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Thieving gits!!!

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Blisters    pirate
08/02/2013 at 22:23

Dude Abides, Internmanaut.

As it so happens, I also have in my garage a 40 year old MG, which is currently tax exempt. Whether it is 998cc or 3900 supercharged is immaterial (it's somewhere between). I'm quite prepared to pay my fair share on the basis of my annual fuel use. Currently it's around 1500 miles per year. Perverse? I should say so. Am I pleased to be lucky enough to own a car that is tax exempt? Too right. It would have been sold long ago otherwise, and we would be mourning the loss of many more classics. This isn't a circular arguement, as the proposed tax cost would be drip fed. It would feel as though you weren't getting an annual bill.

11/02/2013 at 21:32

Well credit where credit due - a pretty quick response:

Motorists who choose to tax every six months are not being discriminated against. It is an option provided to those who prefer not to commit to the full annual rate and recognises that a twelve month disc may not always be appropriate.

Vehicle Tax is set by law at an annual rate and there is provision for a tax disc obtained for six months, calculated at half the annual rate of vehicle tax plus 10% of the total sum. The extra 10% surcharge covers the cost of the extra tax disc, the reminders sent out to the customer, and the handling charges involved in the issue of two discs. To waive the premium would encourage a general switch from yearly to twice-yearly taxing. This would inevitably result in higher costs for a tax disc, which might have to be reflected in the overall cost of vehicle tax discs.

I don't agree with this - indirect discrimination is occurring as those who prefer/need to pay bi-annually are being charged an excessive premium. As to the amount being to cover costs - nonsense! For some, vehicle tax is around £450 a year so how is £45 justified when for others it is £100 and therefore a £10 surcharge? I've also asked how much a tax disc and reminder costs so we'll see what comes next. Also why instalments aren't possible when many other taxes can be paid in instalments.

Not quite sure where I'm going with this but I don't feel like letting go just yet - I really don't think it's right!

cougie    pirate
11/02/2013 at 22:21
All those letters have to be answered. Thats what the extra cost is for !

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