what body part are you proud of?

makes a change from criticism.

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06/05/2007 at 18:24
my left ear
06/05/2007 at 18:25
My joints. They work very effectively for such an old dinosaur.
06/05/2007 at 19:32
My eyes are very dark blue, I like them. Like my hair too and I've got nice long finger.
06/05/2007 at 19:39
me too mints -I can post me teeth to you to compare;O)
06/05/2007 at 19:39
me too mints -I can post me teeth to you to compare;O)
06/05/2007 at 19:40
both sets:O)
06/05/2007 at 21:33
my womb!!

its where miracles are made!
06/05/2007 at 21:35

well said MO3
although i have to say mine wasn't that efficient at getting them out
it still managed to grow 3 lovely boys

06/05/2007 at 21:44
assistance needed too BUT they got out one way or the other and are all happy and healthy sprogs and thats whats important and what makes me most proud!

my wobbly bits....well thats a less proud other story!
06/05/2007 at 22:07
This is an anagram of my favourite part of my body.


My spine - what else ?
06/05/2007 at 22:08
my feet!

[wiggles toes prettily]
06/05/2007 at 22:13
Absolutely none of it.....
06/05/2007 at 22:15
nose & mouth.
07/05/2007 at 08:08
eyes..... apparently mirror images of Daniel Craig's (not my own opinion, but you get the idea)
07/05/2007 at 17:06
My Legs - for getting me my sub 3:30 marathon
07/05/2007 at 17:17



I have been told I have a lovely smile. :o)
07/05/2007 at 18:36
Is that after they look back up from your boobs Nessie? ;-)

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