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12/12/2011 at 10:01
Oh good a select little group watching live on Saturday

Will Nancy and the others really come back? Do they have to? Everyone will go OTT about Russell again ... and I bet they have him doing something spectacular *sigh* He is a nice enough bloke, but all the fuss about What he did got on my nerves!

I'll still watch though
Edited: 12/12/2011 at 10:01
12/12/2011 at 10:30

Did they run out of material for Kristina's outfits?! I think it's a cunning ploy to distract from the faces that Jason is pulling when he's dancing. My husband said he didn't see Jason at all .

I'm not going to see the final live either as my Mum has the cheek to have her 60th birthday party at the same time. Bah.

12/12/2011 at 10:45

" Chelsee is dancing really well but she just winds me up. They all treat her like a kid, probably because she acts like one but she's 22 or 23 I think, certainly not 16."

I totally agree, I feel mean about it, but I really can't bring myself to like her. Mind you, Harry and Jason don't light my fire either! The good thing about that is that I am happy to see the best dancer win, as I have no particular favourite.

We don't usually have much of a social life, it is typical that we have been invited out this of all weeks .

13/12/2011 at 09:42

The right result at the weekend, I think but I can't say I agree that Chelseeeee's Paso was worth 40. she had probelms with the fan at the start, I don't think she really commanded the dance and there were times when I thought she was ahead of Pasha, a bit like she was rushing through it.

Harry's Charleston and Vienesse Waltz were brilliant and worth a perfect score (take note Craig). And Kristina came up trumps with the choreography for the AT.

Looking forward to Saturday. I wouldn't put money on the result but I reckon Harry has the best chance, so long as Aliona doesn't go bonkers with the choreography.

13/12/2011 at 09:52

I still miss Holly and Artem!

I hope she carries on with either the AT or the Paso like she said in her interview.

I hope we get some really good showdances this year, last year's were a bit ropy!

13/12/2011 at 17:51
The thing is they have the show dance champions? on the week before to show how it is 'supposed' to be done and I think the pro's maybe feel they have to do some of that sort of stuff? I wold hazard a guess that 99% of the viewers prefer the Darren/Jill or Tom/Camilla type routine, I know I certainly do!
13/12/2011 at 18:01
Absolutely, TopSec, I don't want to see too much acrobatics and gymnastics. Those sort of show dances leave me cold and so often go wrong (shivers at the memory of the bacofoil nightmare)
13/12/2011 at 18:11
Don't mention the bacofoil
iron fraggle    pirate
13/12/2011 at 21:43

oh go on then.........

13/12/2011 at 21:44


I can't look.

Norty fraggle

13/12/2011 at 21:50
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh..........I watched it
13/12/2011 at 23:15

Agreed. Tom's Showdance was the best ever. I remember as soon as he finished saying "well he's just won the competition no debate". Of course it wasn't just Tom, Camilla cherographed it brilliantly to suit his style. A bit Hollywood and I suspect Kristina will do something similar with Jason to play to his strengths.

If the showdances are samey then the other ones will perhaps count and I saw tonight that Chelsee has the Rumba on Saturday. I don't particularly like her but I do feel sorry for her getting that in the final. OK lots worse for the male celebrity but even so.

Plus her relationship with Pasha is more brother and sister. Kara last near was getting it on with Artem and Rachel Stevens was just sexy. So getting Rumba in the final isn't great although if she does a great showdance it might overshadow it. Assuming she gets to do it as usually they have eliminated one couple by then.

14/12/2011 at 03:05
Agree BtB, getting rumba is not ideal but hopefully she will nail it. Just seen the lovely Katya talking about it

Pro's will do well to listen to what Karen said tonight about showdance - wow the crowd - great music and great moves, it's not aerobics she said!!!!!!
14/12/2011 at 09:22

I agree about Tom's showdance - absolutely choreographed on him. And then played to the crowd in the right sort of way. I was disappointed last year with Kara's - considering all that she'd done before  - and given the romance factor - I was surpised Artem went down the route he did. I thought she was equisite  and didn't need to see her doing cartwheels and being thrown about to prove she was a fabulous dancer.

