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19/07/2012 at 13:15

Didn't mean for us all to become so age conscious !! But intriguing that many of us are of a similar age. Like chillies I've set PBs for shorter distances this year (5K, 10K, 10M and HM so far!) all done as part of building better base speed as part of the prep for Abingdon. We can all prove that there's life in old dogs yet !

Struggling with some of my sessions over the last couple of weeks since the family was made homeless in the Devon floods - fitting them in whenever I can - 7.7 miles at 7 min mile pace at 6:00 this morning was more of a struggle than it should have been !

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19/07/2012 at 13:44

MG - glad everything is settling down.

LuvsaPB - impressive mile reps, especially the first 2. I must admit I find like you, hard to get motivated to do reps on your own, that's where a running club comes in handy.

DM  - I will be 45 next mouth (been running for over 10 years), and still feel PBs are possible, especially over the longer distances (Mar & HM).

Got a nice steady 7 miles in this morning, with no twinges. I might still scale back Sunday's run, 10 miles at MP, maybe a bit too much too early.  


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19/07/2012 at 15:45
I'm 37 and have been running for around 6 years, my times are steadily improving especially so the last 18 months after a bit of stagnation. Losing a bit of weight and upping the mileage seems to be doing the trick. I'm sure one day they will plateau but reading the thread lots are still improving so great news. Marathon's I believe are a lot down to experience it took me my 9th before running one correctly therefore age is only a good thing IMO.
Had 11 planned this morning and was going to try and do the middle 9 as marathon pace (6:30) however an out and back course into the wind put pay to that I struggled to hit any on the way out but improved slightly on the way in, I think the effort of going into the wind took it out of me a bit. Got soaked as well which is my fault for gloating of a dry day yesterday anyone would think it was summer. Splits were 7:37, 6:41, 6:38, 6:48, 6:42, 6:36, 6:29, 6:30, 6:33 and 6:47. Fairly flat course which like dart is hard to find around here!!
Looking at them written down it wasn't as bad as I felt. We're sometimes too hard on ourselves lol
Luvsapb it's much better doing speed work in a group unfortunately I have to do mine on my own on a treadmill and it's a bit of a killer!! Good reps tho!!!
19/07/2012 at 17:29

DM - not really sure about targets just yet. Somehwere in the 2.50 - 2.59 range depending on how training goes. "Train" just seems to be the buzz term for a pacing group essentially. I suppose they tend to naturally form on the day but it can be good to have a few folk lined up who's training times suggest a similar target to try to team up on the day. Sounds nasty about the floods - is your place temporarily wrecked ??

9 @ MP is a tough one at this stage MG - don't think I could manage that ! I find it takes a mile or so to get in to MP in training and it does feel stupidly fast when you first start it

I've never gone down the club route - I'm sure I cut a sad figure running round the track on my own in the pissing rain. Ah well - must be good for the mind or something

19/07/2012 at 18:52

Nice run Barry, always nice when the pace comes out quicker than expected for the same effort.

Surprised your 10k hasn't come back towards where you were Luvsa, as some nice looking mile reps there. Your lucky doing your faster work with others as im sure it must help. Never had the opportunity to give it a go, never actually ran on a track

Good run Martin, 9 @mp nice and early in the campaign!

Sorry to hear about your situation DM, sounds an absolute nightmare, will you be back in anytime soon?  I'm with you with the early morning running, out at 5:30ish for 2m easy, 1m mp, 6x 75m strides then 1200m @10k pace 30secs jog 600m @5k pace, 2min recovery, x4. Bit of a shock to the system, but went well. Very easy 3 tonight.

19/07/2012 at 19:37

Chillies- I'll be at Yateley too trying to recapture some of the magic times I did last year.

MG- Nice miles there. Reps on a treadmill!  Brings back distant memories of falling off in the gym & getting a far from sympathetic glare by the female instructor!  I was actually doing my own set on the track, as the distance was supposed to be 2000s, but there's always other people of differing abilities, so you need a bit more concentration to negotiate the chaos!

AC- I think reps on the track with others offers a bit of a psychological boost having  an 'audience', but practically, it's usually a bit chaotic!

FW- Most of my training is done on my own.  Being a member of a club for me just means that I probably enter more races than if I was an 'unattached'.

Meep- It's a mystery to me too!  Last fast 10k was South Bucks. Got injured in Nov & never been same since speed wise in races.  Hoping to put that right soon! Nice mixture of paces there. I'm sure you're improving all the time! 

