone i need something to go right...Please.!!  

Coffee drunk...time to paint.....well...maybe another coffee first. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Crash Hamster    pirate
10/05/2012 at 08:40

Online tracking! It says they called, noone was in, they left a card...but they didn't, the lying gits! Bet they don't come today either then claim I wasn't in...

Mighty Lexi    pirate
10/05/2012 at 09:03

Aah gotcha the power of the Internet.....!! Pity the Internet can't tell you exactly when the dozy mare is arriving...even an Hour leaway.  Or a text from driver which is preloaded onto phone for each customer, after each delivery he press next text....with estimated time from travel log. Would cut the frustration time.  

I have an electrician coming within the hour (he phoned), also laughed at my bath dilemma... (part of my builder's company) word gets round fast. However the down lights are in my newly painted bathroom.....if the transformer replacements don't work, he may get gloss coated hands...........  

10/05/2012 at 09:56

Goooood morning Viiieettt-shire.

I have been swimming, I have.

Is your parcel anything exciting Crashie?

Lexi - are you insured?

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