the person underneath...

a game

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22/07/2006 at 01:14
false. <CCTV operator...recording everything! >. :]

the person underneath is pi$%ed and can't sleep.
22/07/2006 at 01:15

the person underneath has streaked at a major sporting event
22/07/2006 at 01:18
The person underneath wishes they could steak at a major sporting event!
22/07/2006 at 01:19

the person underneath has grey hair ;0)
22/07/2006 at 01:22
Do ash blonde highlights count?

The person underneath has had sexual fantasies about tony blair!
22/07/2006 at 01:23
false, thankfully

the person underneath finds Lily Savage strangely alluring
22/07/2006 at 01:28

The person underneath would sleep with John Prescott for 10 million quid.
22/07/2006 at 01:28

the person underneath is not getting enough sex
22/07/2006 at 01:31

The person underneath has not been used as a sex slave all weekend only to be dumped later in the week.
22/07/2006 at 01:33

the person underneath likes peanut butter
22/07/2006 at 01:34
true. <with strawberry jam>

the person underneath wants to learn to surf surf surf the wild surf.
22/07/2006 at 01:36

But the person underneath only likes it on wholemeal toast!
22/07/2006 at 01:37

the person underneath likes olives
22/07/2006 at 01:39

The person underneath doesnt wear pyjamas.
22/07/2006 at 01:39

the person underneath doesn't waer underwear
22/07/2006 at 01:41

The person underneath is totally naked.
22/07/2006 at 01:41

the person underneath likes to imagine other people are nakid
22/07/2006 at 01:42
((the person above cant spell.....oh so true!!))
22/07/2006 at 01:44
false. <that's what the internet is for> :]

the person underneath really wants a bacon sandwich, right now!
22/07/2006 at 01:45

The person underneath has great difficulty in imagining the rest of us with our glistening bodies totally naked! Check the pecs girls!
41 to 60 of 95,321 messages
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