Where's my vest - not impressed!

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20/08/2002 at 17:49
DW, That is right 1 x 42", and 2 x t-shirt.

SS, that sounds like a good idea, I reckon DW may go along with that.

20/08/2002 at 19:01
Blimey I didn't realise I'd start this much of a problem by creating this thread!
Sorry DW.
Just to clarify, I returned mine direct to Wasp and asked that they returned it direct to me. I would rather this as it will obviously save time and your stress levels DW.
I originally ordered a size 44 as my chest measurement is actually 44. I usually have suits in a size 46 but obviously for a running vest I ordered a 44 so that it wouldn't be too baggy. The 44 that I originally received was very snug - I don't know if the original one was a genuine 44 - in which case I would need a 46 or if the original 44 was actually the wrong size in which case a genuine size 44 would still be right.
I sent them a letter explaining all this so hopefully they will be able to get it right. If it arrives and it's the wrong size again after all this waiting I will probbaly just give up running altogether!!!!
No not really.
DW could you clarify the situation and e mail me.
21/08/2002 at 00:52
Hi Homer Hart,

This is not 100% guaranteed, but I believe a lot of the first batch were (you could say) slightly tight, therefore your 44" would be more like a 42" or even a 40". I believe from previous postings by The Lamb that they (wasp) were made aware of this and so that if you have ordered your normal size now that it should be ok!

I in fact got my vest due to someone that ordered their one originally but it turned out to be too smal but it was fine for me, lucky! Therefore in my current order I ordered a vest for him as a replacement (it saved returning yet another).

Regards, Paul
21/08/2002 at 09:18
Right, you lot! DW is doing a stirling job, but there seem to be a few things that need clarifying:

1) Wasp cut and print our vests TO ORDER, ordering/sending one back is not like Kay's catalogue! If you want kit designed exactly to our specification, with Jason's stylish logo etc. you just have to be prepared to wait. The returns are a different issue, this was a factory mistake caused by having another club's order in the factory at the same time that had identical colours to ours. They have been delayed by adding the new order on to make one large order. Just goes to show you can't keep everyone happy, because the new order would have had to wait otherwise and they would have complained!

2) A minimum order of 18 for vests and 12 for t-shirts (incl. min 3 of each size) is required. It may take time to reach this figure, so please don't expect to order and receive the vest immediately. This is the case with all 'bespoke' kit orders unless a club orders a stock, which we don't have the finances to do...

3) I didn't think the returns would be sent direct, but I may be wrong. DW and I are both in this situation and still waiting.

4) I have not ordered ANY t-shirts yet as we have not reached the minimum order, however, as they only need printing, they can be delivered a lot quicker than vests.

5) We're doing this in our own time, so please be patient with queries.

I hope this clarifies the situation as it stands... DW will send out orders to you when received and will make a t-shirt order as and when the minimum order is reached.


21/08/2002 at 09:24
Once again a BIG Thank You to Lamb and Dog Walker for their time and efforts, without you we wouldnt even have any kit to order.


21/08/2002 at 09:39
Lamb thanks for the stylish logo design quote!

All Freelance work considered :-)
22/08/2002 at 00:31
Two things,

1. Jason is your picture moving? I can't tell what it is but it looks like it's moving or something, how did you do that?

2. Lamb I do appreciate your wonderful work getting all this kit sorted, I was there at the begining when all this running club was just a figment of our imaginations, I really wasn't having a go at you. I originally spoke to Wasp when the vest didn't fit, that was about two months ago and they gave me the impression on the phone of "Yeah send it back and we'll send you a bigger one" I had no idea that it would take two months (or more) to get the bigger one back and whatever the problem was if they cocked up the sizes of the original order then I would suggest that the minimum 18, 3 of each size etc etc goes out of the window, my vest was one of the original order which WAS placed with more than 18 and more than 3 of each size etc etc etc, they cocked up the original order so they (in my opinion) should rectify it ASAP. I am, after all, a customer and do not think Wasp have treated me very well, no criticism of any forumites whatsoever.
22/08/2002 at 10:03
Homer, the picture is moving (it's not your eyes).

The Clanger winks and smiles as the star flashes in the sky. I did it in Adobe ImageReady. A 2 frame animation.
Is that any help?
22/08/2002 at 10:06
That's OK, Homer! They shouldn't have told you they could just send you another out as that wasn't the case... I know how you feel 'cos I'm still waiting for mine too, which was skin tight and the world is not ready for the sight of me in a skintight vest!!! But the vests are now being cut so fingers crossed we will be able to strut our funky stuff very soon!
22/08/2002 at 23:38
Can't wait, better stop drinking the duff beers and eating all the doughnuts!

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