Abingdon Marathon

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24/08/2012 at 14:09

BB - very good 10 miles there. Good sign that your last mile was the quickest

MG - I always find solo track sessions hard, as it is nice to have people to chase/stay head of. Makes your reps even more impressive. Since the Olympics our club has had a large influx of children wanting to join, so much so that the club as requested additional volunteers to help/train as coaches to meet the demand. All sounds encouraging to me.

Meep - good pacy run. I am sure, when your HM race comes you won't have any trouble keeping up HM pace.

Fraser - good luck with your 36.xx target, and anyone else racing this weekend.

Club track session last night, 12 x 400m with 90sec recovery. They ranged from 89 to 96secs, which is fine for me, although worryingly around 4 secs on average slower than I ran them a year ago.

24/08/2012 at 18:21
Double today 4/15 was supposed to be 15/4 but having been up early all week I took the liberty of having a lie in
4 nice and easy 8 m/m legs a bit grumbly after the track session but soon loosened off. 15 done tea time and to be honest I was quite tired towards the end I set off at a decent pace but had a 4 mile section right into a headwind towards the end and hopefully it was this that took it out of me. Finished with an average of 6:54 and there was a decent lump in the middle so maybe not as bad as it felt.
Nice easy double tomorrow 6/4.
Aching I hope the kids stay interested but something tells me it will soon all be forgotten. Be interesting to see if anyone has any ideas how to keep the interest up, maybe the government can come up with something. Our local track has just been done up by the north Wales rugby believe it or not and the facilities now are fantastic tbf so you never know
25/08/2012 at 16:36

Martin - nice pacy 15, equates to roughly my PB at that distance. Yes, I agree the government should come up with more support for local clubs to keep up the interest Perhaps money for coaches, and support so children do not have to pay to become club members or use the track.  It will be interesting to see this time next year, how many of these new members are still around.

Out for dinner last night with wife and parents. Must admit, I perhaps had a little bit to much wine last night, so did not feel too great for my 6 miles this morning. Will hopefully stay of the wine tonight and will feel better for my long run tomorrow morning. 

25/08/2012 at 19:37

Tasty looking 15 Martin, only a 1:30 hm in training, quality.

AC, But sometimes the wine is hard to resist, especially if with inlaws

Nice off road 20 this morning, longest ever trail run and first time actually lost a shoe in mud! Managed to fish it out but Jesus it stunk afterwards!

26/08/2012 at 07:55
17 mile long run last night. Furthest I've ever run and amazingly legs feel fine today! Still can't Imagine doing 9 on top of that but doing what Hal Higdon tells me!
26/08/2012 at 08:11
mee meep wrote (see)


Nice off road 20 this morning, longest ever trail run and first time actually lost a shoe in mud! Managed to fish it out but Jesus it stunk afterwards!

those are the best trail runs mee meep!

i have had a rest week with some shorter speedier runs after my Northdowns ultra50mile 12 days ago. body seems to still  be in one piece with no ill effects

26/08/2012 at 12:14
SR3 nice mileage, must be a big boost to see the miles adding up once you hit 20 you're confidence will be there. I wouldn't worry at this stage about the extra 9 don't underestimate the effects of a good taper and carb loading plus the race day adrenaline all make it feel so much easier. Plus the mind plays a massive part in it all, on your 17 miler your mind is telling you that's how far you have to run and you put all your effo into running 17 miles, when you run 20 I bet you feel the same way!
For me this morning an enjoyable run in the sun 4m warm up 28:04, 14 @ MP 6:14, 6:35, 6:37, 6:17, 6:32, 6:27, 6:30, 6:20, 6:27, 6:25, 6:12, 6:30, 6:24, 6:40 1/2 mile warm down. Like SR3 I felt whacked at the end but fairly consistent pacing happy with the weeks sessions.
73.4 miles with a track session and a decent MP run, one more weeks work before I put my feet up for a couple of weeks
26/08/2012 at 14:41

SR3 -  Good long mileage, don't worry you'll be OK come race day, stick to the plan and pace.

MG-   Another good/quick run from you.

loulabelle -   Congrats on doing 50, but you must be mad.

Pewsey Vale HM today and after recent blips and pace in training was n't expecting too much. Small HM, about 200 people but really well organised.  A bit warm during warm up but not too bad during race.  Plan was to set off steady and push on at the end if feeling OK.  Splits:


Course not flat, a lot of long steady climbs/descents.  Felt OK for first half  but started to struggle from 9 and could n't push on. Ball of left foot painful, maybe blister forming(but did n't effect running). So ended up with 1:37:06, PW by 2mins, FFS I ran 1:35 in my first HM(and I was disappointed with that) Over 5 mins slower than what I ran over the same course  in 2009 and 10 mins slower than HM PB.

Sought of expected but can't understand what is going on with my running but not downhearted about it. I do think my running style/gait had altered and not for the better. Obviously my 3 runs a week is n't working either.  Avg pace 7:22 so Abo target will have to be moved, 7:40 maybe. Still smiling, can only get better, hopefully.

26/08/2012 at 19:13
Good pacy medium run from you MG. looking very good for a great time

Hope you managed to stay off the sauce AC and wake up daisy fresh AC. I find these days even small amounts really affect me - total lightweight

Glad the 19 went well SR3

Glad you're still in one piece loula. Always a good start!

