the person underneath...

a game

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25/07/2006 at 12:16
true, tho the counting game by dan dan was equally dopey

the person below is irish
25/07/2006 at 12:19
False. On both counts.


The person below likes turnips.
25/07/2006 at 12:21

the person below forgot to put deoderant on this morning

and smells
25/07/2006 at 12:31

the person below is sat in an office with sweaty nads
25/07/2006 at 12:35
false, though other parts of me are v sweaty

The person underneath wears speedos on holiday like david beckham
25/07/2006 at 12:37
Sooooo false...... but I do wear them to swim in.

The person underneath is wearing a hat.
25/07/2006 at 12:58
true but only when I go out onto site

the person underneath wishes they were in a different job
25/07/2006 at 13:00

The person underneath is going swimming later.
25/07/2006 at 13:05
true if later means next week

The person underneath just had to go grocery shopping
25/07/2006 at 13:27

The person underneath could has a huge porn collection
25/07/2006 at 13:28
False.... I don't like seafood.

Oh, sorry. I thought you said prawn.

The person underneath is a multi-millionaire.
25/07/2006 at 13:28

The person underneath has false teeth.
25/07/2006 at 13:29
Brilliant cross-post :-D
25/07/2006 at 13:33
false they may be filled but they are all mine

the person underneath had prawns for lunch
25/07/2006 at 13:36
false, I had a jacket potato

The person underneath owns a dog
25/07/2006 at 13:37
True (she's called Flake)

The person underneath appreciates fine wine
25/07/2006 at 13:45

The person underneath likes whisky
25/07/2006 at 14:13

the person below has been banned from lifts after frequent occasions of smoking people out with their methane emission
25/07/2006 at 14:25
false lol!

the person below should be working
25/07/2006 at 14:26
true, but nothing to do

The person below is a quantity surveyor
181 to 200 of 95,321 messages
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