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13/01/2013 at 22:33
Loon. wrote (see)

the last singles thread went the same way all the threads go, off on a tangent with everyone just insulting each other on a regular basis

*drags over sofa and pringles*

off you all go then

I m not insulting anyone ..its an observation..

...goes back to training threads...where I should have stayed..

13/01/2013 at 22:48

lol that wasn't directed at anyone the last long running singles thread was full of regulars who regularly insulted each other. it was very silly and a laugh

13/01/2013 at 22:53

Ok I will hang around and be sarky ...

Some people do need to lighten up a bit though I agree..there is nothing more unattractive than self pity...THAT IS NOT DIRECTED AT ANYONE MALE OR FEMALE OR ANYTHING IN BETWEEN..!!!!


13/01/2013 at 23:20

I'm just lurking for the comedy value, well, obviously not lurking right now, but will be. just dont' tell anyone

13/01/2013 at 23:22

There's also nothing more unattractive than general man hating comments. THAT IS NOT AIMED AT ANYONE EITHER!!!

14/01/2013 at 09:54

Eggy good cos I just love men ...especailly ones with big knobs...

14/01/2013 at 20:30

(I think I see a romance blossoming here )

14/01/2013 at 20:34
Get a hat Cilla
14/01/2013 at 20:50

I've sucessfully paired up three couples in the last 6 months, so maybe I should make a profession of it

15/01/2013 at 07:17

Oooh (delurks) - can you get me one?  Older gentleman with clean personal habits?

I can be known as mature lady with cat

15/01/2013 at 11:19

I have been with my Wife for 7yrs, she just decided one day a relatively short while ago that she didn't want to continue with the relationship, we argued a fair bit but mainly we found that actually we had very little in common. She fell pregnant and we lost the child before all this and that was the catalyst for the decline but that aside, it had been coming. I'm sorting my stuff out at the moment, it's still hard to talk about, I'm not sure what I will be doing in the future. We already have a son together and there is no dispute about access or whatever and I will have him half of the time. My point really is that stuff just happens, it probably isn't a "laughing matter" when people get divorced but hey, life goes on. I'm planning on falling to pieces and if people ask me about it I will answer them truthfully. You can't hide from life. Vent over.

15/01/2013 at 11:20

I meant "I'm NOT planning on falling to pieces!!! haha!

15/01/2013 at 11:34
Phew, was a bit worried there Demon Barber
15/01/2013 at 11:38

I also put "it probably isn't a laughing matter when people get divorced" Probably. haha. It obviously isnt!!. I'm not very switched on today. I hate Tuesdays, they are like the new Mondays.

15/01/2013 at 14:23

You want to pm Caz by the sounds of it DB  - see who she can sort out for you.   Sorry about things going wrong but in the long run who knows - it's a new chapter anyway isnt' it.  

All this talk about women walking in one day and telling unsuspecting men it's over is getting me worried !

15/01/2013 at 14:32

That's exactly how I see it. I feel pretty crap as you would imagine but time passes, one door closes, another opens (insert similar cliches here) etc.

I'm probably not "on the market" yet anyway, I just want a bit of time doing my own thing and I don't feel like any sort of dating or whatever but I'm sure at some point I will do. This is an interesting idea for a thread though, it's not that easy to meet people what with work commitments, I have a Son so I use my time with him. Also, I'm 31 so most of my friends are married, we don't really know any single people!!

I expect a lot of people are in the same boat.

15/01/2013 at 14:33
popsider wrote (see)


All this talk about women walking in one day and telling unsuspecting men it's over is getting me worried !

Don't worry Pops the look on my Ex's face when I walked in 10 years ago last week and said I was packing my bags was priceless... And if it had had any value her solicitor would have taken 75% !

15/01/2013 at 14:34
Really, DB? I'm 29 and most of my friends are just starting to settle down. Some have 1 child, but very few have 2 like me. I think I would find it very difficult to meet anyone new (if I wanted to) because of lack of opportunities.
15/01/2013 at 14:42

In fairness I'm the youngest in my social circle, most of my mates are about 3-5yrs older, I think only a couple of my closest friends are unmarried and they are both engaged so near as.

by 'eck', I reckon you would find someone? Why not?

I think maybe life sometimes gives you an opportunity whether you encouraged it or not?

15/01/2013 at 14:47

Demon Barber - Most of my friends got married in their 20's, including me. I split from my ex aged 35 (now 39). Not a solitary single person among my friends other than me. I'm the only single and childless person amongst my friends. None of my mates knew any single folk either.

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