DM- That's a really stressful situation to deal with.  Hope you get it sorted asap.  Being able to go out & run must be a release. 

19/07/2012 at 21:38
I always like to get plenty of MP miles in before race day. I went up to 15 pre London but that was at 6:52 pace so these are a bit harder to maintain but the idea is I can run the pace comfortably and get to 20 in good shape. Don't forget I'm two weeks ahead of plan as well so that will come in to play.
I'm finding myself becoming a bit detached from my club at the minute what with following a plan and the club runners seem to be hitting the mountains on club night which is fine but just not for me.
Fraser I'm guessing there will be plenty of runners at about that pace what with the excellent course profile etc it's the reason I'm heading down. I think I read somewhere there was an unusually high percentage that managed to go under three hours.
Mee meep I've been running early lately due to work shifts it's not something I necessarily enjoy but needs must and I seem to have got into the swing of it.
20/07/2012 at 00:26

Luvsa - Yateley is a great route - sharing your hope for a great time - that and the Maidenhead half are going to be my pointers for Abingdon ambitions.

I'm not in a club, so I run solo almost all the time, except for a few dawdles encouraging newbie friends (nice, but useless as personal training). Work hours don't give me time to commit to club running, though as with everything in life, if I wanted it to be a priority I would manage it.

DM - bloody hell! "family was made homeless in the Devon floods" - that's just a headline, requiring more news than just "so I only fitted in 7.7 miles tonight"

Meanwhile, I plodded through 7 last night and 8 tonight and I didn't even get wet! Did  a couple at my hoped for mara pace (7:45), but my legs are tired again, not helped by nicking out for a rare lunch break and going for a 40 length swim

20/07/2012 at 16:47

MG - maybe not as planned, but still a speedy 11 miles yesterday.

Meep - like you I am more of an early bird runner, rather than an night owl. Although I do find reps hard to do early in the morning. I only run once a week in the evening, and that is normally a club night

CFB - with your running, cycling and swimming, you could get confused and think you are training for an Iron Man race. Any triathlon ambitions?

7 1/2 miles (av 7.36) this morning, with 3 of the miles turning out at, or around MP. My calf was fine, although I was favouring my (good) right leg a little, especially up hill. My plan is still to run the Harlow 10 mile race on Sunday, however still undecided on pace.

What are people's plans this weekend?

20/07/2012 at 17:13

MG - I think last year there were about 90 runners sub3 - pretty hiogh percentage of the 700 or so finishers eh. Think that's one of the resons it sells out so quickly

Nice base miles from AC and CFB

Early morning runs always make my system fall to pieces. I'm a alunch time or evening man every time...

20/07/2012 at 21:09

Leisurely 14 miles yesterday to flush away the lactic from Wed's track session. Got the Elmbridge 10k on Sunday over at Walton-on-Thames, so rest day today & Saturday.

Not unwelcome as my left shin's a bit sore to the touch.  A recurring thing with me that probably would benefit from a foam roller.

Anybody else racing this weekend or just getting in those 20+ mile runs?

21/07/2012 at 00:59

AC - as far as triathlons is concerned, I would love to be an Ironman, but I ain't going to pay £400 to enter a race with no bike support - also, I swim at about 50 minutes per mile in a pool, so that would just be embarrassing. I love cycling and I do a few duathlons but tri is not for me.

All the best for the 10 on Sunday. I'm doing a 5-ish trail in Crowthorne on Wednesday next week as a bit of fun.

Fraser - I'm like you in the mornings - I just feel confused and rushed (I pretty much have to be ready for work by 7.30 and as you can probably tell from the times of my posts I'm not great at going to bed early!)

Anyway, sod running, did anybody else see Cavendish win that stage today? Jesus, he took 50 metres out of everyone from 300 metres out, it was incredible. I'll be somewhere around Headley Down Road on Saturday cheering them on. I'll probably drive/ride down for the women's race on Sunday as well. Then come home and attempt a 15 at MP+45s - Busy weekend

21/07/2012 at 05:08

Chillies -  Cav was  impressive. Did you see the Victoria Pendleton programme, it was on BBC on wed night.  I watched in yesterday and what an amazing, complex and honest sportswoman, well worth a watch even if you're not into cycling.

17 miles planned for tomorrow, will have to be out early looks like summers finally arrived.

21/07/2012 at 11:45

Hello Guys, Not posted for a while as have been busy. Have caught up on the middle age love in though  I am nearly 40 so maybe my midlife crisis is coming soon if not already  ( have at least 1 pink shirt ).  Great to see quite a few fater runners on here, although I will be trailing behind hopefully breaking 3:30. 

