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14/05/2003 at 16:40
bbl,don't know if i get a mention,its been in the works for a while.but someone's been listening because as of now... Sales Rank: 8,038 wow.i guess three orders makes a difference..
will definitely email for details...

14/05/2003 at 16:46
and can't get the bbc site to download the interview through the firewall here-will try at home later...
14/05/2003 at 16:47
It was very good, I heard it this morning.
14/05/2003 at 16:59
Have just spoke to Mr Badger who knows his Nigel Popplewell is yr bro!!!
14/05/2003 at 17:15 have been a busy badger...i'm trying to persuade him to come and run windsor 1/2 without much success at the moment.he is superfit solicitor now.
For the avoidance of doubt,Andrew Popplewell and Ed Popplewell are also my brothers.Accept no imitations...
14/05/2003 at 17:17
Is Phil Tufnell your brother too?
14/05/2003 at 17:21
perhaps spiritually.but i was always wk not bowler at all...and have stopped smoking.
14/05/2003 at 17:34 Sales Rank: 9,584
slipping now,moment in the sun clearly over...
14/05/2003 at 22:54 Sales Rank: 3,635

do we have a new wilbur smith on our hands,surely the fastest climber in 24 hours!!
Monique    pirate
14/05/2003 at 23:51
How exciting it's just like rigging the "hit parade" (as your dad would say)
15/05/2003 at 09:49
Clearly a talented family - Andrew led me in a case a couple of years ago.

There is a big article in The Times this morning about your father and Blunkett - no doubt it will help the book sales.
15/05/2003 at 10:55
front page of the express and page 2 of the telegraph,p8 of the seems to be working-who says advertising on the bbc doesn't work!! Sales Rank: 1,144

15/05/2003 at 10:56
Anyone see the letter in The Times the other day regarding the change in the judicial uniform? V V funny!
15/05/2003 at 11:03
and have started reading it.quite amusing since he refers to 'rugger' throughout.quite a lot i never knew.lovely understated comment about his mother to whom i thought he was devoted,but clearly not...luckily i escape too much attention...
so may blunkett continue to 'whinge'...even if he clearly doesn't understand what populism is.and why it was a criticism not a compliment in that context...
16/05/2003 at 09:13
just to let you all know that alex doesn't need to bathe in the reflected glory of famous father and brother:

see why here

a fine claret would do nicely thanks alex!
16/05/2003 at 09:38
morning ob,nice to have to you back,thanks for that.will bring a bottle to vyrnwy...
16/05/2003 at 09:41
now here's a thing:

Customers who shopped for this item also shopped for:

Making History; Paperback ~ Stephen Fry
Lore of Running; Paperback ~ Timothy Noakes

bit of a giveaway that second one,someone here must have bought one,well done...
16/05/2003 at 10:03
Hope your tapping up your old man for commision on these sales ?

Having not followed the Popplewell v Blunkett just what is the story ?

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