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03/08/2013 at 11:00

Can I have a moment to be shocked by that conversation?  It's not that I'm not ok with you being gay, it's just that I had no idea, and therefore the very close relationship that we had is not entirely as I thought it was, and I'm a little perturbed that you didn't feel the need to tell me this (clearly very important to you) information before. 

03/08/2013 at 11:28

Thank you for stopping on a hugely busy road, to let your passenger get out of the car and walk the 1 metre to the convinience shop to buy your evenings snacks of crisps, pies and tubs of lard. 

All the cars that were stuck behind you were all really grateful we had to pull out to another busy lane to keep moving. We also appreciate that you waited  for your passenger to purchase their products. I suppose it would have been unaceptable for you to drive an extra 5 metres and turn into a quiet road where you would have no impact on the traffic.

But hey, you dont maintain that physique by walking more then 1 metre a day 

(Just found that sooo rude!)

03/08/2013 at 15:31

Mouse - good for you!  Wonderful to be surrounded by your own land for some privacy and other ventures.  Hope you find the right thing soon 

03/08/2013 at 19:12

So, you think that shouting 'shut up' at your dog is actually going to work? One would have thought that the experience over the last 2 weeks would have told you that it doesn't.

05/08/2013 at 11:42

Dear Temp,

You are a nice bloke and very enthusiastic but you really don't know what you're doing and it is taking up my precious time having to keep asking you to correct things.

I'll be more than pleased when the proper person comes back and can get it right first time.

05/08/2013 at 13:07

It's becoming increasingly difficult to talk to you since you refuse to communicate with me at all.  But hey, don't worry, it's only our relationship and you think you've got me for life.

06/08/2013 at 07:35

ah welcome back cartoon socks man in the gym changing room.
I see you are offsetting them today with sonic the hedgehog y-fronts.

Edited: 06/08/2013 at 07:35
06/08/2013 at 08:27

Dustin - we need a photo!

Dear Aussies: much as I am glad we retained the Ashes you should have won yesterday and I'm sorry the weather meant you didn't.

The next test is going to be a bit boring now 

06/08/2013 at 09:30

Stop sticking your nose in other people's business and do your own bloody work, no one even asked you!!! GRRR!

06/08/2013 at 09:58

What a great day to be working for a charity on the team that answers all those tricky questions from members of the public........

Cake    pirate
06/08/2013 at 12:12

No I'm not in a bad mood your just being a d*ck. If you don't want us to help you we are move than happy to sit back and watch your staff kick off. I can even get some pop corn.

06/08/2013 at 12:38

So you were just about to pop a letter in the post, how long ago was that? Good job no one was dying... no wait!

06/08/2013 at 17:08

Thanks for not bothering to write your memoirs which was supposed to be our wedding gift (as we discussed).  Its been a year now, you're not busy and we were married 4 years ago.  You've done a lot of things during your lifetime, and if you don't capture them, they will be lost forever.

06/08/2013 at 20:39

Actually, no.  This isn't being swept under the rug just because you want to pretend it never happened.

07/08/2013 at 08:17

Dear obese guy,

When the woman has to stop cleaning the vending machine and lock it so that you can use it, that really should be a sign that you're in trouble. Big, fat trouble.

07/08/2013 at 09:43

Would it be inappropripate to point out to you all that the design should have been approved before buying any parts or even sending documents.  I have explained this to you numpties that we can not do our work correctly until it is approved.

One of you highly paid folk should grow a set of balls and make a decision. 

You bunch of cock wombles.

07/08/2013 at 15:43

To the scrote who put my front door in and made off with various things.

CID have a fingerprint match.  You're going to get nicked.

07/08/2013 at 15:46

FeFe - what a coup! Just when they thought they had got off lightly too..... now they are in for a treat.

Trogs    pirate
07/08/2013 at 17:28
FerrousFerret wrote (see)

To the scrote who put my front door in and made off with various things.

CID have a fingerprint match.  You're going to get nicked.


08/08/2013 at 08:28

1. Dear friend,

No, it is not "going to be a bind" meeting you for coffee - but as I said I can't stay for a whole hour, thats' all. I've got too much on at work. 


2. So I email you to see if you can ship to the UK. You say, "yes we can" and that's all you say.

Since the website doesn't have that functionality it would have been useful to know how. If you can't be bothered to tell me I don't think I can be bothered to find out.


Edited: 08/08/2013 at 08:36
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