Yorkshire pi@@up

Anyone up for it?

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28/07/2006 at 14:46
Provisional plans Sat August 12th about 6 ish to allow for people to get there and home in semi-reasonable time
Marky mark
Northern slow coach

Anyone else?
28/07/2006 at 14:49
And I forgot to say probably leeds.
29/07/2006 at 16:50
I am still on for this.... and 12th in Leeds is still good for me.... (replying to the other thread)
29/07/2006 at 17:49
Hmm, possibly...
31/07/2006 at 14:17
Right thats a possible five.
Come on yorkshire!
Any suggestions for a meeting point?
31/07/2006 at 14:19
not the best day for me but will see what I can do

31/07/2006 at 15:14
How about Elland Rd if you want somewhere quiet? :0
31/07/2006 at 15:28
I can't make the 12th since I'm on holiday.

We've had some Yorkshire socials in Leeds in the past that have been at Whitelock's - difficult to find for some but good beer and nice atmosphere.
31/07/2006 at 15:41
I used to run whitelocks. My boyfriend runs it now but its not as good as it used to be because the company wont give him any money for repairs or staff or anything really. Its being sold soon though so hopefully the new owners will give him some money to sort it out.
Cheers Podro, thanks for the suggestiona nd sorry you cant make it. Id like it to be a regular event in the future though!
Anyone else??
31/07/2006 at 15:45
Northern Slow coach- date is subject to change just throwing it in to see what happens from there. All suggestions welcome.
31/07/2006 at 16:43
most of august and the beginning of september is busy for me Stoxy - but don't rearrange on my behalf
maybe we should try for every couple of months at a regular time and venue then peeps would know

ps love sunday lunch at Whitelocks and a good pint of bitter
31/07/2006 at 20:22
12th is defo good for me, and as near as poss to the railway station would be nice, although I don't expect everything to be arranged around me.... the weekend after 12th would be a bit tricky though.....

Quite looking forward to this.... should I get out more?
01/08/2006 at 11:11
I am too Marky Mark, and perhaps I should too.
Sunday Lunch in Whitelocks sounds a good idea. And living with the landlord may get us special favours.
If its on the saturday the scarborough taps is right next to the station, nice ale(about six or seven pumps), food option for anyone who needs it, and I know the landlord so I could get him to save us a corner as it can get v busy. Not a good idea on matchdays though, apart from being busy lots of idiots (no offence Keesey!!).
Also dr okells (the pub formerly known as baroque) on the headrow is nice, reasonably priced, nice beer and good lager options. He would probably save us a corner as well.
Plenty of options, not many people!
And happy yorkshire day yorkshire forumites!! (as a geordie I will simply be using it as excuse to drink ale but thanks for the oppurtunity)
01/08/2006 at 13:17
ahh - happy yorkshire day to you too Stoxy :O)
01/08/2006 at 13:29
Yorkshire day had passed me by once again til I came on here. I'm half lancastrian, half yorkshire though, so slight mixed feelings ;)
01/08/2006 at 13:30
Are you all going to have pie,peas and gravy tonight then?

And take your whippets out for a walk?
01/08/2006 at 17:38
01/08/2006 at 21:16
But... how can you have Sunday lunch on a Saturday?

<Walks away, scratching head>
01/08/2006 at 21:21
Good point, and very well made.
02/08/2006 at 09:23
I meant sunday lunch on a sunday, ie change the day.
Coops are you yorkshire? Or just sticking your head in?
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