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31/07/2006 at 16:27
31/07/2006 at 16:32
31/07/2006 at 18:31
piccies sent folks.

i'm riding up to the running club then going to go for a nice easy run.

Haile - your on the mailing list.
31/07/2006 at 18:42
erm hello

pics of pasta party
i knowi wasn't there but i would like to see the pics

i am also withdrawing from the event
was ok when there was all the chat about next years one
but that has died down now

31/07/2006 at 18:45
lurks i tried to e-mail them to you, but my puter kept timing out.

i will get them to you
31/07/2006 at 18:55
L. we're just waiting to hear from Trev about the date. I'm hoping it wont be the back end of Aug/start of sept as that is always a very busy time workwise.

I wasn't planning on doing another IM next year, but if there was an indie in the UK i'd have done that.

Have you got anything planned for after Windsor?
31/07/2006 at 18:59
Cheers Mark, got them. That's a hell of a good camera you've got, I was marvelling at the resolution of my nasal hair.

I've just committed the ultimate sin. I bought Green and Blacks. MILK!

I love this post race lark. Eating like a king and training like a crippled peasant. Weather was a bit naff, so I knocked the swim on the head. I may go wednesday if it's a nice day. Wee potter on the bike to a coffee shop later this week, again if I feel like it.

31/07/2006 at 19:25
2t-its funny you should say that, but i found your nasal hair quite disturbing, but just you wait 'till its sprouting out of your ears. It really isn't that attractive!
31/07/2006 at 21:05
Baldness runs in the family, so I'm getting an early start on a comb over.
31/07/2006 at 21:10
From your nose? nice!
31/07/2006 at 21:18
I was going to use my arse crack hair, but there was a nasty incident with a match...
31/07/2006 at 21:36
Oh dear, did you ever find the match?
31/07/2006 at 21:38
1 mile swim for me tonight felt good (32-49).
31/07/2006 at 21:51
I presume it was consumed in the inferno.

That's a bit bloody quick - careful or you'll let everyone know that we're really elites.
31/07/2006 at 21:56
Its not quick 2t only 8-10 per 400m.
31/07/2006 at 21:57
I've not done that since i was a student, had some fun with lighter fuel as well, wrecked one landlords carpet.
31/07/2006 at 22:02
has anyone seen this months 220?

i was looking through the results section and was staggered by the lists and lists of brits who raced IMCH, its so sad that TLD couldn't attract half of them!
AndrewSmith    pirate
31/07/2006 at 22:22
you want to get your distancing right when you try and punch a finish line photographer.

can someone tell me because I am not sure this is right but, with colonic irrigation aren't they supposed to put the hose up your bum??

It's just, I have been gurgling for 3 hours now and have a nasty taste in the back of my throat
31/07/2006 at 22:53
You've almost got it right smiffy, you have to swallow the tube all the way down into your bowel and then turn on the tap, and just hope for good old fart to release the, er, residue.

Been on the red meat again Andrew?
31/07/2006 at 22:54
Pah! Sandbagger.
With any luck we might see a pirate in next months 220. If they've covered IMDE they'll have a job finding a picture that doesn't have one in it. I think it's all down to advertisement. TLD did sod all advertising, and they missed out on a lot of entries because of it. I hope the new one does better. It really is a shame that TLD had to go...

Smiffy...words fail me.

Anyway Haile - how goes work on that tattoo. Got to get something before my nerve drops off.
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