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16/02/2005 at 19:33

16/02/2005 at 19:33
Ive nearly convinced myself
16/02/2005 at 19:34
And another thing, I knackered my knees and couldn't run for 3 months!
16/02/2005 at 19:35
<sigh> one of the best experiences of my life <double sigh>
16/02/2005 at 19:36
I just had a mad impulse to do the Lyke Wake Horror again

and ive ben asking about fell shoes

Please god dont let me turn into a fell runner

they are REALLY nuts
16/02/2005 at 22:31
And your point is Hippo??
16/02/2005 at 22:40
fell runners are hell bent on suicide!

I just remembered how scared i am of downhills

Im ok now
16/02/2005 at 22:58
I canot believe people RUN this
16/02/2005 at 23:07

You need to have completed a couple of category 'A' fell races to be eligible for entry. Don't know how thoughroughly they check this out.

Its THE fell race in the calendar, but its bloody tough. Cut off times are rigourously enforced. Its frequent for people to have completed 3/4 of the race and be DNF'd for being off the time, even when they go on to finish.

For info take a look at,


16/02/2005 at 23:08

Im not eligible
and never will be
16/02/2005 at 23:14
erm! sorrry hippo but i do this as a training run in a nice steady 5-6 hours as well as the rombalds stride a lovely 22 mile run across the otley and ilkey moors ba' tat in 3:45, as well as skipton to leeds along the leeds liverpool canal in under 5 hours not bragging or anything just love running on the hills and open land for a nice day out which obviously makes it easier running the road marathons. lucky to live in gods country and get around the open hills easy, work shift and plenty of time off!! by the way shoulder injury at the moment, toataly p*ssed off, on the sick from work and unable to run and putting on the pounds in weight, i shall return!!
16/02/2005 at 23:18
sorry to hear that YRM

Hope you heal soon

Hamertime gave me a nice dose of reality, which i needed
16/02/2005 at 23:55
Hips i'm sad now!

The last thing I would ever want to do is put anybody off from running, or doing a run.

What I was trying to get across is that specifically, the Three peaks race is just that, a race, and a championship race at that. To enter the event Mercs will have to run it as a race or be DNF'd, not too nice an experience.

What YRM seems to be talking about is doing it as a run which is just as fulfilling, and probably gives people more opportunity to enjoy the scenery and the whole experience. Did the Rombalds myself this year as a very steady run and really enjoyed it. 3:41 but the cut off was 10 hours because its a LDWA event. If I had chosen to race it I might have been pleased with the quicker time, but wouldn't have enjoyed the run nearly as much.

Anyway, I didn't think you bothered with anything under 35 miles these days. :-)
17/02/2005 at 00:01
BTW I haven't raced it either. Please, please don't ever let them talk me into it!

Hoping to recce it this weekend though with a group from the club, some of whom will be racing it.

So, nice steady run, beautiful scenery, great company, few drinks after, and a run!

Isn't life great.

Donald    pirate
17/02/2005 at 00:02
I did this last summer (walked) with a group of 12. It took us just over 12 hours although we did not rush it. My 12 year old nephew did it as well, mind you it was his idea in the first place. I have wanted to run it for some time. Having walked it I may have a go in the next year or so.

There is an on line map, I will try and find the link and post it here.

Some pictures


More instructions

Finally found a route map. Not in hugh detail but probably good enough to plot it on a larger map.

The route on a map
Donald    pirate
17/02/2005 at 00:04
That did not work very well. I seem to have forgotten how to do links...

Try this.
Some pictures


The route on a map

17/02/2005 at 06:14

it may surprise you to know that i have a 5 mile race in a week, followe by a half marathon!

dont be sad I needed tobe reminded how hard all this stuff is
but one day Im back for that Lyke Wake bastard
17/02/2005 at 07:23
thanks peeps for all the input.

I have to point out I was not asking about the official fell race , we are doing it as a "fun" run ( ha bleeding ha ) and it would seem someone ( cheers boss ) has not doen his home work. Some guys will walk it , some will be on support in a pub , erm I mean minibus , and now some may not run it . I may talk boss into maybe a relay run after all its for charidee mate
17/02/2005 at 14:57
Pubs, Not sure I get the names right (20 years ago), but there is the Hill Inn between Ing and Wern and then one at the viaduct I seem to remember. We always ended up in the pub at the end of Horton Village after the walk (Red Lion?). Mike Harding used to call in there, which was nice...?

I never did the race, but best time was a tad over 6 hours.

Used to do the Lyke Wake as well, fond memories.....

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