What with the TDF, Open and Olympics upon us it really will be  case of getting the running in when I can.  I fancy watching the golf laterso have managed to get my 20 Miler in early this weekend. First one of the campaign and another 50+ mile week for me. 

Sounds like trainings going well for everyone?

21/07/2012 at 16:54

Not sure who the fater runners are AGF . Nice work getting that first 20 under your belt, your right about all the great sport on tele, sky+ gets a hammering!

Also did a 20 this morning, taking in the best bits of Henley HM, Marlow HM and some of Frieth 10k, anyone who knows these races knows the cracking hills in them!

Good luck tomorrow Luvsa and AC in your races, also with your long runs Barry and CFB, and anyone else doing there long runs.

Fraser, 90 outof 700 odd runners going sub 3, thats some statistic, is it really that good a course?

21/07/2012 at 17:41

Mee Meep - just had a quick look at last year's results - 86 out of 777 finishers under 3 hours (87 if you include the poor chap who's chip time was exactly 3:00:00) , so Fraser was spot on. Can't wait ! Your early morning rep session looks like a beast !

MG15 - I have the same problem - sticking strictly to a schedule more often than not means it doesn't fit in with with club sessions. i sometimes move my sessions around the weekand modifythem a little just to remain sociable.

Mee Meep/AGF - good to get such an early 20 in

Thanks all for enquiring about the throw away comment on the floods. Two weeks on now and we've almost sorted/rescued most posessions. Currently temporarily in a three week holiday let. We'll be homeless from the 3rd August if we don't find somewhere else to live! House is uninhabitable for approx 4 months. We were tenants , so have the option tomove on to somewhere else. LuvsaPB is right - the running provides a sense of continuity in a period of great stress, even if it means training at odd times - managed to do my rep session for the week eventually on Friday lunchtime instead of Tuesday evening - 5 x 1.1 miles (that 10% uplift in distance again! ) at an overall average mile pace of 5:50 - but shattered at the end! Did quite a hard 7.7 mile tempo run this morning so after two relatively stiff sessions am going to delay my long run (17.6 miles) until Monday, with just an easy recovery run tomorrow



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21/07/2012 at 18:23

AGF -  Wish I was a fater runner. Nice early 20 from you, how many have you got planned?

Meep -   Good 20 from you, any general thoughts from the thread about using hills in training for a flat marathon, or is it only a problem the other way around ie only training on the flat for a hilly one. Yeah the course is a good one the steepest climb is the underpass about 2 miles from the end.  The are a couple of inclines but nothing that qualifies as a hill.

Dart - Training looks like it's going well even if your domestic situation isn't.



21/07/2012 at 18:52

Meep - Not sure what the theories say, but the approach that I took before Taunton was that I wanted to practice in conditions as similar to the race as I could manufacture, which is difficult around here as I've mentioned. It's also difficult to run at scheduled paces on a hilly run without the session becoming harder than intended. Maybe I'm just a bit too OCD about distances/paces etc, but I wanted to train myself know what it felt like at the right pace on the right terrain and therefore condition myself to get into a recognisable 'groove' relatively easily. Hills will probably give you better strenght/conditioning though and can't think that it would be a disadvantage at all.

21/07/2012 at 19:31
Mee meep. Have a look at last year's results. I think it reflects the course and is skewed by a lot of reasonable runners entering. Not many hippos or big birds pooling round for charidee

DM - that sounds like a horrible scenario. I suppose a small consolation that we were tenants not owners

I agree best to try to replicate race conditions and terrain for long runs as close as you can
21/07/2012 at 19:45
Meep I echo dart mores theory on both counts I try to mimic the courses as much as is possible but finding 20+ flat miles here is impossible unless your on a treadmill and I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy lol.
Sorry to hear of your predicament dart more puts things in perspective,mi hope you find somewhere suitable soon!!
I did two recovery runs yesterday 6 and 4 both around 8 min/miles.
Today was a steady 8 which for some strange reason I felt fine which is strange I've felt tired all week, plus it was after a ten hour shift so making hay I managed an average of 6:40's. Got a 15 to do tomorrow which I'm setting the alarm for, I'm in work at 9:30 and having a barbie in the afternoon so going for a run then will cause ructions
AGF I always find the first 20 a real struggle so well done for getting yours in the bag!!
Anyway back to the tour
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