seen any good flicks lately?

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21/12/2011 at 12:03
A very merry ChrisM.ouse wrote (see)

Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 1.
I am clearly an aging 'emo' teenager as I have read all the books (at least twice) and seen all the films so far.  Breaking Dawn represents the final book in the four part vampire love story with a werewolf twist.

If you're not watching it already, you might like True Blood - vamps and lycanthropes abound as well as lots of other interesting beasties inc humans.

I'm off to the library to search out the Twilight books now - thanks Mouse and SVT.

On film, the very lovely BDB kindly lent me Bad Santa recently.  I thought it was sh!t.

I can't afford to go to the cinema at the moment as I'm really skint - I'm missing the arthouse film experience but watching lots of borrowed DVDs.  A friend has lent me all of Twin Peaks which I haven't seen since it was on tele.  I realise I've forgotten most of it and only remember Agent Dale Cooper, cherry pie and the dream sequences.  I think it's stupendously brilliant and holds up today even though it's probably at least 20 years old.  I'm only on episode 14 but already feeling sad that it's going to come to an end.    I'll have to hunt out Fire Walk With Me too.

Also watched and liked Exit Through the Gift Shop.

21/12/2011 at 12:26

RS - I watched Bad Santa the day it arrived back and still enjoyed despite your concise review.  No accounting for taste eh?

I'm looking forward to seeing Sherlock Holmes as I enjoyed the first one.  The slow-mo/fast-mo thing is a Guy Ritchie trademark so it's no surprise it's in there.  I may even throw in MI4 on the same day for a brain-dead, pop corn fest.

I've not seen anything new for a little while but did pick up the Lord of the Rings trilogy the other day for a fiver so have ploughed though them.  They do go on a bit don't they?  I had forgotten just how bad some of the acting is and how silly the whole thing gets.  It still looks great though and the battles are exciting.  The over use of toddlers in wide and rear shots looks rubbish though, and every time Hugo Weaving utters a line, I found myself adding "Mr Anderson" at the end - made the time pass.

21/12/2011 at 13:21
Robert Downey
21/12/2011 at 13:22

Ooooh hello fellow threaders.

I've not yet finished going through the Xmas Radio Times yet, but it does look like there are some interesting films on over the festive period.  I've just finished watching Firefly (sci-fi meets western) and the follow up film Serenity is on screen sometime this week.  There will also be outings for Rosemarys baby and Carrie so something(s) to hide behind the sofa for.  Does anyone have any favourites they have highlighted as must watch?

21/12/2011 at 17:31

Parky - I've got the first three books, if you've not found them and you want to borrow them, you're most welcome?

HC - love your review of Sherlock Holmes, though I suspect I shall enjoy it well enough when it comes out on DVD.

FeFe - I haven't even looked yet, I probably should.

Yet again I have loused up my Lovefilm DVDs and suspect that they are going to be stuck in the mail system for me when I would want to be watching them.

Last night I watched Four Lions which is a comedy about Muslim terrorists.  Now, when I tried to explain a comedy about a group of potential bombers to my housemate he did look rather perplexed.  When we sat down to watch the film I was dreading it a bit because the trailers were all dreadful  (a bad omen for the main deal) but,I have to say it was funny.  In fact, it was really very funny.  How they managed to make a funny film out of such a difficult topic is beyond me, but they did.  Now, this lead me to thinking, who made the film?  Who is the intended audience?  Who should find it funny?  Answers on a postcard please...

Anyone else seen it?

X-Men First Class
Another film from the X-Men franchise which has, frankly, already been done to death. I can't believe there are only four of them.  That said, it shut me up for a couple of hours on a cold night and they are not dreadful films.  Entertaining enough when there is naff all else on the box.

The Tourist
Frankly, anything with Johnny Depp in it gets 5 stars from me and this one gets 6 because it's got Angelina Jolie thrown in for good measure.  I couldn't tell you if it had a good story or not, for all the dribbling that was going on.  So, it's about a woman who is involved with a bad man and is being tracked by MI5. She is sent on a journey by her bad man and told to pick out a randomer and make MI5 think he is the bad man.  Well you can imagine the adventure and romancing that follows.  Massively predictable ending (so much so even I saw it coming.)

21/12/2011 at 17:36

Oh yey Fefe I love both Rosemary's Baby and Carrie   (am I allowed to say the books are better ?)

22/12/2011 at 11:54

I love Rosemary's Baby and Carrie too.  I don't like watching horror films on my own tho' and none of my friends will watch them with me except for S who lives on t'other side of town.