Sounds like you can be quite philosophical Barry. Big factor must be the hills. How psyched we're you lat night and on the start line? I find I can only really muster enough mental energy to be prepared to flog myself for very few races a year. You still had some strong late miles and no massive fade. Warmth always a factor too

Paisley 10k for me. Ran it at about 98% effort - not wanting to drain my reserves at this stage. Managed 37.12 which I'll take at this stage. Sub 37 would have been nice but I'm not going to whinge. Onward and upward
26/08/2012 at 20:28

Fraser -   Good racing  and great time, yeah mentally I felt up for it, but at the same time had doubts it would n't go well,  but body just did n't want to know in later stages. Treated myself to a guinness this afternoon, first alcohol for 10 weeks as no drinking does n't seem to be helping running.

27/08/2012 at 10:33

Nice going SR3, even better that the legs felt good the day after, always a good sign.

Loulabell, i dont even like the thought of running 50mile at once, much respect to you for that, just the 26 must seem to fly by!

Big session that one Martin!

Loads of people would be very happy with a 1:37 Barry, but i understand where you are coming from, had the same experience last year with race times going the wrong way, though it sounds weird, i got back on track by slowing all easy runs right down. Easy runs were being done at steady pace nearly every time and the fatigue was building. Hope you enjoyed the guinness!

How did you calculate 98% effort Fraser   very nice time, was that a pb?

27/08/2012 at 11:43

barryB-impressive splits!!...certainly wasnt doing those  on the ndw50!...i will be speeding up for Abingdon but still not quite as quick as you guys.

fraser-yes, nice to  be intact and not  crawling to the car after that distance 37m 10k is pretty nifty too. but agree, save energy im a bit lazy too but i have an excuse over 50miles

mee meep- i dont like the thought of 50 in one go either-so i dont think that way,cant. hows your training for Abingdon?have your trainers recovered from mud

27/08/2012 at 15:22

Meep – nice 20 miler off road. Lost a shoe myself in the mud before..not nice. Glad the legs feel Ok today.

SR3 – well done of the 17 miles. Good that your legs feel fine, shows you are doing your long runs at the right pace.

Loulabell – well done on the ultra50. Suppose your training is now going to be focused on getting some speed for Abo?

MG15 – well done on another impressive week. Your MP run looked well under MP, so you must be feeling confident.

BB – There is still time to pull it around, I did a HM in July 2010 in 1.37.47 (100% effort & a PW at the time), but still did Abo in 3.17 in Oct 2010. 7.40 pace, would still give you a 3.21 Abo.

Fraser – sounds like a good effort. Only 13secs off your target with 98% effort, must be a good confidence booster.

After attempting my ‘undulating’ long run route yesterday, cut the run short to 12½ miles. Could feel the lower right calf just a little after 7/8 miles, so decided not to risk it, slowed down and took the short cut home. Was a little tight all day yesterday, although feels fine today, so touchwood caught it early, and will be back running tomorrow.

27/08/2012 at 18:53

AC -  There's still hope for me yet then, going to change my training a little, upping the mileage/runs but not too high and as Meep says run the slow runs slow. Wise move with your calf.

Loulabell -   Thanks for the kind words but last time I ran the same race my avg was sub 7.

4 mile recovery for me today at over 8 min/miles.


27/08/2012 at 19:35

well done SR3, it is a fab feeling when you have completed your LSR & I'm sure Hal Higdon would be proud of us too .

27/08/2012 at 19:37

Oops sorry, well done to everyone else on their LSR's too, some fab training going on.

27/08/2012 at 20:13
Aching Calves wrote (see


Loulabell – well done on the ultra50. Suppose your training is now going to be focused on getting some speed for Abo?


..speed? speed...hmm...whassat..im an ultrarunner..run, eat, run, eat, aid station, skip over rocks n things...end up in another county sometime later, hopefully the same day i started on, sometimes not....speed..*tries to remember what that is*

27/08/2012 at 20:38

MG-You make bashing out miles at mp look like a doddle!

BB-Nice half. All goes towards the main event!

FW-Good 10k.  I haven't ran that fast all year 

Looks like everyone's training is coming along nicely.  Had to cut back on the speed work this week as I've got a bit of a shin splint that's been hanging around for a while.  Wearing compression socks all the time & icing it when possible.

 Am now an official 'Ghostbuster' after christening the Camelbak on yesterday's 24 lsr.  Think it's a good bit of kit after getting used to all that sloshing racket, thinking everyone within a mile radius could hear me coming!  No residual backache or chafing.  Feel like an ultra runner now

28/08/2012 at 10:10

Some nice training guys well done.

I am now officially out, my achilles has not been holding out well and after a couple of dodgy 10k's where I felt rubbish and struggled to come in at 35mins I visited the doctor who confirmed that I had become very aneamic.

Plan is now to take six or so weeks off get fat then restart training looking for improvements at 5 and 10k. The sub 2.28 marathon attempt is going on the backburner.

Good luck with your training and I hope you get perfect conditions on the day to knock some PBs out.

28/08/2012 at 10:12

Luvsa - Another convert to the camelbak. I use KT tape aswell as compression socks for my right calf, see the official KT site for taping method.  Tape is more expensive £12.50 for a 5 metre roll but I rate it.

I've officially ditched Furman, not working for me, and easing myself into the RW plan somewhere between the sub 3:30 and 3:15 plan but closer to the 3:30. 6 miles this morning at 7:48 avg.

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