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27/07/2006 at 08:30

the person underneath has been spanked and called a "bad, bad boy"
27/07/2006 at 08:40
true except it was bad girl ;-)

the person underneath has to go shopping for groceries today
27/07/2006 at 10:14

The person underneath was a Goth
27/07/2006 at 10:30

The person underneath lies about their age
27/07/2006 at 10:40
False. I enjoy it when people tell me I look younger than I am :-)

The person underneath wears a toupé.
27/07/2006 at 10:45
true..but no on my head

the person below knows the difference between
a) a crocodile and an alligator


b) a ukelele and a banjo
27/07/2006 at 12:10

the person underneath forgot to buy tissues last time they went shopping
27/07/2006 at 12:25
true, I knew Id forgotten something

The person underneath likes olives.
27/07/2006 at 12:26
false I prefer Pistachio nuts

the person underneath gets sunburned reallly easily
27/07/2006 at 12:30
true, get burned just walking to bus stop, factor 30 for me

the person underneath had or is about to have pasta for lunch
27/07/2006 at 12:31
false I'm having a baked potato

the person underneath can touch type
27/07/2006 at 12:42

the person below has headbutted at least two people
27/07/2006 at 12:43

i'm a 2-finger typist

the person underneath likes honey
27/07/2006 at 12:43

the person underneath has broken a bone
27/07/2006 at 12:44
true, I havent had any for ages though

the person underneath is applying for the flm.
27/07/2006 at 12:45

the person underneath has broken a bone
27/07/2006 at 12:45
false can't run for toffee

the person underneath dyes their hair
27/07/2006 at 12:45
No, no and thrice no!!!

The person underneath has a secret love child.
27/07/2006 at 12:46
false - 4 kids but non secret

the personn underneath has xposted
27/07/2006 at 12:51

The person underneath lusts after their boss.
341 to 360 of 95,321 messages
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