Worst present?

Don't want to appear ungrateful but...

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05/08/2003 at 13:58
I've two male friends who deliberately buy each other weird birthday gifts. Since I've known them they've bought...

... an inflatable life-size moose head that hangs on the wall.

... a book about the health benefits of drinking your own urine.

... a video entitled "Morris Dancing on the Isle of Wight".

... a CD of golf sound effects ("and here we have a No.3 iron" ..... whack....)

The worst present I've received was a three inch high clear plastic swan, filled with coloured beads that sloshed around in blue water. It also had stuck on staring eyes that wobbled when you moved it. That was from my (now ex)mother-in-law. Nice.

Oh... and a boyfriend once bought me a chrome banana tree for Xmas and, two days later, a ring pull can opener for my birthday!!!
(And I'd bought him an MP3 player)

What about you?
05/08/2003 at 14:00
an inflatable fish tank complete with a cardboard fish. I was in my 20's at the time.
05/08/2003 at 14:13
A tangerine. But I get one every Christmas...
05/08/2003 at 14:16
wish someone would buy me a beer mitt... :0(
Crash Hamster    pirate
05/08/2003 at 14:38
A Robbie williams CD because 'I know how much you like him'. It was from my future ex-wife and I CAN'T STAND Robbie Williams

PS Wotsername it sounds like your b'day is the same day as mine...
05/08/2003 at 14:40
I got bought a Phil Collins album once for reasons I just can't fathom. I never racall talking about the man let alone hint that I would like his latest CD.

My colleagues boyfriend Ian was bought the Cheeky Girls CD single (again, for no reason) and a £1.99 remote control car that literary never worked for his 30th birthday by his brother.

When Ian's brother had celebrated his birthday a couple of years before Ian had spent over £100.

A tad upset and I can't say i blame him...
05/08/2003 at 14:53
Crash Hamster - future ex-wife? Not because of the present I hope!

27th December. Great day for a birthday. Ever had a birthday present that isn't wrapped in Xmas paper?
05/08/2003 at 15:08
Worst Xmas pressie - a carpet sweeper and some kitchen tongs from ex mum-in-law.

You think you've got problems - my best mate's birthday is Christmas Day.
05/08/2003 at 15:09
Surprisingly yes - my birthday is on the 30th and i never really minded it being so close to Xmas - It was such an anticlimax Christmas but at least I still had something to look forward to.
05/08/2003 at 15:11
"Classy canape maker" it was from the 70's and i think my in-laws had found it when clearing out Granny's cupboards. Was gift wrapped and given in all seriousness about 2 years ago. That yaer i also got a disgusting green pashmina
05/08/2003 at 15:16
Wotsername - I bought the moose for a colleague as a secret santa present.

Loved it so much I went and bought one for myself - he comes out every xmas.

My worst present was an ants nest (two sheets of glass with sand between them) - and then you had to send off for the actual ants, they weren't provided!
05/08/2003 at 15:18
How's this for stingey.

I bought an ex girlfriend a box of Thorntons chocolates about a week before Christmas but temptation got the better of me. There were 2 trays so I doctored the box and lid to make it look as if it should've been one. I'd bought her a Gameboy as well though so that wasn't quite so bad.

However, I'd also given a bottle of wine in a presentation box to her parents that one of our print suppliers had given me only to discover that it had a compliments slip inside!

We split up 3 weeks later...
05/08/2003 at 15:18
a Tshirt from London saying "someone went to london and this is all they fetched me back " or something like that - like hello -Im cool and stylish - haven't you noticed yet?

maybe a pewter statue thing of the lampman lighting the gas street lamp - for similar reasons - although that was from an auntie so is more forgivable
05/08/2003 at 15:22
a guinnesss rugby shirt from Dublin - they're all coming back to me now

and how about nothing at all the last couple of birthdays and christmas - I wouldn't mind but we were all opening presents at family do and I had f8ck all - and like the daft tw*t I am I was more bothered 4 her because she was embarassed
05/08/2003 at 15:45
Padded scented coathangers - every year. Was it a hint that my clothes are smelly and crinckled?

I suspect my worst present will be one from my current employers when I leave in a few weeks.

1. 'cos they don't like me and I don't like them
2. 'cos there are only 8 other people here and most of them are stony broke

Still I fdon't really mind I'd rather the ones I like come out for a drink & save thier pennies or that
05/08/2003 at 15:49
some bath salts that defo must have been bought from a garage sale following the clearance of a, until recently sucessful, coffin dodgers house who'd had them since the 70's!!!

either that or they'd been won at a school xmas raffle 20 years ago...the paper was all faded from years and years of sunlight!
Crash Hamster    pirate
05/08/2003 at 15:53
Wotsername- present wasn't the final straw in the marriage...she's my f-e-w coz the divorce isn't through yet!

I always liked the embarrassed 'its for Christmas and your birthday' that rels trotted out when they realised they'd damn well forgotten!

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