the person underneath...

a game

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22/07/2006 at 14:53
If that means what I think it means...false <G>

The person underneath has found something nasty and unidentifiable in their fridge in the last week
22/07/2006 at 15:07

The person underneath has given serious thought to killing someone.
22/07/2006 at 15:09

the person underneath is unconvinced.
22/07/2006 at 18:11
<what?! no one else has wanted to assassinate a former boss?! I can't be the only one>
22/07/2006 at 18:57
Statement L13, we need a statement hmph!

The person underneath can cook a mean roast dinner
22/07/2006 at 19:18
true, roast chicken loads of veg roast spuds and home made gravy.

The person underneath spends too much time posting on forums
22/07/2006 at 19:59
oh so true

the person underneath has been caught at it in public
22/07/2006 at 20:04
false (almost doesn't count)

The person underneath has had something other than their ears pierced
22/07/2006 at 20:10

the person underneath likes cheese
22/07/2006 at 20:42

the person below can beat my half marathon pb of 1hr 25m 46s!
22/07/2006 at 20:49

the person underneath has done an ultra marathon
23/07/2006 at 09:50

The person underneath has to do housework today...I've got to help my daughter tidy her bedroom this afternoon
23/07/2006 at 10:19
false - mum is living with me at the mo so don't do any right now!

The person underneath is going to the beach today.
23/07/2006 at 10:57
false bbq with in laws

The person underneath will ge caught up in IM fever (Go Pirates)and sign up next year
23/07/2006 at 11:10

The person underneath owns a Spice Girls album.
23/07/2006 at 11:27

The person underneath has told a lie in the last 24 hours
23/07/2006 at 21:42
probably true, but only a little one I hope

The person underneath is p!$$ed off with the server that crashed this afternoon
23/07/2006 at 22:06
True thought it was my pc

The person underneath is racing next weekend
Dark Vader    pirate
23/07/2006 at 22:19

The person underneath hasn't had sex for ages!!

23/07/2006 at 22:20

The person underneath likes to go commando
81 to 100 of 95,321 messages
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