Rain Rain go away!

When will summer start??

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15/07/2007 at 21:45
I'm getting a bit fed up with all this rain. At this very moment, it is bucketing it down and has done for most of the day.

So much so summer marathon training for Leicester!
15/07/2007 at 21:48

I think you missed it.

Now, should I do Leicester?
15/07/2007 at 21:48
Summer is officially postponed until October I think
15/07/2007 at 21:50
Probably next Monday - the day I start working again after almost six months off!
15/07/2007 at 21:51
It will start in September when the kids go back to school
15/07/2007 at 21:54
August will be beautiful, It's my buffday it'd better be. Beebs, where are you friday? Coffee with an axe murderer? [wanders off in search of axe and 'axe murders for dummies']
15/07/2007 at 21:57
Well if that's true Peedee then September'll be grand!
15/07/2007 at 21:57
its St Swithins Dat today

so for 40 days and days nights it will rain

that makes it until 24th August
15/07/2007 at 22:02
Are you suggesting your buffday should be better than mine Kaz??!!

Bune! (((Mwah))) now feck off with your forecasts! ;o)
15/07/2007 at 22:07
As if!! ;oP
15/07/2007 at 22:12
Kaz, everybody knows August born are gods, lions, fire .... and all that, I'm glad you know your place. I may bless a wonderful september for you if your good.
15/07/2007 at 22:21
The highlight of my rain run this afternoon was an unexpected pb - mainly because I ran along a track I'd not been down for 6 weeks and discovered a new mutant strain of stingers overhanging the track.

Also saw a snail with a flourescent day-glo yellow and black shell. So pretty but a bit of an 'eat me' sign to predators (",)
16/07/2007 at 07:46
I agree that summer seems to have been postponed until at least Aug/Sept. One consolation, at least when it rains, it is not freezing our wot-nots off!

Got so many snails in my garden, it looks like it is part beach (the result of slug pellets! lol!)
16/07/2007 at 07:47
Btw Big David...yes, you should do Leicester!
16/07/2007 at 11:45
No, no, summer was in April. Don't you remember getting sunburnt on long runs, and adding minutes to times because of the heat?

16/07/2007 at 11:52
Or in the case of the marathon - an extra hour! ;o$
16/07/2007 at 13:07
Summer? come to Germany - its currently 35'c where i am and after my run yesterday am now dealing with a nasty case of sunburn...after applying Factor 50
16/07/2007 at 13:36
Phew! Emmy! That's from one extreme to another! Burnt after Factor 50? that is the hole in the ozone layer that has caused that!

Hope you feel better soon.

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