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23/09/2012 at 21:11

Hi folks,

First post for over 7 weeks - have just caught up with the thread over that period. For those with long memories, you'll recall that we were flooded out of home in the Devon floods of early July, so to say that this summer has been stressful would be an understatement. Moving house with zero notice, with no where to go to and most of your posessions either ruined or damp isn't recommendable. Lots of other issues but at least we're in a semi-permanent house now, which is dry !  Only highlight of the summer was being in the stadium for 'Super Saturday' - a truly unbelievable experience that I'll remember for ever.

Running has been variable throught the last two and a half months, but as Eric Morecambe might have said: I've been doing all of the right sessions, but not necessarily in the right order. Have managed over 50 miles/week for 10 weeks now - first time I've managed that for ages - with a peak at 64 miles. Five runs of 20 miles or over (inc a very cold/wet windy 22 today) so far, with just one more planned next weekend before the taper. Only problem that I have is that my son seems to be in better shape than I am - just have to trust that inexperience will be his undoing!

Was interested to see the discussion on massage. I only discovered the benefits recently and bought a massage roller back in the spring. I found muscle tightness spots that I didn't know I had and which was excrutiating to work on at first with the roller, but gradually worked them away. Can't praise the value of it enough - it goes everywhere with me - I think it has enabled me to keep relatively high mileage going.

Good to see that most of you have made really good progress over the last couple of months, too many to pick on individually but MG15, if you're still planning on running at 6:30 pace, we could be spending a bit of time in each other's company in 4 weeks time !

Away with work for three days now, but it's good to be back !


23/09/2012 at 21:47
Nice long run BB after many hours in the car. I had a 23m run today at a mx of my MP and then some steady pace on trails.

Dart more, sounds like its been a tough year for you. Sound like you have your focus on Abingdon even if it is using the Morcambe plan
23/09/2012 at 22:20

Thanks A-R

Good session for you today, esp with significant miles at MP. Mine wasn't at or near MP, struggled in the wind at times.

Not sure that I would recommend the Morecambe Plan to anyone - it's not too 'wise' , but has been better than removing focus from Abingdon, which would have seen me drifting through the summer and being much more unfit than I am,

24/09/2012 at 08:25

Ecky/Steve  -  Take a look a last year's results, therewill be a  lot  of speedsters running, much quicker than me, but there is a big spread of ablitlies.

Dart -  Welcome back, good to hear you're are sorted out and 50 mile weeks are very decent training.

AR -   Good long run.

4 miles recovery this morning in the wind and rain.

24/09/2012 at 09:11
Dart More. Glad you have finally got yourself semi sorted and managing to keep your running on track is a big plus. I'd be quite happy for a bit of company on the big day, it's always easier in a group. My plan is to set off at steady 6:30's up to 20 then see where I am. If I feel good ill go for it otherwise ill try and stay at that pace. I'm sure there were a couple of others heading towards 2:50 hopefully we can get a nice little group going.
20 yesterday ran at 7:00 m/m had a fair few miles into the wind and was around 30 secs quicker than the same route in July so fairly happy, I've got some company for my final long run (22) so fingers crossed we can push the pace a touch.
Nice easy 6/4 double today and the 6 is going to be on a treadmill as its absolutely lashing down (big baby lol)
24/09/2012 at 14:01

Seesteverun/Eckytump – welcome, and best of luck with the rest of your training. We all sometimes have to adjust and kick our original target times out the window. I am sure once you have completed your first marathons, any training problems will long be forgotten.

TickTock – well done on your 22 miler. Will that be your longest?

CFB – well done. 75miles is long way however way you do it. Hope the knee is OK.

Dart More – glad you and the family are now settled.  Sounds like the running is not going too bad either. Best of luck with the 6.30 target, it’s funny how these things come together on the day.

Martin – sounds like you are back on the money. Don’t worry I often use the treadmill when it’s raining, it’s good to whimp out sometimes

Barry – Well done on the good paced 24 miles. Thanks for the advice on the HM, which I took.

