What do you like the smell of?

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26/08/2011 at 13:17

I've always liked the smell of new lego®.

Other things I like the smell of (in no particular order):
the smell of coffee from a freshly opened pack
the smell of the inside of a cigarrete box (I don't smoke)
the smell of freshly cut grass
the smell of clean clothes

26/08/2011 at 13:20

What's your name - Don Minquez??

Pipe smoke

26/08/2011 at 13:22

Really love:

- freshly ground coffee
- freshly baked bread
- cut grass and hay

Also like:

- vanilla
- lavender

26/08/2011 at 13:25

I like strong smells as I suffer from nasal polyps, but that's another thread in itself just going in to that!

I wouldn't go as far as saying I liked the smell of my own farts, but wouldn't say they replused me either - is that weird, am I alone? (Probably would be if I farted!)

26/08/2011 at 13:27
Peanut butter
Marker pens
26/08/2011 at 13:29
Napalm in the mornings ................ sorry, someone had to say it
26/08/2011 at 13:29


26/08/2011 at 13:32

Ooh yes, Tigerlily, I love sweetpeas too.

And lavender and roses.


Fresh coffee, and hot chocolate, although I don't like the taste.

Tobacco (not lit).


Old fashioned wool blankets just off the washing line.

Damp autumn leaves.

26/08/2011 at 13:35

tar (as in the stuff that used to get put on roads)
4 star petrol - still know where it's sold.

honey suckle

red wine

marker pens


26/08/2011 at 13:40

I forgot one - pastis!

(and no, I don't mean pasties!)

Edited: 26/08/2011 at 13:41
26/08/2011 at 13:42
New books
26/08/2011 at 13:45
Freshly printed ink in a new magazine
Pencil sharpenings
Post it note pads, fresh out of their little cellophane wrapping
26/08/2011 at 13:45

Lots of nice smells above.

Nail varnish remover - smells how pear drops taste.

Deep Heat - reminds me of Christmas as both my folks had bad backs one year and the smell got into the decorations, so every Christmas, the house would have a faint whiff of if.

Summer rain.

26/08/2011 at 13:45
jogblog wrote (see)
New books
Old books
26/08/2011 at 13:48

oh and leather...

and Vicks rub...

and my pooch when she hasn't rolled in anything... her normal doggie smell is lovely

26/08/2011 at 13:51
Chanel No 5
Booo    pirate
26/08/2011 at 13:51

Absolutely love the smell of  wild garlic, especially after a recent rain shower, although unfortunately there's not too many places round here where it grows in sufficient quantity to give the full effect.

Also, (and please don't judge me too harshly) I do really quite like the smell of my dogs paws !

26/08/2011 at 13:51
26/08/2011 at 13:53
Nice one Gizzard - never know it was called that.  Wonderful smell.
26/08/2011 at 13:56
Little Miss W's head...
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