Yorkshire Social in June

I'll open the bidding

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mellifera    pirate
15/05/2006 at 15:42
Hey up.
How about the weekend of the 9th-11th (Fri- Sat)? Any of those good?

Location: Some suggestion of York previously but I am happy to go to Leeds if it's more accessible to people.
15/05/2006 at 16:52
melli, BRilly will be away that weekend conquering the South Downs Marathon.

It'd have to be 2 weeks later for me to keep my streak of not missing one to continue:-)

So how about 23rd-25th?
mellifera    pirate
15/05/2006 at 17:00
ah yes, I wondered when that was.

23rd-25th OK for us I think
17/05/2006 at 15:18
I would be ok for Friday 23rd but will be away Sat/Sun.

If York is chosen how about the Kings Arms next to the river - a nice view and the beer is cheaper than the city average being a Sam Smith's pub.
17/05/2006 at 16:57
Hi Melli and Wardi, looking forward to meeting you both again.

By the river sounds lovely Wardi, especially if it's a nice summer night.

Not knowing the price of beer I can't really comment there. In fact I'd never drunk the stuff until moving to Yorksire. Obviously BR is educating me on such important things :-)
mellifera    pirate
17/05/2006 at 17:45
23rd is good for us. King's arms is a good idea.

Hilly - if you are out with a yorkshireman such as BR a few times, you'll soon discover the price of beer :)
17/05/2006 at 18:02
<checks World Cup fixtures for clash with an England game>

yep 23rd cool for me.

happy to miss Togo -v- France and Switzerland -v- S. Korea ;)

York fine for me too.
17/05/2006 at 18:15

just went to put this on calendar and seen it clashes with a wedding, so can't do, sorry :(
mellifera    pirate
22/05/2006 at 17:08
22/05/2006 at 18:14
seems ok with me at the moment. Will check diary when home. York or Leeds ok Bit further on the train york but it would good to sit out a long the river. Hopefully warmer than it is today. 17 degrees at lunch!!!
22/05/2006 at 18:51
I don't mind where it's held, as long it's not some pub that requires a compass and map to find!
22/05/2006 at 19:35
Its ok for me too.

23rd is in the diary now.

23/05/2006 at 21:33
Hopefully the floods will have gone down by now
23/05/2006 at 21:34
blimey having a right problem with typing words at the moment meant then not now
09/06/2006 at 07:36
Thought I would bring this back to the front clubhouse page. Is it still going a head?
mellifera    pirate
09/06/2006 at 12:52
I'm still free.
09/06/2006 at 13:52
thats good
09/06/2006 at 19:09
Yup, still available. 5 mins walk from work for me.

The Kings Arms is very well known in York - it is usually the first pub to flood after a lot of rain!
09/06/2006 at 20:10
quality. Looking at the weather at the moment no chance of rain. Is it near the station?
mellifera    pirate
12/06/2006 at 14:53
Yes it is, certainly walking distance (less than a mile). Head to town, don't go over Lendal bridge but straight over down North Street, turn left at the end and you should be able to see Bridge street bridge. The King's arms is just off that bridge. It is a very well known pub so you asked someone to point towards it as you head to town.
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