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23/04/2008 at 12:04


 If that is for St martin in the fields (just a guess) they have a massive staff including staff inthe social care unit, chefs and waiting staff in the crypt restaurant, concert staff, as well as clerical and clergy....

I used to be on it a long time ago.....!! The staff I mean -not the church as that would clearly be dangerous,,,,

And the vicar gets masses of post and also does lots of interesting stuff outside St Ms....

24/04/2008 at 09:33
I have got two St George flags on the door of my locker at work, because I am proud to be English. That's not rascist.
24/04/2008 at 12:52

PA to a vicar? isn't that his wife?

24/04/2008 at 22:38

Its sad when a country cant celebrate its own heritage because of sheer bureacrasy and councillors who have nothing better to do than bring issues to the public that dont really exist.

Im of dual heritage and on my car I display both a british flag and a jamaican flag in honour of both of my parents culture, id be really vexed if someone told me to remove them as I may offend someone. 

I dont get upset when I see non british members of the public displaying thier countires flag, be it on thier cars, on thier t-shirts or on thier face if they want to, it just reminds me of what a great diverse country we live in.

Ive seen it so many times in the past few years, our local Council wanted to change the wording "Christmas Festival" to "Winter Festival "recently as not to offend people who dont celebrate Christmas . When will it end, its madness.  We celebrate it here in England so why on Earth should we put our traditions away.  I would never expect to go to another country and expect them to change centuries of tradition because I dont think its appropriate for me and my family.

Display your flag with pride, I for one do not think its an outward sign of racism nor anything to do with the BNP.  If someone does then I feel its a chip on thier shoulder, not yours.

***jumps off her soapbox****

24/04/2008 at 23:29

St George was a low ranking officer in the Roman army.... probably spoke a dialect of Greek and never set foot in England (he was Anatolian by birth)

George slaying the dragon is a allegorical tale, probably intended to represent the symbolic destruction of paganism by Christianity.

The cross of St George probably originated as a symbol of the city state of Genoa and was adapted as a design incorporated into the sails of English trading vessels to signify that they were trading under the protection of the (and sufferance) Doge of Genoa.  The cross became adapted by crusading knights - specifically Knights Templar  about the time of the 13thC the cross became the official national flag of England.

AndrewSmith    pirate
24/04/2008 at 23:38
Isn't Wiki amazing
24/04/2008 at 23:45

AndrewSmith    pirate
24/04/2008 at 23:49
Don't be silly it's not boring, it is really quite interesting and informative.
24/04/2008 at 23:50
Unlike you?
AndrewSmith    pirate
24/04/2008 at 23:53

Oh don't be daft, how can you make a sweeping statement like that when you don't even know me, do you do the same for everyone!!

You are obviously a true Brit then, are you a BNP member???

25/04/2008 at 21:13
You obviously don't know the difference between a statement and an enquiry (hint '?')
25/04/2008 at 21:41
If the manager was saying I think you should take it down then that's wrong, but if they were just saying some people might wonder if you are a BNP supporter then I suppose it's a fair point - some might.   On St Gs day probably not right enough but if you left it on there then I reckon some people would wonder if you were a BNP type sympathiser.  

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