Abingdon Marathon

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04/07/2012 at 13:33

Barry B - nice quick run there. Like Meep I also find it hard to hit 10K pace for 3m alone in training. I find on a tempo run alone, that 7.00mm is about my limit.

Meep - sounds like a good session. Have you decided what your MP will be?

I have the Hitchin HM on Sunday, when coincides nicely with my training plan which asks for the last 6 miles of my long run to be at MP. No make it more interesting I might break down the race into 3 parts, say first 4 steady (8mm), next 5 at MP+15sec (7.30mm), and final 4.1miles at MP-15secs (7mm). Will have to see, and see what the club coach thinks.

04/07/2012 at 21:13

AC that sounds more disciplined than i could handle during a race, bet a club mate or friend will drift past and you will find yourself upping the pace

Abingdon pace not to be decided till after Septembers HM. At the moment its 6:50-7:00mm.

05/07/2012 at 13:23

Meep - yes, this is the danger with putting a training run into a race. However this is quite a low key race, only 300 runners, and as far as I am aware only one other club member is running. By at least starting slowly, I am hoping after 4 miles, and if things go to plan, I should be doing most of the passing. 

Best of luck with your current target for Abo, which looks to be Sub 3. Even if everything goes to plan for me, I will be at least 15-25sec a mile behind you.  

05/07/2012 at 19:34

A very humid 10.1 miles for me this afternoon.

agree with above using marathon as training event-very tempting to up the ante without realising it and chase people down.

05/07/2012 at 20:33

Enjoy the half AC..

Nice run Loulabell....

Well project sub 3:30 has started. Hope for most weeks to be bteen 40-50 miles. Most slowly a weekly faster session. Today tried Yasso 800's on the treadmill. 10 miles in total with 10x800 at 13.5km. Tough but doable. I that was 3:30 pace but turns out is 3:36 pace.  Still not bad at the start of the 16 week cycle !!!

Hope everyone is feeling fit !!!

06/07/2012 at 10:21

AC - Good luck for sunday, I'm with Meep, I find it hard not to race a race.

Loulabelle -  Good run in tough conditions, I went out early this morning and the air had cleared 13.5 miles at 7:31 avg in lovely running conditions.

AGF -  Looking good at the start of your training plan.

06/07/2012 at 15:20

..and hands up whos running this afternoon....ahem

06/07/2012 at 16:20

loulabel - not me...treadmill this morning. By the way, nice run in the conditions yesterday.

AGF - well done on starting your schedule. I always find reps on a treadmill very difficult. I always miss the off/slow down button at the end of the rep and end up running further than I should.

BB - good quick run there. I find the morning generally the best time of day to run at this time of year, although maybe not the quickest.

Club 5 x 1K track reps last night. All just over 4mins, at average pace of around 6.20/25, which given the humid conditions was fine for me.

06/07/2012 at 17:31

Did you run in the end loulabell?

Good Yasso session AGF, not sure i could handle doing it on the treadmill, so fair play to you!

Pacy 13.5m BB, training looks to be going very well for you.

AC, nice track session, never having ran on a track, you think it makes much difference to road?  Good luck Sunday, not too quick in them first 4 miles

07/07/2012 at 17:41

Thanks Meep, I will try and hold back tomorrow.

I find you can run a little quicker on the track than the road, however this may be just me. Certainly protects the legs a bit better, as the track surface is slightly softer than road. Can be a bit boring running around in circles though

Best of luck everyone with their runs tomorrow

08/07/2012 at 01:08

Rested today - which involved driving for 4 hoursfrom Berkshire to and from east London to, erm, clean my stepdaughter's patio, pot up a load of plants which we took with us (including the pots and compost), and fix her shower and replace a light fitting. She is 28. She has a boyfriend. She has a PPE degree from Oxford and earns more than me. I do sometimes wonder about the joys of parenthood.

The weather will decide tomorrow's training - 16 mile slow run if it's raining, three or four hours on the bike if it's not. Back in time for Murray to win Wimbledon.

Also, I have £20 on Nibali to win the TDF, so I'Im hoping to see him with a big lead on the Col de la Croix - though obviously I'll be happy to part with  the money if Wiggins wins the Tour

08/07/2012 at 12:26

Thanks for you comments guys. Nice Reps too AC

Enjoy run/bike tomorrow CFB.

