What I can't stand is.....

(random rant)

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07/11/2003 at 11:39
Green sweets.
07/11/2003 at 11:41
What's wrong with green sweets? In fact, what are green sweets???
07/11/2003 at 12:16
Only joking Swerve I love you really mate (you've just got useless taste).

I've got one green tea flavoured sweet left from my trip to Japan last year. I was on a train on my way back to Tokyo from the Brazil match and an old lady gave me a handful of them and they were delicious. Its a good memory whenever I see it in my bedside drawer. So ... I have to disagree, I like green sweets.
07/11/2003 at 12:23
Bima drivers
07/11/2003 at 13:41
No worries, Richard - I don't hold your little foible against you either.

Ooh! Got another one! And it gnaws away at my very soul.


Used as an adjective I'd prefer it to be hyphenated, but otherwise it's OK for describing every-day items.
However..... (for example)...... shops which are open "everyday"...... Aaaaarrrgggghhhhhh!!!!
07/11/2003 at 18:48
My hate list is:-
1. People that smoke in public.
2. Any t.v. program of the Pop Idol/Fame Academy genre.
3. Country & Western music.
4. Litter droppers.
5. Drivers that insist on doing 28 mph in a 60 limit.
6. Emmerdale, Eastenders, Coronation Street, Neighbours, Home & Away, infact any soap!
7. The media, for devoting too much time to our third rate England football team. There are other sports apart from footie.
8. Joyriders (little scumbags!)
9. Jonathon Ross (what do the BBC actually pay him for?)
10. Having to pay too much tax so that the government can give themselves a fat payrise.
08/11/2003 at 06:38
3.Footballers who smoke.
4.Cigarettes who play football.

Thank you.

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61 to 67 of 67 messages
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