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Planning to loose 1 1/2 stone without amputation

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13/01/2004 at 14:35
My god TL, if thats all I ate before my evening meal i would pass out. Surely that cannot be enough, especially if you are exercising as well?
13/01/2004 at 14:36
TL - make sure there's at least 1200 calories in that pasta and fish, girl.
13/01/2004 at 14:39
I'd be on the biscuits by 3pm....
13/01/2004 at 14:45
What happened to having a 1,000 calories a day to lose weight ;-) ONLY JOKING

OK will have a rethink about what eat at lunch time, just getting bored with sardies and don't have a canteen at work. Pack lunches don't appeal either.

Going now as making excuses, just hope SP doesn't see this thread now.
13/01/2004 at 14:57
I had sea bream with red cabbagey stuff, stir fry veg and potato wedges.
13/01/2004 at 15:00
mmm sounds nice...the fish in the DTI canteen is usually over cooked and just disapoints...
13/01/2004 at 15:15
Um have lost 1kg overnight. ;)))
Not sure how.:((((

Anyway for brekkie had porridge with loads of cream, cinnamon and a bit of sugar.

For lunch had Pret's breakfast sandwich and an apple cake >>>>hangs head in shame<<<<

Am on a low to medium GI diet which works for me when I follow it.

Off to the gym in a bit.
13/01/2004 at 15:16
Sam - you should know better than to weigh yourself every day!

[smacks Sam's hand very gently with paw]
13/01/2004 at 15:19

My official weigh in day is Tuesday.

I weighed in yesterday for the benefit of joining this thread.

Regular weigh in day Tuesday from now on.

13/01/2004 at 16:44
we should all move to the moon, and then we would be weightless.....

ha ha
13/01/2004 at 16:47
yeah, but the size 10 jeans would still be too tight.
13/01/2004 at 16:48
i weigh in every day. much prefer it. and it goes in me spreadsheet too. and i make a pretty graph out of it as well

ok - even zilla called me a geek today.
13/01/2004 at 16:49
Smitch....I heard the moon was a bit boring....lacked atmosphere...

Oh dear shoot me please!
13/01/2004 at 16:51
count - unfortunately you have now been banished to the sophie eliis baxter thread
13/01/2004 at 16:53
ditto M's comment
13/01/2004 at 17:02
tis ok, I've already got me coat....
14/01/2004 at 08:40
Troy has lost 1 whole pound - yay! Am liking the idea of the moon as I think I would be able to run faster as well?

Seem to have reached a level with the weight loss although the way I am eating hasn't changed and I have started running about 7 miles a week - shouldn't this make me lose weight now I am exercising rather than dieting?
14/01/2004 at 08:51
troy - first few weeks you will put some muscle on - then you will start losing weight again.
14/01/2004 at 08:57
Thanks M - I was hoping someone would be able to say something comforting like that. Will keep going.
14/01/2004 at 08:58
Not sure if I've lost weight, but formerly tight at the waist jeans skirt is very comfortable now.
141 to 160 of 6,730 messages
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