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08/09/2010 at 17:18

ANTB - Don't feed the troll!! I tell you what though he/she is good at it and this is the perfect thread for it, surpised we've not had more comments like that on here!

08/09/2010 at 17:55

Dear FatWoman with your FatKids

May I remind you that it is illegal to park with all four wheels of your oversized FatMobile on the pavement. I realise that having to waddle more than 5 yards to the door of the cream cake shop is far too taxing and the double yellow lines mean that you can't park on the road. However, the pavement is now completely blocked and everyone else now has to step out into the traffic to get past.

Lee the Pea    pirate
08/09/2010 at 18:03

...feed me instead ANTB, i'm hungry and still have the commute home to get through

*stomach rumbles loudly*

I could murder a sausage right now (sarnie that is ) mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I'm all ranted out   Oh no wait, i've just thought of something...

Dear Government,

why oh why oh why do we have to pay extortionate amounts of money for the Pope to pay a visit????  Do slightly guff roads really need to be tarmac'd for him to drive over?  I don't think he'll be that bothered.  Should his followers be asked to pay money to hear him give mass?  NO!!! What a con.  I thought religion was supposed to be free?  I'm sure Gandhi wouldn't have charged.  If he can't come and do a mass for free, then he can bugger off (though i'm not Catholic, so i'm not fussed anyway).

Yours rather Insincerely


p.s. I do not expect to be struck down by lighting for slagging off the Pope, but then again, who knows... *puts on rubber soled boots just in case...* 

08/09/2010 at 18:16
Lee the Pea wrote (see)

why oh why oh why do we have to pay extortionate amounts of money for the Pope to pay a visit????  Do slightly guff roads really need to be tarmac'd for him to drive over? 

I live near the stretch of road in Edinburgh that was specially resurfaced for his visit and it's hilarious - they've literally done less than 100m, outside the house he's visiting, and there are still huge potholes in the roads at either end. So unless the Popemobile is going to hover up the road (which, frankly, I would pay to see), it''s not going to help much!
08/09/2010 at 18:17

Trouble is if you make being homeless comfortable enough people will decide to do it as a lifestyle choice. Do people force drugs on these people? And the people who get paid to work with them will of course want to keep the gravy train rolling. In years to come i will be prooved right just like i have said about the charity fat cats who have used runners for years to fund their salaries. Wait for Dispatches to out them or believe me now folks- of course you wont!!

08/09/2010 at 18:20
Should be a special page for the JW's of the world to go and slowly die of being boring middle class farts
08/09/2010 at 18:51
NLR if you would like a proper discussion about homelessness, charity fundraising and any relationship between the two then I am happy to have a discussion offline about it. Just message me through the forum. Homelessness is rarely, if ever, a lifestyle choice. Yes, many homeless people do appear to be drink and drug ab/users but there are many reasons for that.
08/09/2010 at 20:00
JWrun wrote (see)

Dear colleague, you are 31 years of age would you STOP speaking in that hideous baby voice? You only put it on when you want something (usually food) and it is intensely annoying, instead of trying to be cute all the time why don't you learn to do your job properly then people might not bitch about you so much.

Your mood swings are also INSANE and you are possibly the most unprofessional person I have ever met.


That made me laugh my head off!
Lee the Pea    pirate
08/09/2010 at 20:13
How funny Rodent!! I would also pay to watch the Popemobile hover!!!!!!! Is it especially mean to hope the car tyre bursts after bouncing out a pot hole at the end?? Mwah ha ha ha ha.

NLR, the running stuff is always debatable, but thinking homelessness is a lifestyle choice is totally fecking bonkers, and smacks of just trying to provoke an argument. If you worked with or had anything at all to do with people who may live on the fringes of society for one reason or another, you might not be so disparaging. Yeah, some people do make mistakes, and do things they shouldn't (lets face it, who doesn't at some point in their life?), but getting to that stage is not desirable, and if it is, then what kind of hell must one be running from to choose to be homeless?
08/09/2010 at 20:20

Diversity in the workplace  was invented by workshy social workers as an excuse to get out of doing any proper or worthwhile work

The probation service doesn't work and they should be forced to move next door to  all the little shi** that they look after.

08/09/2010 at 20:22

NLR -Homeless as a lifestyle choice!? You ever been there? I like ANTB have worked with the homeless and been so myself. Then you go on about boring middle class farts! OK , they get on my tits too. But the homeless    comment? -well ,  how boring, middle class (of Daily Mail variety ) and fartish is that?

Edited: 08/09/2010 at 20:24
08/09/2010 at 22:23

Dear people who think designing jeans with a 32 leg as standard is a good idea

 its not

 Ive got a 30 inside leg at best.

 I know I should be tall and skinny but Im not Im short and skinny so when you put jeans in your shops with a 30 or even a 29 leg they start at a 36 waist

 it aint funny.

08/09/2010 at 23:56

Try M&S, Goldbeetle

I do wish I'd popped back in here before responding to NLR on the Reading Groups  thread. If I had, I would have saved my breath. Silly people like him are really not worth expending  pecious (sic) time over.

Edited: 09/09/2010 at 00:00
09/09/2010 at 00:11
Yes, much better not to respond
09/09/2010 at 00:14
09/09/2010 at 00:51
I've got two firsts - and I spent loads of time in the pub... revising? pah... revising's for numb nuts

(Last marathon I did took me the best part of four hours though... perhaps I should have trained less?)
09/09/2010 at 09:56
Dear charity bag collector

No - I do not want your charity bag, nor do I want the other four that I've had through my door this week.  Don't tell me that you'll collect the empty ones, I've watched the vans drive up and down the road, only stopping for full bags.

I've also worked for charities and putting bags through my door only guarantees that I won't donate to your shops,

I use the empty bags instead to collect cat poo from my front lawn as I don't want that either.

Heavens knows why the supermarkets are trying so hard to cut the use of plastic bags when the charity sector is doing its best to increase it.

09/09/2010 at 09:56

Dear relative

I know you aren't going to offer to help with the cost of me getting to my interview next week and even if you do you will ask that I pay you back completely ignoring the fact that you owe me the cost of the fare to London times 10 for trains and times 20 for the coach.  All from the time you stayed in the spare room and didn't pay towards the running of the house even when you were earning £100 a week more than me and the rest of the time we were earning the same.  Except whilst I was paying things like TV licence and telephone line and you were paying - oh  let me think nothing and of course there is that food you helped yourself to when you had spent all of your money on over priced junk from the spar rather than walk 10 mins into town.

Aren't you worried that one day people are going to wake up and realise that most of what goes wrong in your life is your own doing - I know mine is, thing is I except that and deal with the consequences rather than blame anyone but myself and get the world and its uncle to bail me out  

09/09/2010 at 10:21
Dear mad deluded journalist - I didn't respond to your stupid query this time because it was probably the 10th time you've made similar time consuming requests from me this year. Usually, I would help but all I get is hassle and nothing else. Also, get email, seriously, it will help
09/09/2010 at 10:57
Thnk I will be sadly missed on here today
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