I saw her on stage this year in Pygmalion. In her 'duchess'  phase she moved quite beautifully, and managed the voice to match. I think our Chelseeeeeeee would be a little more challenged!

Edited: 14/12/2011 at 09:24
14/12/2011 at 11:34

They've changed the order BTB so I think we'll see all the couples do their showdance before the first elimination like last year.

It sounds like Pasha will be choreographing something "disco" for Chelsee which I suppose will be a good contrast to the dreaded rumba.

Kristina should definitely do something Hollywood or Theatrical for Jason.

Aliona - who knows? She's calmed down a bit with her last few dances, maybe she's about to go full-out crazy with the showdance!

I agree with Karen saying that if the pros have already used up all their tricks it can be difficult to do a good showdance *coughARTEMcough*

14/12/2011 at 14:50

Disco - 70s not sure about that. Will depends what he actually does. Probably a high energy, Jive based dance I suspect.

I heard Karen Hardy's comment as well about high energy. Probably right but something dramatic can work i.e. a good sultry Argentine Tango with Attitude. More staccato but if played right could work. She did also say to incorporate steps from many of the dances and I think that is right to mix it up a bit and show skill in various areas. Of course you can't include all of them as the dances are so different although a fast start with perhaps a romantic interlude and then a high energy finish can work. Stop siniggering I AM still talking about dancing

Interesting if they do the showdance first.. Actually you're right they did do that last year Nemo and I had forgotten. I think in a way that is good because it does give them all a chance to showcase their dance. In a way though it means that once down to the final two the other standard dances count for more. Which brings the pressure back on the Rumba. Really might not do Chelsee any favours.

 Agree that Kara's showdance last year was ruined by too many lifts and not enough dancing. Two or perhaps three good lifts will have more impact in a dance than following an acrobatic routine.

 Back to Tom Chambers again. It was absolutely pitched perfectly.

You know what I think at this stage the pressure is as much on the professionals as the celebrities. They havre to be good teachers all the way through and choreography has an impact but to some extent the good celebrities still shine through.

Once you get to the showdance, the choreography is vital and all down to the pro... Pressure.

Taking risks can work but can also destroy all chances. Good as Darren Gough was, Colin Jackson was the star of that series BUT he, or rather Erin, took a huge risk to do a routine that enabled him to dance effectively by himself and it bombed. He was the better dancer but lost the competition (rightly so on the night)

14/12/2011 at 15:01

Everything about Kara's showdance was wrong for me. I hated the music, the routine, the costumes, the fact it broke Kara...

I think Artem took a gamble and made it a contrast to their other dances, the rumba, waltz and AS. Maybe he felt they needed something upbeat and acrobatic to show a different side? He was lucky that Matt's dance was equally bizarre and that Pamela's was a bit boring.

I wonder if Aliona has an advantage in that she's already done a showdance. Maybe now she knows what NOT to do?

14/12/2011 at 15:16

Anyone know which dances Harry is doing in the final?

I haven't been able to watch ITT this week ...

14/12/2011 at 16:07
Sorry xine, don't know, maybe is he on ITT tonight?

I can't remember all the show dances but I seem to remember Chris & Ola's wasn't great but he already had it in the bag by then with the fabulous charleston. I won't mention the one shown above I think they were out by that part of the show anyway weren't they? Brendan just wanted to show off his ready wrapped turkey?

T&C's I absolutely loved and those of you that don't remember google Jill & Darrens, perfect mix of moves and speed, not a great deal of lifting and brilliantly choreographed to a great track. Just rewatched it whilst typing this and it reminded me of how much I loved that partnership
14/12/2011 at 16:09
Forgot to say that as much as 'Bacofoil' was an OMG moment, it wasn't half as bad as Colin & Erin, I was practically in tears watching it thinking "Erin, what the hell have you done?!"
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