Race report: Eversham 10k

Was planning on running this as a tempo run 7:20-7:30 ish. But a the start line was drawn nearer the start than the back and before I knew it I ran the first downhill milein 6:36. Well made me think that I can slow down later if need be - but hey - lets make the most of this start for now..  Have never been to evesham before so had no idea of the terrain...shortly after 1Km we ran along the river covere by trees. Lovely dusty towpath. However we soon started seeing large puddles. Pushed and was pleased to do a "deer leep" over the biggest puddle. The realsied this was futile as more puddles appeared. Then a uphill cross counrty bit across a field in single file. This lost time but also enforced a breather. From then on I seemed to go a little faster all the way round than the people in front of me. Must have overtaken about 30 people. Happy Days.  Back to the river and a few road bits. Course was nice to run. Finished witha Shiny PB 43:19. Almost a minute off last months PB ( when that was a 2 minuet PB). So I am pleased. I knew I had more in me - and today some of that came out. Think I have sub 43 in me on the right course !!

I have a marker for my training !!

08/07/2012 at 16:47

AGF - congratulations on the big PB. Sounds like you are flying at the moment. The best way to start your marathon campaign.

CFB -  hope you got your run or bike ride in..plenty of rain here this morning.

Hitchin HM was hilly to say the least, which made my pace judgement very difficult. First 4 steady mile times were 8.40, 7.56, 8.53, 8.29 (I was aiming for 8.00s!). Next 5 mile times were 6.56, 7.45, 7.47, 7.38, 8.03 (I was aiming for 7.30s). Last 4.1 were 6.52, 6.19, 6.57, 7.09, 0.38 (0.11) (I was aiming for 7.00s). Overall reasonably happy, although I was glad I was not racing it, given the hills and flooded roads, with the water over your ankles in places.

Hope everyone else's runs went well.



08/07/2012 at 17:35
Thanks AC.

Well done on your training run/race. Those paces indicate some good hills, that can only help the training...
08/07/2012 at 18:39

AGF - Congrats on the PB, on a flatter, dryer course you will be even quicker.

AC -  Good running, looks like a good decision not to race it given the conditions.

Intervals for me this morning,WU 1.2k(6:33),1k(6:24),800m(6:09),600m(5:59),400m(6:01), 200m(5:36) with 200m recovery, min/mile in brackets.  Happy as each was quicker apart from 400m.

Edited: 08/07/2012 at 18:39
08/07/2012 at 20:36

Great run there AGF, to pb on what sounds like not the fastest of courses must be good for confidence!

Hitchin sounds like it was fun AC, nice looking last four miles.

BB, intervals on a Sunday  pace looks good though!

Bike or run CFB?

08/07/2012 at 20:53
Hi guys
Newbie to the thread, I'm doing this one this year so thought I'd pop in and see if I could get any no on the course, think fido has more than covered that thank you very much.
How is everyone's training going? I did my first 20 this morning , glad to get it out of the way the first one always seems tough. It looks like a really flat course by the sounds of things which is the main reason I picked it, having done snowdon as my autumn marathon last year!!
Look forward to following people's progress as we get closer to race day and hopefully glean (sp) some useful information from the seasoned abo runners. What sort of times have people been getting compared to their usual marathons say London etc??
What is the support like en route? I noticed from fido's route report that mile 5 might be a good spot to spectate, I have family coming and spectating isn't their strong point lol so as little movement and excitement wold be welcome for them.
Cheers in advance for any help you can give me
08/07/2012 at 23:46

Great pb AGF, and a pretty speedy half by AC despite *not racing*!

HI to MG15 - regarding your question about times, my only comparison is between my fastest Abingdon (2011) at 3:23, and the South Downs Marathon last month at 3:57. Abingdon is all but completely flat. The South Downs isn't. God knows what Snowdon is like! - do you actually run all the way up it?

There's a point near the river at Abo,  where your spectators can see you 3 times - I think it is at about 5, 14, and 23 miles, but others will know better.

Meep, I ran a very hungover 10 this morning, but at least my legs felt as if they have finally recovered from the South Downs. Then I went out for a short bike ride during the tennis roof delay. I also somehow managed to watch the last 50K of the TdF and the first 20 laps of the Grand Prix. Sky Plus is great!

09/07/2012 at 10:47
Hi chiilis
You don't run up snowdon more round it although there are three long hills the last at 22 is really steep and a real killer (waunfawr) but like everything if you train for it it's not so bad, the south downs one is probably as testing tbh
09/07/2012 at 13:58

Welcome MG15. Well done on your first 20 miler. Have not gone that far myself yet. Regarding your question on times, my best Abo is 3:17, my best London is 3:19, although it is very hard to compare the two, although Abo is flatter and less congested. Have you a target for Abo?

CFB - good you got out there for both a run and bike ride, although the TV marathon sounds nearly as exhausting

BB - good intervals there, and a good way to back up your speedy run from Friday.

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