SW London/Surrey social

Thursday 17th June, Wimbledon?

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08/06/2004 at 16:10
oh what luck... just stumbled across this link.

Work in Wimbledon so can make it anytime.

What dates are we looking at? July?

Would be good to meet some local fellow runners....
08/06/2004 at 17:55
15th or 16th would be OK with us I think.
9th I'm going to Manchester. :-0
09/06/2004 at 12:27
15th or 16th july good for me too, alhtough we've managed to go almost a month after the date on my thread title! before we start a new thread, how many people can or can't do the 15th/16th july? which date do people prefer?

hi brewster - any suggestions for good places to meet?
09/06/2004 at 12:54
date look good with me....

depends what we are after i guess... food & beer. nice food & wine... just beer?

You in Wimbledon annajo ?
09/06/2004 at 13:04
Will definitely be down there on 16th July, and 15th should be possible. The Dinobuggy won't want to be out too late on the 16th because it's on Trailwalker support duty the next day.
09/06/2004 at 15:06
brewster, I live near Kingston, but we've had a few socials in recent months, all round south west london or surrey - epsom, sutton, kingston, and wimbledon.
there were quite a few people who could make the last wimbledon one as its so easy to get to on the train for most people, so hopefully they'll all be along again?

looking good for the 15th or 16th...
09/06/2004 at 15:26
ah cool.. are you doing the TrailPlus this weekend?

Great. Never have enough training partners. Im at Clapham Junction myself.

09/06/2004 at 15:33
didn't know it was on - where is it? sounds good, I've done a trail race recently which was great fun, much better than road running.
but I'm currently killing myself slowly but probably painfully doing the tour of epsom, 5 races round epsom this week on roads and trails, then Im on marshalling duty I think at the weekend for my club race.
09/06/2004 at 15:42
oh.. over in the Forest of Dean. Adventure Race training weekend with a race on the Sunday.... cant wait!

errr yeah sounds like you are! Hopefully not silly distances as well? 5k's?

Not sure when i'll be racing again. Doing a MTB/XC combo in Aug. Other than that just enjoying my training at the mo during the summer months....
09/06/2004 at 17:43
I can make the 16th (or indeed 15th) but I'm also on TW duty
09/06/2004 at 17:48
Brewster, mtb/xc combo sounds fascinating... Details?
10/06/2004 at 15:22
sounds cool, brewster! yep, I'm just doing about 4-ish miles every day, but the legs are starting to complain now - two days to go...

for those doing trailwalker, is it better to be social-ing on the 15th or 16th?
10/06/2004 at 15:22
jon, you coming along?
10/06/2004 at 15:49
Might do.
10/06/2004 at 16:26
15th, probably, provided XFR accepts having a resident Raptor for an extra night in exchange for not having to moderate his alcohol intake :o)
10/06/2004 at 16:28
sounds probable!

think the dinobuggy might be travelling in the wrong direction for me this time, so I might have to go on the train - I wonder if I can get as comfortable on the train as I did in the dinobuggy last time though?
10/06/2004 at 16:47
sounds like a good deal :o)
10/06/2004 at 17:06
right, I'm gonna throw caution to the wind


and start a new thread with the new date of ooh - erm - 15th or 16th July...
10/06/2004 at 17:16
Tee-hee Annajo :o)
10/06/2004 at 17:19
after several attempts, and now realising that you can't have two threads with the same name (d'uh!) i've started a new thread-see you there!

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