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11/02/2007 at 20:50
How funny:-))))))))))
11/02/2007 at 20:52
Best comedy I've seen for ages
M...eldy    pirate
11/02/2007 at 20:53
its repeated during the week but I forget which day
11/02/2007 at 20:53
KK you fool
11/02/2007 at 21:19
KK you have to watch the repeat even if only to see the sex god Hamster in a stetson and sunnies!!! ;o)
11/02/2007 at 21:20
Brilliant TV..... particularly the bit with the locals throwing rocks. James looked genuinely terrified :-D
11/02/2007 at 21:37
Wednesday at 7
11/02/2007 at 21:38
The Hamster remains a teeny-tiny s*x God.

Excellent programme, enjoyed it from start to finish.
11/02/2007 at 21:38
Wednesday 7pm
Dark Vader    pirate
11/02/2007 at 21:53
That was a brilliant episode :)

11/02/2007 at 22:55
Brilliant !! Hilarious !!
And I'm sure the gas station was NOT a set up !!
12/02/2007 at 09:20
Sums up the Americans in a nutshell    pirate
12/02/2007 at 09:23
The Hamster has definitely aged, but then you would I guess.

It was an hilarious show, but sobering on two fronts I thought - the situation with the rednecks seemed more serious than we were being showed, I felt, and the point made by Jeremy that New Orleans is still in such a state of choas. I couldn't help but wonder if the same thing had happened in a "rich white" state whether the chaos would be allowed to continue...
12/02/2007 at 12:11
The New Orleans thing came to mind for me too, and I almost felt that Richard Hammond came closer to death on the prgramme than in his crash -

what was frightening though was in the country that proclaims to be the 'Land of the Free' that there is so much bigotry and predudice.
12/02/2007 at 12:25
Do you really think the garage was a set-up - I'm in two minds?

The incident with the roadkill was funny, for anyone that hasn't seen it I won't go into too much detail but I would imagine the animal rights people would be up in arms with they way they removed the second animal from the vehicle :))

Yes, New Orleans did make you think.

Very funny programme though - may watch it again on repeat
12/02/2007 at 12:28
Yet another classic from the Top Gear team. Dont think they've ever made a bad show.

Repeat viewing is a must.
12/02/2007 at 12:44
Always thought Clarkson was a P£!t but I get it much more now.

Have to say I laughed through the whole thing last night. Never really wanted to go to American, this re-confirmed why.

I was sure the Service station was a set-up but the more it went on the more I wondered and maybe it wasn't.

The cow and fat stig were just hilarious.

New Orleans definitely sobering although the Chevy was at least more habitable than some of the houses even if it wouldn't go !!
12/02/2007 at 12:54
excellent viewing!!
12/02/2007 at 12:59
I watched Top Gear for the first time in ages last night (well the last half anyway) and really enjoyed it! Funniest tv I,ve seen in ages (apart from Shameless).
I will be adding this to my Sunday night viewing!

On a more serious note though, some interesting points about American attitudes in the Deep South there.....

And I agree he did look particularly nice in the stetson :-)
12/02/2007 at 13:04
I loved it too (and not just for cutie hamster looking hot in his cowbay hat).

Jeremy's car shower was fab - surely not for real though?!

Makes me want to do a road trip.
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