What's the biggest fib you ever told your parents?

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29/05/2007 at 12:26
They were pretty strict when I was growing up- once, I was invited to a party given by a classmate when I was about 15, the usual interview-
"Will the parents be there?"
"Yes" fib no. 1
"Will there be boys?"
"No" fib no. 2

So my Dad picks me up from the party, later in the evening. No parents, and I reeked of cigarette smoke. Needless to say, I was grounded for quite a bit.
29/05/2007 at 12:28

I told my parents that it was one of my friends who threw up on the bedroom carpet whilst they were on holiday and no, I had no idea why the bedroom now smelt of Southern Comfort either.
29/05/2007 at 12:30
I wanted to be a rebel but they wouldn't let me. So I used to chuck my bondage trousers and punk t-shirts out of my bedroom window, go out dressed acceptably, and then get changed after collecting said clothes.
29/05/2007 at 12:32
Oh gosh..far too many! When i was 14 i was seeing an older guy (17) but m & d didn't know, so all those weekends spent at my friends houses were lies. M & D met him when i was 16 and we had to pretend we had only just got together...LOL
29/05/2007 at 12:32
I am really the foundling son of an English Milord (curse that Gypsy wench!).
29/05/2007 at 12:32
That makes no sense whatsoever....
29/05/2007 at 12:42
Try again, JB!
29/05/2007 at 12:47
I told them it wasn't me that wrote 'Fcuk off' on our gatepost in chalk. And that's how I spelt it too - that isn't edited for RW delicate eyes.


Countless boy lies.

I told them I wasn't drunk when I came in once. The following day my Nan told me just how b*lloxed I was, she almost managed to keep a straight face too.
29/05/2007 at 12:58
I told my dad that my sister had smashed a window on his greenhouse, i lied, i did it but she was grounded for a week.
29/05/2007 at 13:02
I was about 9, my sister tripped and fell over my slippers which I had left in the middle of the bathroom floor, and she chipped a front tooth. I fibbed and told my Mum that our little brother (who was about 5) had put them there...
29/05/2007 at 13:10
Ooh you naughty lot - smacked legs!
29/05/2007 at 13:11
I think it could be worse...
29/05/2007 at 13:14
I have a feeling I might just be able to come up with a few worse ones, Kathy!:D
29/05/2007 at 13:14
me too Moo...but not to be shared on here ;-)
29/05/2007 at 13:16
Don't think I ever fibbed but I did get one over on my mum once.

I'd done something fairly minor (I was often punished more than I deserved to be) and she said I couldn't have any tea and had to stay in the living room.

I rummaged through one of the drawers in the sideboard and found some toffees.

Boy was I smug :-)
29/05/2007 at 13:18
s'alright, Kathy, I'll take your word for it!:)

lol Screamy!!
29/05/2007 at 13:21
Kathy - Yours isn't that tame.

These days, said 17 year old would have ended up on the sex offenders register -snogging would be enough !
29/05/2007 at 13:24
No No No don't get me wrong i wasn't doing anything too norty honestly!
I didn't do the actual 'deed' until i was legal! I did stay with him till i was 23 too.
But my M & D would have gone mad if i had a boyfriend at that age.
29/05/2007 at 13:28
My parents still don't know that I ran a motorbike for years after I left home... When I came home for the weekend I used to leave it at a mates, and catch the bus to my folks, and tell them I caught the train / bus to get home. dad ran me to the station a couple of times, and I used to have to get the bus all the way back to my mates to collect the bike !!
29/05/2007 at 13:28
I didn't dare do any of that stuff while I was still in school, too scared of my parents!:)
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