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16/12/2007 at 19:11
ime thinking of buying my wife an iron for christmas as a present, can anyone recomend one thats easy to use i. e. simple instructions, and not simple to break....
M...eldy    pirate
16/12/2007 at 19:12
oh dear oh dear Noggy!
16/12/2007 at 19:12
Go for the heaviest one you can find...it'll be easier for her to inflict severe damage on you for buying her a household appliance as a present
16/12/2007 at 19:16

Santanog - did you ever watch Tom and Jerry?

Well if you buy your wife an iron for Christmas then I fear that your face will end up a similar shape.

16/12/2007 at 19:17
i want to be able to go out and leave her ironing and not worry about her breaking it....
16/12/2007 at 19:20
The only time unwrapping a box on Christmas morning with "Iron" written on it is acceptable is if you've taken the household appliance out and replaced it with diamonds, and even then it's risky
16/12/2007 at 19:22
i guess i allways spoil her at xmas though.....
M...eldy    pirate
16/12/2007 at 19:23
you may find they do matching marigolds as well

that would be a nice surprise
16/12/2007 at 19:25
You're telling me you do. I'd have got her one that you heat up in the fire.
16/12/2007 at 19:25
good thinking meldy.....
16/12/2007 at 19:26
better idea ff, ime glad i posted now....
16/12/2007 at 19:27
and perhaps one of those naked men ironing covers ...
M...eldy    pirate
16/12/2007 at 19:27
you can always rely on the forums for that something special
16/12/2007 at 19:29
no buney ,i think theyre sexist those awful things , not right ....
16/12/2007 at 19:31

but after she has brained you with the iron she might be in need of a man who doesnt answer back

or you could buy her a 500 quid Steam Generator and someone to do the ironing for her ..that would be very thoughtful

16/12/2007 at 19:32

my mum got a hosepipe (no rude comments please) for her b'day once.  She was NOT amused!

If you buy an iron for her why not put a note in it and promise her a cleaner and ironer for a year......you may be able to pull it off  and get away with it then! 

16/12/2007 at 19:32
16/12/2007 at 19:34
e bay , kk
16/12/2007 at 19:40
enjoy kk
16/12/2007 at 19:42

i am hoping for a teasmade

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