Souness new Toon Boss

according ot the Beeb!

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06/09/2004 at 12:29
.. thoughts please!?
06/09/2004 at 12:40
confirmed on Toon website!
06/09/2004 at 12:41
who cares?? it's poofball......
06/09/2004 at 12:42
football..... errr who cares.

Did see some football type stuff on the telly over the weekend... Who was the girlie goalkeeper, which country would be stupid enough to let them play for them ?
06/09/2004 at 12:43
Calamity James???
06/09/2004 at 12:44
Calamity... so he is a girl then ?
06/09/2004 at 12:45
no mate, just a calamity!!
06/09/2004 at 12:45
Sourness will suit the bleating geordies down to the ground. They'll not win anything under him, but he'll change the atmosphere from anxiety and frustration to bleakness, bitterness and hatred to all referees.

Shame that the club with the greatest stadium in England should have such idiots running it.Sack the pair of them and reinstate Sir Bobby , sez I.
06/09/2004 at 12:46
Bobby was treated appallingly....

but Souness may put the fear of God into the brat pack!
06/09/2004 at 12:48
Dyer and co, they'll be shown the door, then just as soon as the next transfer window opens, all he'll do is ship a whole load of mid-ability Scots in, hoping to get them to do a job.

No chance, it's not what the club needs.
06/09/2004 at 12:48
Blackburn look certain for the drop now , too.
06/09/2004 at 12:50
06/09/2004 at 12:50

What I wouldnt have given to see smug grin disappear from O'Leary's face when that news broke.

Go on Deadly Doug, sack the two-faced bar steward.

go on, go on, go on, go on, go on!
06/09/2004 at 12:51
I think we should have a sweep on how long before he has fisticuffs with Dyer and/or Bellamy

I'll start the bidding at a fortnight
06/09/2004 at 12:52
I reckon, second training session!!!!
06/09/2004 at 12:52
O Leary aint going nowhere.He has a big point to prove, not only to himself but the whole country.He believes he can be a truly great boss, but knows he has stuffed up in th epast.If he can get the Villa up and into Europe, he can get anyone anywhere.

Once he's done that with the Villa, then a bigger post will fall his way.
06/09/2004 at 12:55
Can't say I am ecstatic bout the appointment..

will hold my fire to allow him to prove himself..
06/09/2004 at 13:00
What price Barry Ferguson in black and white, club captain by this time next year? Souey has practically adopted the kid. Vicious street fighter Bazza may be, he'll add a bit of punch to the Toon midfield,but he cant play football to save his life.

Blood and guts football, all the way.

Not what is wanted, methinks.
06/09/2004 at 13:06
"all he'll do is ship a whole load of mid-ability Scots in"

Mid-ability. Eh? Who? Where? And why aren't they playing for the national team?

06/09/2004 at 13:07
Calm down Nessie, Deer!
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