the person underneath...

a game

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26/07/2006 at 21:44

the person underneath has been on a blind date
26/07/2006 at 21:44
ooops cross post

can suck my toes

didn't have toast
26/07/2006 at 21:47

The person underneath is having pizza tomorrow
26/07/2006 at 21:50

The person underneath has just watched Uniteds Kids stuff Celtics 1st team
26/07/2006 at 22:23

The person underneath likes to wear women's underwear.
26/07/2006 at 22:30
True, but then I'm a woman

The person underneath wishes French knickers didn't have a seam up the middle
26/07/2006 at 22:32
True - but then i am a man

The person underneath likes wearing suspenders
26/07/2006 at 22:34
Correct... next question

The person underneath believes me
26/07/2006 at 22:41
True - I believe every word you say.

The person underneath should go to bed.
26/07/2006 at 22:49
False - I tried and I'm too cross

The person underneath should have another drink
26/07/2006 at 22:54
Correct - 'red red wine goes to my head'

The person underneath should really know better
26/07/2006 at 22:56
False - knowledge is overrated

The person underneath likes hoovering
26/07/2006 at 22:58
soooo false

does anyone??

the person underneath has a foot fetish
26/07/2006 at 23:02

the person underneath is a stunning 18 year old lass
26/07/2006 at 23:06
true - only joking

The person underneath enjoy undressing the opposite sex
26/07/2006 at 23:59
true if he's gorgeous

the person underneath caught a bus today
27/07/2006 at 00:01
false, it was going to fast

the person underneath likes Sex on the Beach
27/07/2006 at 01:36
True, and the drink as well

the person underneath has kissed Mick Jagger.
27/07/2006 at 06:47
False (yuck!)

The person underneath should be going to work
27/07/2006 at 08:23
False, on holidays till September ;-D

The person underneath hasn't had breakfast yet
321 to 340 of 95,321 messages
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