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27/04/2013 at 18:23


27/04/2013 at 21:36
Womble wrote (see)


Give us a clue Womble...

27/04/2013 at 23:54

AFC Wimbledon stay in League  Two  having needed to win to do it.

28/04/2013 at 14:24

Ooh, result then

28/04/2013 at 17:54

Woohoo indeed, Womble. I don't really follow footie much but always please to hear that they have won.

28/04/2013 at 17:56

Dear people of Colchester if someone jogging past you on a fine sunny morning wishes you a cheery "Good morning" it not only takes more effort to pretend you can neither hear or see me but makes you look like a right ignorant c%@t.

28/04/2013 at 17:58

That's Colchester for you oirisheyes.  There's a reason why I moved away

28/04/2013 at 18:10
Womble wrote (see)

AFC Wimbledon stay in League  Two  having needed to win to do it.

You can see clearly on the TV footage, a large womble invading the pitch at the end.

28/04/2013 at 22:36

Not me, obviously, being a small, well-behaved womble 

29/04/2013 at 08:29
oirisheyes wrote (see)

Dear people of Colchester if someone jogging past you on a fine sunny morning wishes you a cheery "Good morning" it not only takes more effort to pretend you can neither hear or see me but makes you look like a right ignorant c%@t.

I once jogged past a solitary runner one cold Christmas Eve on the canal towpath. Full of the festive spirit and feeling like he and I were the ony two people in the world out running I said "morning" and he ignored me.

I sincerely hope he choked on his sprouts!


Dear Screamapillar -  you entered the ballot again didn't you? Don't you remember what happened to your toes last time? And the time before?

Edited: 29/04/2013 at 08:30
29/04/2013 at 08:54

Dear Mr Real Estate Agents A & B,

You have told us lie after lie and you know it. I'm sorry but lying and telling me what you think I want to hear will only go so far. We've been waiting 8 months for this house - and I'm not even sure what the real issue is. In the meantime, we have been paying through our noses for the privilege of commuting 4 hours a day everyday and living out of suitcases.

Because of you incompetent, lying, wheeling dealing lot, we have been unable to move on with our lives, relying on the kindness of family and friends because you keep promising us exchange of contracts is "imminent", As a result of your false promises, we haven't been able to just look for somewhere to rent for 6 months. I'm sick of moving and I'm bl**dy sick of your faces.

And I'm totally, completely sick and tired of my job. The only things that keeps me here are the money and that I am entitled to use my 1 hour lunch break to go for a run. If not, I'd have either left the company or gone mad by now. You pretentious, backstabbing, gossipy lot.




30/04/2013 at 13:41

After reading the report in the Telegraph this lunchtime I wish only bad things for Mark Bridger

Edited: 30/04/2013 at 13:44
30/04/2013 at 21:53

What to do???

I ordered something over the internet (wallpaper to be precise) a few months ago, and a friend in the US agreed to send it on to me in Canada as the seller wouldn't ship outside the US.

Friend has yet to send the wallpaper on to me despite my having sent him the money - 4 months ago now.

I have sent him friendly reminders, newsy emails, and now he isn't responding at all.


30/04/2013 at 23:02

Jungle chicken, phone them? or go on a road trip and turn up at their house? How good a friend are they? pretty poor behaviour. Sounds a bit like they lost the wall paper and don't want to admit it.

30/04/2013 at 23:17

Catalin Bond - I am beginning to think they have either used it for themselves, sold it, pawned it...... any number of possibilities.

WISH I had never asked him now - totally bloody unreliable. 

30/04/2013 at 23:34

It would be suspicious if you ever visit them and think, hmmmm I'm sure I've seen that wallpaper somewhere before!

It may just be that they're avoiding you cos they feel guilty that they've not sent it yet. But if that's the case, surely the easiest fix would be to just send it to you! Feel your pain, is annoying when it's a friend who's let you down.

30/04/2013 at 23:37

What makes it worse is that its vintage girlie wallpaper which I fell for instantly and I have plans for it.  Can't see why its so difficult to get to a bloody post office, I sent him the money for Gods sakes.... GRRRRR!

01/05/2013 at 09:04

Dear Buteyko people - a big big thank you. I'd not seen my wife smile like that, so free from stress, for far too many years. She may be struggling with the exercises and getting to the level that you're expecting, but please don't let up on pushing her. I have serious hopes that this will work.

01/05/2013 at 15:03

Yes, he has definitely been ignoring me....

01/05/2013 at 16:39

If they can't be arsed to send it to you can you suggest that they give it to the next person they know who's visiting the UK - there's bound to be someone? It might mean going out of your way to pick it up but I guess it depends how much you want it.

I think you need to cross this person off your friend list though Junglechicken, if they can't be bothered to send on something that doesn't belong to them they're untrustworthy and not worth having as a mate.

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