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16/12/2002 at 02:28
Metalic Red, half leather interior (which is immaculate).
The exterior has the normal scratches and dents for its age, but is 100% rust free.

Full Service History and one previous owner.

First Registered January 1995 (M).

Tempermental starting in the cold or damp weather but I guess if your a mechanic you'd know how to sort this one out.

Selling for a bigger car (to fit kids and Christmas presents).

Make me an offer.
16/12/2002 at 11:15
Give me fifty squid and I'll tow it down to the Bromley recycing yard for you.
16/12/2002 at 13:50
Sorry Snoops, but I was hoping to sell it not give it away. It does still work and does work well (once warmed up). I know nothing about cars but Im sure it is just spark plugs etc. Still if it doesn't sell we will be a two car family.
16/12/2002 at 13:59
it's not that it works or doesn't work that matters.

It's the fact it's a Rover.

Now there's a DOGG if I ever saw one.
16/12/2002 at 14:25
Troublesome starting in damp for Rover 214s means it's the coil (right down near the front on the LHS (passenger side) getting damp. I know cos I run a 1992 214SLi (& have done for 5 largely trouble-free years) that's just started doing the same thing this autumn. Give it a shedload of WD40 & that should sort it.
16/12/2002 at 14:34
Mike S

Excelant and thanks for that. Its only just started giving jip this winter and up to now has been 100% excelant car and a lot of fun to drive.

We have however upgraded to a 6 seater as I said above to give a little more room (and to split the kids up as my wife can't stand the fighting in the back seat!).

I will have a look and get a can. I thought it might have been spark plugs needed changing, but as I said I know nothing about cars, (other than where the petrol and air goes).
16/12/2002 at 14:34
SD taken you dont like Rover, but what about Kia?
16/12/2002 at 14:40
Once had a Rover 2000 which used 2 pints of oil a day!
16/12/2002 at 15:22
You had a good one then Snoop!
16/12/2002 at 15:35
I only kept it so long because the girlfriend at the time got her rocks off doing in on real leather.
16/12/2002 at 15:39
A new battery can also work wonders for the starting foibles of Rovers.
16/12/2002 at 15:52
Wonder if a new battery did anything for Snoop's girlfriend of the time...
Ratbag    pirate
16/12/2002 at 15:54
Just so long as he didn't start anything..........
16/12/2002 at 15:55
hey Ash, perhaps I will have that Rover off you after all.
16/12/2002 at 15:55
DW - welcome back - it's been a long time!
16/12/2002 at 15:56
Wanna buy a BMW, Volvo or Saab. Slight water damage, flooded engine (litteraly) and covered in seaweed.
Location: In the North Sea.
If you don't know what I'm on about have a look at yesterdays news.
16/12/2002 at 15:57
Didn't need any artificial assistance in those days Rats.
16/12/2002 at 16:07
Well if we are descending to the small ads, I have a set of used CKs (eyes right) up for grabs. High mileage, but still ready to impress. Salt water resistant... and get this.. you can actually go running in them, not like the Rover.
16/12/2002 at 16:24
Snoop, yes it's been at least 24 hours!

DD, how much boot space do they have? They looked a little cramped to me...
16/12/2002 at 16:27
Snicker... no boot space yer cheeky monkey, the load space is up front and all taken.
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