Sanex advert on the Forum Front Page

Anyone want to speculate on the next photo in the sequence...

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05/05/2006 at 14:33
Is it just me - or is there an obvious conclusion to what happens next?
05/05/2006 at 14:37
YOu see the face of the man in the picture?
05/05/2006 at 14:38
Is someone going to tell him or shall I?
05/05/2006 at 14:38
she looks and says"well you seem to have toned every muscle except one"
05/05/2006 at 14:38
go for it
05/05/2006 at 14:39
Go on, girl! :D
05/05/2006 at 14:42
Tell him what, Toria? That it's you in the ad?

Crash Hamster    pirate
05/05/2006 at 14:43
Nice abs if it is :o)
05/05/2006 at 14:43
bl*ddy hell Tor -you have toned your stomach well:O)
05/05/2006 at 14:43
great minds crashy:O)
05/05/2006 at 14:56
I just clocked the "...grow to 27 feet" bit underneath initially and thought bl**dy hell that must be good stuff...
05/05/2006 at 14:58
Each hair end to end, in total?
05/05/2006 at 16:15
I wasn't thinking of hair
05/05/2006 at 17:17
Was thinking about how many threads we've already discussed this on. But another one is fine...
05/05/2006 at 17:28
not as many as discussing jade goody:o-
06/05/2006 at 01:16
Sanex are running the same ad on the Cycling Plus Forum, plus I noticed they gave out free samples at my running club one night. Must be why my stomach has gone all lumpy ;-)
08/05/2006 at 09:52
I've got several large trial sizes from my gym. Enough for several holidays.
08/05/2006 at 17:23
It says Sanex for men. It might give you a hairy chest.

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