I really expected to like Four Lions but when I got round to seeing it, I hated it.

I haven't checked what's on, on Christmas Day.  I don't have a tele so it's a novelty to watch it at my folks.  Last year I saw Narnia and Nanny McFee and was pleasantly surprised - they were definitely watchable; Narnia enhanced at least 50% for me by the presence of James McAvoy.

22/12/2011 at 12:20
Xmas day you'll be spoilt for choice, BBC is offering Kung fu panda, monsters vs Aliens early afternoon and then Ratatouille.  El Cid on BBC4, Lawrence of Arabia on 5*, an interesting sounding film called Ponyo on Film 4 followed by the Ladykillers.
22/12/2011 at 12:23

I've seen all of the beebs offerings already.  So far the only thing I know I shall be watching is Downton Abbey.

22/12/2011 at 12:24
Why did I read that as you've seen all of Beebs offerings? 
22/12/2011 at 12:28
Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows

This film has its problems, though it was an exciting and enjoyable romp from start to finish. It did keep my interest, not at boiling point but somewhere between tepid and lukewarm; whereas the first film in this series had me counting the excruciating minutes before it would end.

Richie is not really a good filmmaker in the eyes of this critic - he’s a walking cliche and his films suffer from his strange obsessions. (the slow mo action sequences - why!?!) However, he does know how to tell a story and I found this did satisfy my appetite for a rollicking tale.

The good things about this film - Downey Jr. and Law are just as impeccable and well matched as they were in the first film, though this time they had a decent script to wrap their talents around. Harris was really impressive as Moriarty and I really enjoyed the battle of wits. Steven Fry's Mycroft Holmes was also enjoyable

The bad things - another film with a really hard to discern soundtrack; this really is becoming a trend and I had to concentrate really hard at times to follow the dialogue (or perhaps it’s me losing my hearing - a misspent youth at rock clubs methinks). I felt Richie’s stylistic tics detracted from a good tale rather than added anything.

All in all, a pretty decent film and Richie's best for a while - but please - lose the slo mo

22/12/2011 at 13:00

Thanks Ferret - I've been holiding off seeing Larry of Arabia as I really want to see it at a cinema - that's probably the only film I'd want to see.  It's really animation-heavy this year.

I've not seen Downton Abbey and people at work rave about it, as do my folks, so I'll check that out.

Re: Guy Ritchie- I loved Lock, Stock + Snatch but haven't seen Rock n Rolla or Sherlock.

Last year, I watched ice road truckers on Christmas Day morning and found it really interesting - it's not something I would normally choose to watch.  OK a bit over-dramatic on the voiceovers but those people are hardcore.  I notice it's on again this year on 5 at 12.

22/12/2011 at 13:17
Rock'n'Rolla is truly dire - avoid it like the plague
22/12/2011 at 13:23

What's the other really bad Ritchie movie?  Not the Madonna one, the one with Ray Liotta in it?  Very stylish but utterly incomprehensible. 

Had to look it up - Revolver.

22/12/2011 at 13:50
He's made more than his fair share of turkeys. I quite liked 'Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels' but quite a lot of his back catalogue seems an attempt to make the same film... over and over again.
22/12/2011 at 15:15
Another vote that Rock n Rolla is poop.
22/12/2011 at 15:22

Sorry for belated reply - thanks for the book offer Mouse.  Will let you know if I can't get them at the library.  Currently working my way through a Don Fink classic ...

22/12/2011 at 18:09

"I've just finished watching Firefly (sci-fi meets western) and the follow up film Serenity is on screen sometime this week."

You have excellent taste. Firefly is great. Serenity also great - didnt get much marketing on release as they tried for an internet marketing campaign  - would havebeen bigger with some $s in themarketing budget.

Serenity is referencd in xkcd - so that makes it high art.

22/12/2011 at 18:12

BDB - sorry I didn't mean to ignore you.

Sadly, I've not seen Beebs for yonks (offerings or otherwise!)

Over the Christmas period I have on DVD:

Water for Elephants - anyone?  Is it any good?

And, if they arrive in time; Gnomeo and Juliet, The Ghost and The Resident.  I'm dead excited by Gnomeo and Juliet (does that make me very sad?)

23/12/2011 at 10:08
Saw the trailer for 'The Hobbit' yesterday... It looks wow!

Released December 2012 - my toes are curling in anticipation already...
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