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25/07/2013 at 09:04

No, I don't need to "eat a bit more". This is what people are meant to look like.

You are fat.

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25/07/2013 at 10:07
andrews148 wrote (see)

No, I don't need to "eat a bit more". This is what people are meant to look like.

You are fat.

I have yearned to say that to some people 

25/07/2013 at 10:12
Wilkie wrote (see)
andrews148 wrote (see)

No, I don't need to "eat a bit more". This is what people are meant to look like.

You are fat.

I have yearned to say that to some people 


And me! In my job though it would be frowned upon...

Cake    pirate
25/07/2013 at 10:21


Dear cyclist I understand your thinking about not wearing a helmet because it might mess up your hair but disagree that it’s a good idea. I also understand but disagree with you just ignoring the red lights. Yes they are an inconvenience but then again so are the big metal things that are on the road if they hit you. If one had the good news is that you probably wouldn’t have had to worry about the broken leg or angle it would have caused because when your head hit the pavement it would get smacked open killing you maybe. Then all those hours you must have spent shampooing your hair wouldn’t save you.

Also that third red light you went pass lend onto something called a tram track. It has very big metal things on it weighing at least 10 tons I believe. If one had been coming your whole body would be roughly the same width as your hair.

Please please ever spend some time reading something called the high way code and get some road sense or never get on a bike again or you’re going to get killed. A very selfish way to go as it will probably give the driver who hits you nightmares for something that won’t be there fault and it was horrible being behind you watching you being so stupid. Even though I was stopping for the red lights I was just as quick as I didn’t have to get shouted at by car driver’s so what’s the rush?

25/07/2013 at 12:05

Dear M&S, if you can't put the soy sauce in the sushi into the little bottle then don't bother to include it at all - WTF am I supposed to do with a big, runny sachet of the stuff?

25/07/2013 at 21:57

How DARE you tell me to bring my Cub aged child to Beavers so that I can continue doing something I don't enjoy in the first place? for how long?  Until he's a scout? until I put you back in your comfort zone by behaving like a nice normal heterosexual female and getting myself a new man to babysit him WHICH IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN?  Get this into your heads I don't WANT to be a Beaver Leader and just because I've put myself forward and done the damn job and done it damn well for nearly two years does not give you  the right to tell me I should continue doing it if I don't want to. Go and pester the parents who've never lifted a finger to help and scuttle back down the drive the minute they see there's a leader of some sort in the hall and GIVE ME MY LIFE BACK!!!  I AM SELFISH AND LAZY, OK? LEAVE ME ALONE!

And now I've upset the cat.  How many more un-scouting related forums can I find to post this on?

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Cheerful Dave    pirate
26/07/2013 at 13:58

You could always go on the scouting forums and tell them you're a single parent.  They might spontaneously combust.

26/07/2013 at 14:47

Please can you deposit my late husband pay into my bank account and provide me with a pay slip so that I can complete his tax form.

26/07/2013 at 22:31

So I'll just wait til monday... or tuesday then shall I?

26/07/2013 at 22:33

Get a frigging move on!  I'm getting bored watching and wondering what is happening

26/07/2013 at 22:51

Ooo, that worked.  We have movement!

27/07/2013 at 00:00
Someone today told me some of my running was "junk miles". I don't race. I just like running. Getting out and seeing stuff like swallows, streams, and Hasidic Jews in unusual places. Some people do need to stop repeating every technical buzz phrase they hear and just go f*ck themselves.
27/07/2013 at 07:03

Junk miles are done in a car.

28/07/2013 at 21:49

You stupid bitch, you left the sunroof open on the car and now both front seats are saturated from the downpour.  Great.  tomorrow I drive to work sitting on a bin bag. 

stupid Miffi.

28/07/2013 at 23:07

If you want me to help you then I am more than happy to do so. But don't have a go at me when I suggest something that you think you can't do without even trying to do it. Remember, I'm on your side

28/07/2013 at 23:32

No! Brown nylon tights are not the same as leggings and should not be worn with a large T shirt as a substitute for a mini dress as it barely reaches what one might laughingly call your 'waist' although 'equator' might be nearer the mark. Wearing white parachute pants under this ensemble does not excuse you. If you were under thirty this might be a mere fashion faux pas, but you appear to be well over forty and have a figure that looks like two sacks of shite stuffed into one sack. The hot weather is no excuse, there is a perfectly fine river beneath the bridge round the corner; kindly jump in it and do us all a favour you fat, ugly, detestable, old looney.

28/07/2013 at 23:52

Dear lardy hiker,

You chose to direct a disparaging glance at me and snorted as I jogged past you. Possibly the fact that you were equipped with a heavy flannel shirt, big hat, thick cargo pants (with cargo), walloping great haversack, slung low enough to rest on your considerable arse and a pair of big, brown, leather boots, the like of which I last saw worn by a fellow attempting the north face of the Eiger, made you feel a bit of a 'nana in heat of well over thirty degrees and high humidity as you set off on your expedition to find me running back from your probable destination wearing shorts, huaraches and a tan.

Just to let you know that I go about like that becase F\/(!{ YOU!, that's why.

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29/07/2013 at 00:11

Well, what a charmer you are.

29/07/2013 at 00:33


Recycling is when you take stuff and put it in a recycling bin or skip. I you leave it in the corridor and leave the house for four days it is an eyesore. Putting a note on top which says 'for recycling' is not the same as doing something about it. The recycling bin is between here and the coffee shop where you purchase takeaway coffe in cups which you save, put into bags and leave in the corridor 'for recycling'.

29/07/2013 at 20:42

Thats so typical, you don't give a s**t about anyone else, or that our priorities may be different to yours. 

Same ole, same ole..... this is the BIGGEST ball and chain and I wish it could end once and for all.

Guaranteed you'll just sit on this for months because you're ok.  You always are, as you've always landed with your bum in the butter.

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