The Original Mickey Finn

, Fiery Cranberry & Orange Schnapps

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20/11/2005 at 12:10

does anyone know where I could buy this from....

(whispers :- in bulk maybe ! )
20/11/2005 at 13:57
someone must know

I've googled and googled and can't find it on sale anywhere........
20/11/2005 at 14:29
Cranberry Schnapps is the best I can find Imo. You could always add orange to it!!


20/11/2005 at 15:21
Better than nought FF - Ta

(this was the only drink I've ever liked - and the bottle's been empty for over a year now....)
20/11/2005 at 15:23
what a gawjus site
have you seen the gins on offere!
20/11/2005 at 15:23
tanqueray no 10

20/11/2005 at 15:37
Black Vodka hold the distribution rights in the UK


...but I don't think they do online's their phone number
20/11/2005 at 16:17
Try :-

1/3 vodka
1/3 peach schnapps
1/3 orange juice

I call it a Fuzzywuzzy.
20/11/2005 at 16:43
i bet you do!
20/11/2005 at 19:07
Heckenhocker I LOVE you!!!!

I've sent them an e-mail (even I wouldn't dare ring them from work!)

Hope they reply positively


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10 messages
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