Sub 1:40 club at Windsor

Jon, Spans, Little Fill, Venon, Brendon

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26/09/2002 at 10:08
...And me...
Just thought I'd get us together for a pre match team talk. Come on. We can do it. 7:30 min miling will get us in at 1:37:30. No slackers in our team. <Shall we have a group hug before hand!>
26/09/2002 at 10:10
Edit button, edit button...Venom, I apologise for calling you Venon!
26/09/2002 at 10:17
I am feeling more and more positive about this! Hope I don't crawl in, in the end!!!

Team spirit is fine, just so long as we don't get all 'I'm a celebrity... Get me out of here' and keep on kissing each other!
26/09/2002 at 10:28
We could all tail gate each other!!! Like a snake weaving through the masses!
26/09/2002 at 10:30
Did I mention kissing, Jon? I don't think so. Seriously, after running last night with a fellow club runner, I realised it helps me to run with (or near) someone to keep the pace going...
26/09/2002 at 10:37
oh... ok (look of glaszed disappointment on my face, shoulders slumped forwards)
26/09/2002 at 10:47
Jon, My feelings towards you are motherly... I can't speak for Venom, Brendon, Little Fill, and Spans
26/09/2002 at 10:49
Ok... I think I can get over this with time!

I'm a little wary about jetting off to fast a the start, so it'd be good for others to keep a rein on me (so you can be motherly then!)
26/09/2002 at 11:06
Just hold onto my apron strings Jon!
cougie    pirate
26/09/2002 at 11:17
This sounds like an Unofficial RW pacing group.
Snicks are you gonna hold a giant lolly up with 1.40 on ? ;-)
26/09/2002 at 11:21
Snicks, I foolishly had it in mind to follow your apron strings, but I think its too big a leap for me. What time do you reckon now?
26/09/2002 at 12:03
BK, it might be a bit of a leap for me, too. Sub 1:40 is what I'm aiming for, even though everyone is telling me not to race it, etc, due to doing Dublin on the 28th.
Cougie, I like the lolly idea. Everyone in my pacing group has to wear romper suits!
26/09/2002 at 12:03
Realise the romper suit thing makes me more Madame Snicks, than mummy snicks... right, back to work!
26/09/2002 at 12:37
Snicks, I'll certainly run with you if you like. Jon, isn't your 10k time in the 41 - 42 region? In that case, you should certainly be able to go sub 1:40.

Based on my 10k time of 43:26 last week (sorry, I had to mention that again!), Bob Glover's tables predict 1:36 or so. But I haven't run since Sunday (tube strikes Tues and Weds meant I got home late and tired) and I've just come down with a stinking cold, so we'll see.

But a group of us running at constant 7:30 pace sounds good to me. Count me in.

26/09/2002 at 12:46
This sounds good as 7:30 would be ideal for me for at least the first 10 miles. Do you mind if I join you. I managed 74:20 for 10 miles at the Great South Run but if I fold as badly as I did at the Burnham Beeches half then I'll lose you all at the end
26/09/2002 at 12:52
I'll try and be there with you too, but if this cold persists I think that I might be aiming for a sub 2hr instead!

Also I think that that rules out the kissing as well, unless anyone wants to join me in my misery...
26/09/2002 at 12:57
Definitely join us BK, we'll drag you round. No dropping out in the last few miles allowed though :-)

Spans, I'm with you in cold misery. Very tempted to take tomorrow off work ill to give myself a chance to recover.

26/09/2002 at 12:59
Thanks, hope you both feel better soon
26/09/2002 at 13:04
Hi Venom, yes, you're right, but bearing in mind it's my first half I am not entirely sure as to my capabilities!!! I'll jsut have to see. I don't really want to put any more pressure on myself than I already have done, so I thought 'lets be realistic Jon!'
26/09/2002 at 13:06
We might look like a pack of wolves if we stick together!!!
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