What does everyone do for a job?

..and aspirations for the future?

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03/09/2012 at 09:05

Training to be a Vicar which takes from beginning to end about 8 years. I am in the process of joining the TA as a chaplain and would like to go out to Afghan before its all finished in 2014 although I think we will be there a little longer

03/09/2012 at 09:30

Document control for a small engineering company.

03/09/2012 at 09:51
Catalin Bond wrote (see)
Saffy Sweety Pea wrote (see)

Until a year ago, I was an accountant and had been for 20 years. Then I jacked it all in  and in January I started doing research in cognitive psychology. I'm lucky in that I absolutely love what I'm doing now 

Interesting leap from accounting to cognitive psychology!



I did  a BSc Psychology with the Open University, whilst working as an accountant, as a bit of a hobby cos I'd always been interested in it.......and got a bit hooked!

Did the Masters last year whilst still working, then was offered a PhD place and didn't want to look back and think 'what if...' 

04/09/2012 at 16:32
LIVERBIRD wrote (see)
seren nos wrote (see)

full time mother and wife.............

Same as Seren but the pay is shit so I'm considering gainful employment from this month onwards.

Convince me why I should.....

Independence, independence, independence!

I've never NOT worked, and I wouldn't be comfortable not earning my own money (unless I have a nice lottery win!)

04/09/2012 at 16:39

I'm an energy consultant specialising in improving energy efficiency via building management systems.

Ideally I'd like a permenant energy management postion at a university.

Dark Vader    pirate
04/09/2012 at 17:05

I'm a building surveyor, specialising in Listed and historic buildings but I have to survey anything as work is really reduced now since the recession hit the housing market.   I'd like to give it all up and race Porsche 911 professionally...

I'm also qualified in air quality assessment and worked full-time as a tour manager for a rock band for five years!


05/09/2012 at 20:48

I'm a Compliance Manager for a National contractor in a PFI contract - before that I was a Facilities Manager and before that I was in social housing, mainly admin.

My dream job would be a journalist (travel writer) or I would have perfected my dressage and would have been picked for the 'lympics...a girl can dream.

05/09/2012 at 21:27

Being self employed has its advantages believe it or not. I was a conscientious employee for years and the end result was it counted for bog all. Redundancy like all the others. Not so bad for me but pretty stressful for those misguided oafs whose whole identity was tied up in the false empires they had created for themselves.      Main advantage for me right now is that having developed a business that last advertised six years ago, I know I can dispense with any client that annoys me in some way. The fifth client this year got the boot two days back. Their mistake was assume that because I'd agreed to do some work for them it also meant that I was their temporary employee/servant. I'd guessed the way this job was heading and it was just a matter of time before it got shelved. Boots on the other foot these days, I only do jobs I like, for people I like.

LIVERBIRD    pirate
06/09/2012 at 10:11
Wilkie wrote (see)
LIVERBIRD wrote (see)
seren nos wrote (see)

full time mother and wife.............

Same as Seren but the pay is shit so I'm considering gainful employment from this month onwards.

Convince me why I should.....

Independence, independence, independence!

I've never NOT worked, and I wouldn't be comfortable not earning my own money (unless I have a nice lottery win!)

I do earn it.

I cook, clean, wash, iron, taxi, run homework classes and a million other things. If Mr LB were to pay someone separately for everything I do, he'd be bankrupt!

I have never understood this "independence" thing. I have access to all our money. We're married. Two halves of the same coin. It's not his cash - it's ours. He doesn't view it as "his" money and tell me what to buy or I couldn't have stayed at home as long as I have. And I'd have divorced him!

The only reason I would go to work now is because the kids don't need me half so much as they did when they were little and I need to keep active.

But independence? No. I don't want independence. It sucks.

06/09/2012 at 11:16

I'm a Project Manager for an IT Consultancy and I enjoy the colleagues more than my previous job but I don't believe in the product we're selling. I wish that I could have a job that inspires me, that makes me want to do it.

I'd love to do something related to organising, running, keep fit.... but i've not found it yet.

@LB - that's your intepretation of independence. Hubby and I put a proportionate amount of money into a joint account but the rest is ours to play with. I'm independent because I can pay for what I want out of my money and he can do the same. Anything joint - is made after a joint agreement and expenditure and we've never been happier with the arrangement. If we had to put it into the same kitty - i think we'd be tempted to kill each other pretty quickly

The Silent Assassin    pirate
06/09/2012 at 11:33

I'm an IT manager and have finally climbed to the top of the tree.

What does the future hold?

I could go to another bigger company, but quite like the company I work for and want to continue to developpe myself, the staff that work for me and the company as a whole, but then I don't consider this as just a job.

You must try and enjoy the job you have or whats the point in getting up in the morning?

LIVERBIRD    pirate
06/09/2012 at 12:05

Just phoned him and asked him about this. He says he views marriage as co-dependence in it's very essence. That's why it works.

I guess we all fumble our own way through life in different ways, don't we?

LIVERBIRD    pirate
06/09/2012 at 12:07

Emmy - how do you sell something you don't believe in? I found that really hard when I was an financial adviser.

And I was right. Because PPI has come back to bite the banks on the arse!

06/09/2012 at 12:11

@LB - it's hard and i'm currently deciding if i want to go of my own free will or whether to stay, gather the experience and then move on. it's hard because i know that i can learn a lot but on the other hand - i feel bad that i can't resolve the core issues that i want to.

LIVERBIRD    pirate
06/09/2012 at 12:15

It's a lot easier to sell something you're passionate about but I reckon you can learn pletny trying to work with something you DON'T subscribe to as well. Good luck whatever you decide!

06/09/2012 at 12:31

Thanks LB. to be honest it's also the money and job market at the moment. I need to find another job before leaving this one as it's likely that we'll be needing the money soon (house renovation).

06/09/2012 at 12:49

I kind of get what Wilkie is saying regarding financial independence.  When the former Mr TP decamped I got the real shitty end of the stick as far as money was concerned ie all the debts and none of the cash.  It took me several years (and a very lucky break with property) to get out of that one and build the lifestyle I have now.  I said I'd never ever risk getting into that situation again.

Mr TP2B does OK for himself and there is no pressure on me to get a job when I move down there as I know he'll happily pay for what I need and I trust him 100%. However, I still have this nagging fear of chucking my lot completely in with somebody else and I will be getting a job, I will be investing in another property to rent out and I will always make sure that my financial ass is covered . I also think I'd go mad if I didn't have some sort of structure to my life and work seems the easiest way to get that.

06/09/2012 at 13:13

I keep hoping that someone will post an interesting story of what they did (or would be prepared to do) in order to get a job.

06/09/2012 at 13:17

you mean like have a shave and wear a suit for the interview?

06/09/2012 at 13:18

or more likely these days, work for free for six months in the hope you'll get a job at the end of it.

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