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24/06/2006 at 06:08
early shifts on a weekend...actually...any shift on a weekend. :[
24/06/2006 at 06:32
Sam. said:

"getting asked for ID

I *know* it's their job but I'm nearly 30 ffs!"

Now this is definitely NOT something that makes me go "Grrrrrr!!!" Nowadays, I'm flattered if anyone asks for my ID. :-)

24/06/2006 at 07:05
if anybody asked me for my ID -I'd sh*g 'em:oD
24/06/2006 at 07:39
go one asks for ID...though there is sometimes sniggering <melodramaticswoonofdespair>.
24/06/2006 at 10:07
When you're out running and a car stops and asks you for directions !

You're usually shattered and haven't the energy or mental capacity to think about where anywhere is, apart from where your run finishes.

Sports shop assistants trying to bull you into buying shoes that are so obviously unsuitable for you.

Assistant: Have you done much running sir ?

Me : Yeah, only run for about 23 years though !

I then watch them try and squirm out of that one, it's priceless !

Actually I might just try that one again soon.

24/06/2006 at 10:54
Satsumas with a squashy patch in them.

Jack russells [and their owners]

Racey motorbikes that don't seem to have to follow the same road laws as all other vehicles.

Unfit colleagues who belittle my running because they are thin [and unfit] while I am fat [and fit].

Chavs leaning on my garden wall to sort out their ridiculous handbags.





Sorry, getting a bit fixated now.
Dark Vader    pirate
24/06/2006 at 11:04
"Racey motorbikes that don't seem to have to follow the same road laws as all other vehicles"

This is so true :)

I think its official....

24/06/2006 at 12:51
actually, find the noise those two-stroke scooters make way more annoying.

Dark Vader    pirate
24/06/2006 at 13:26
scooters are hairdryers on wheels...

24/06/2006 at 13:31
Peeps who stretch the page so it doesn't fit on your computer screen:))))
24/06/2006 at 13:50
I know it makes me the worst type of anal retentive, but I get really wound up by people who can't spell simple words. I find it even more irritating if they just put in a different word.
Loose - Lose
Past - Passed

Oh, and text speak. What is that all about? I can understand it if you have text message of 160 characters, but on internet chat rooms...

Golf. Why? If you want a walk, have one. If you want to hit balls with a stick then take up baseball or hockey (or go to a specialist nightclub). And it means that Britain now seems to be covered with swathes of countryside in this stupid stripey pattern with little flags everywhere, then narkey people with no friends (just gloating buddies) can look at me in this supercilious/disgusted way when I try to get to somewhere nice through their precious piece of sanitized countryside.

People who think it's a great idea to snap pieces off my car when they are on their way home from the pub. If I could find out who has broken my wing mirrors on any of the four occasions they've been broken while I've been in bed I would smash everything they own with a very big hammer. And I would happily give up the two hubcaps I've had stolen if I could play frisbee with them at the thief's face. And whoever dented my car by kicking it - I'm still trying to hunt you down. I know your shoe print and size.
24/06/2006 at 15:44
A multibag of crisps with one packet sealed into the seam.
Octegenarians who feel the need to join the work-goers traffic jam.
People who join the queue from the wrong direction and then look beseechingly / menacingly at you so that they get their own way.
People who open their car doors wide enough to bang the car next to them. Especially when I'm still sitting in my car and they just gawp at me as though it doesn't matter. It bl**dy does to me.
Children [and their parents] who unwrap a sweetie and drop the rubbish.
Oh I could go on and on and on.
Better go and find something more positive to do!!!!!
24/06/2006 at 18:14
Mothers with pushcairs/prams who blindly walk out into the road without a care in the world ... obviously not thinking that their precious little bundle will be hot by the car first!
24/06/2006 at 18:14
They might even be hit by the car
24/06/2006 at 18:25
one of my mates, who's 42, does the text speal thing...l8r etc...f%^king loser...sort it out...and I have told him this in real life, too...with more invective.
24/06/2006 at 19:10
grrls make me go <grrrrrr>. :]
24/06/2006 at 22:14
Mothers & prams- I think they have sort of an extra insctinct built in because of the extension of themselves with them!
eM.milou    pirate
24/06/2006 at 22:57
Numb nuts who have random MASSIVE firework displays in the road opposite for no reason and right now this minute. Save them for November I was going to go to bed!!
24/06/2006 at 23:05
I can hear them as well. Must be enormous, you in Lancs and me in Newport.

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