Rising damp

Any experts in rental law out there?

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09/08/2009 at 13:17

My last student place was a rather gorgeous attic.  Bedroom, livingroom and kitchen with sloping ceilings and dormer windows, shared bathroom and toilet downstairs.  However if it was windy the carpets lifted up and you could hear the chimney rocking.

Sunderland in the 80's.  Lots of slum landlords!  Mine really was above average...

09/08/2009 at 18:07
Slugsta wrote (see)

dog, Angelic, that sounds horrendous!

It seems that gf has, to my mind, jumped the gun a bit and called in Environmental Health, they should be visiting within the next 2 weeks to have a look-see. The kids are going to try and get the place well ventilated meanwhile and see what transpires.

That'll piss the landlord off big time! lol Be interesting to see what transpires...

Rowan - you were obviously very lucky in your accomodation! My best place was a house with a orange and brown bathroom, complete with shag pile carpet and a sunken bath. Oh so tacky. Most of my houses were well grotty, though. All part of the fun of being a student. Most of the time we were too pissed to notice.

10/08/2009 at 06:25
angelic wrote

That'll piss the landlord off big time!

which was exactly why SB was holding them in reserve. Never mind, what's done is done now.
21/08/2009 at 08:08

Well, EH and independant 'damp expert' have been for a look-see. EH say that they cannot condem just the basement - it's either the whole house or nothing and there's nothing wrong with the rest of it.

Damp man says that it is all down to condensation and the place will be habitable as long as they run the radiators and humidifyer and keep all doors and windows open 24/7 . He was actually paid by the letting agency and declined to put anything in writing - although both gf and mother were there during the conversation.

The kids are going to consult CAB and see if this is grounds for breaking their contract. Part of me feels not - but surely they can't seriously be expected to keep the doors and windows open day and night, whether they are in or not??

21/08/2009 at 08:21
We used to have a dehumidifier, but got rid of it shortly after getting the second leccy bill over the winter period. Very expensive to run.
21/08/2009 at 08:26

The letting agency have offered to help pay the fuel bills - but they haven't actually said how much they will contribute!

I have very mixed feelings here. As a landlord myself I would do everything requested by the damp specialist (ie re seal the wall and add in an extra airbrick) but would then expect the tenant to honour the contract. As a Mum it's a different matter......

22/08/2009 at 09:36

The kids have taken legal advice and been told they have no grounds for breaking the contract. However, it has been suggested that the landlord might decide to voluntarily let them out of the agreement once he realises that they will sue for damages caused by damp or theft arising from open windows and doors. (as the insurance company won't cover anything if the doors are not locked)......

Meanwhile, gf has seen a nice flat up the road and decided she can manage the rent on her own if neccessary and her mother has said she will pay the rent on the other place if the landlord won't back down. SB just has to decide whether can wants to be a kept man!

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