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Planning to loose 1 1/2 stone without amputation

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14/01/2004 at 11:17
TL - tell them your on antibiotics and then no one will question your no drinking motives.

That's what I need...a bl00dy infection!
14/01/2004 at 11:20
its perfectly acceptable not to drink.

if you tell them you're on antibiotics people will wonder what you've got!!!!

about 2 years ago i switched over to no alcohol at lunch meetings and minimal alcohol at evening meetings (except internal ones obviously!)

no-one batted an eyelid at it.
14/01/2004 at 12:00
If I go without alc everyone gives me that raised eyebrow look and asks if I have something to tell them.
14/01/2004 at 12:01
I do as well Lista, I always get, but your an aussie!
14/01/2004 at 12:03
LOL Lista!

Leave them guessing!
14/01/2004 at 12:04
I tend to get irritated quickly when people give me "why aren't you drinking?" attitude. the down-the-pub-after-work culture can be pretty suffocating sometimes.
14/01/2004 at 15:26
OK was really good (did help that said broker doesn't drink, which is a first for me).

Had fish for starter and main course and fruit for afters.

Wot the rest of you had then.
14/01/2004 at 15:28
Cheese & Ham sarnie packet of S&V reduced fat crisps (first packet of crisps for 2 wks!)and an apple
14/01/2004 at 15:33
Right - a non alcohol drinking group at the social on the 23rd?
14/01/2004 at 15:38
Had chicken (removed the skin) with veg and rice.

Can I keep the will power going...
I've put aside a bag of clothes which I can't wear at the moment (mainly shirts and t-shirts) as they're too tight. My motivation is to be able to wear them...oh and to stop looking as I'm preggers!
14/01/2004 at 15:42
Err Fruity so not gonna happen, well not from this one anyway ;-)
14/01/2004 at 15:48
i'm having jacket potato with tuna mayo (made with only a teaspoon of mayo) and a big helping of runner beans.

well done TL!

and i'll be "drinking in moderation" fruity. so thats moderately large glasses of white wine then!
14/01/2004 at 15:55

I had a chicken and ham salad with probably too much potato salad, but otherwise rather good :)
14/01/2004 at 22:49
Lunch: off to Sainsburys again. chicken salsa wrap again (it was so good I decided to repeat) and a chicken breast sandwich.

Was very naughty and hit a Kit Kat though :(

Dinner, had grilled tuna steak and veggies. Majestic!
15/01/2004 at 08:22
Battered sausage & chips last night yum!

Back to being good today
15/01/2004 at 09:23
I tried that home made oven chips / wedges last night...v good with chilli oil
15/01/2004 at 12:48
Drum roll, first public Thursday weigh in...

Spectacular weekly weight loss of (shudder) 0.2 lbs.

Not unexpected given week of eating out and general overindulgance. Next week looking for 2 lb loss!!!

P.S. Anyone watch Celebrity Fit Club? Can't believe Amy the Yank is on program... If she doesn't want to lose weight then why go on the show? "I love my shape" repeated every 2 minutes... Amy thou dost protest too much
15/01/2004 at 13:04
She likes being the shape of a football?

All a load of rubbish.
15/01/2004 at 13:06
She might like it, actually. It can be a defence against allowing people to close (literally and emotionally).
15/01/2004 at 13:20
Had another lunch of soup and salad and a run home from work tonight to an evening of fishcakes. Tomorrow I'm going to allow myself a few beers and a rest day. Back to the slog Saturday. Oooo the suspense of the Monday weigh-in is killing me. Also hoping for 2lbs per week (at least initially).
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