My first mile at Pleshey HM yesterday, which I took easy, thankfully was my slowest. Finish time (chip) was 1.34.20 (av7.10), which given the recent problems I am satisfied with, if not overwhelmed with. It would have been a bit quicker if the heavens had not opened up with rain and gale force winds at 10 miles…oh well at least I was not on target for PB or anything.  I would certainly say target pace for Abo will now be 7.40s, and see how it goes.

24/09/2012 at 14:25

Thanks Barry B. I must admit I did look as I was worried it was going to be a really fast race but as long as I can get in just short of 5 hours or maybe just over then I will be happy.

Thanks A.C I must admit that is part of my frustration as for weeks I was following a plan to the letter then after a couple of bouts of illness (my lovely kids like to share) it really knocked me back so I gave up on the plan and have just decided to make sure I can do the miles in a reasonable time.

24/09/2012 at 15:53

For those aiming for sub 3 you may want to bear these guys in mind.

24/09/2012 at 17:17

Good to see tou back and still at it DM

Good work on the HM AC - hard work in the wind and pi$$ing rain

That looks a tough challenge for those fellas to do 3.00.59. Wonder what their individual PBs are. It said one of them had done 2.58 but I'd have thought they'd all need to be that calibre to pull it off. Is it "cheating" to get pulled along if you're flagging...

Think I'll be planning to start at just a smidge under 6.40 pace (true pace by mile markers as opposed to unreliable GPS pace) and see what happens. Had a reasonable progressive long one yestarday - 40 minute spells at 7.45, 7.25, 6.59, 6.42 to total 21 and a bit miles I think. Would have liked to have gone a tad quicker for the last few but will be pleased if MP can stay at 6.40 all the way round on the day

MG - I think 6.30 is just a bit of a stretch this time. Determined not to blow up if I can avoid it

25/09/2012 at 05:30

2:58is the slowesat pb. The others are either sub 2:45 or sub 2:30 going by their Xempo vests.

25/09/2012 at 08:06

Ah good for them. Looks like that'll be fairly nailed on then.

25/09/2012 at 09:14

AC -  Well done on the HM, a very good result after the previous.

Fraser - Very impressive progressive long  run.

Hill repeats this morning, WU, 12 x 2min  with jog back down recovery, WD then straight to the gym for monthly physio.  Have you been stretching/foam rolling? asked my physio, No too busy running I answered , that's why your ITB is so tight he replied, my next words cannot be repeated as he freed off my tight ITB.

Edited: 25/09/2012 at 12:15
25/09/2012 at 14:09

FW - good progression run. Sounds like you are still on course. I agree that GPS pace is always unreliable, and therefore I try and run slightly quicker than GPS pace to keep on target. Must be hard to keep doing the maths at each mile marker to check whether you are still on pace, or do you use some sort of wrist pace band to do this?

Barry - sounds like the physio had the last laugh, as they always do

Nice steady 45 mins for me this morning. No stiffness or tightness from Sunday, which is surprising given 2 weeks ago, after running 8 mins slower I still had stiff legs on Thursday morning.

Is next weekend everyone's last long run before taper. I am hoping for 20+ miles this weekend, and will then be down to 15 miles for next weekend.

25/09/2012 at 21:00
Yes last long run for me aching got a 22 planned for Thursday which I will be running with a (faster) clubmate so hopefully he can pull me along and give me a bit of confidence, then next week I've got a 17 which will be 3 mile warm up 13 @ MP then a mile warm down. If I can't run comfortably at 6:30's here I may be keeping you company at 6:40 pace.
Talking of MP runs today was a 14/5 double. The 14 done with a mile warm up/down and 12 @ MP splits were 7.24, 6.33, 6.39, 6.38, 6.33, 6.33, 6.34, 6.40, 6.45, 7.02, 6.34, 6.37, 6.40 and 8.34. Flt good at the start, no wind and was more or less on pace but the middle section there was a bit of a strong crosswind which not only slowed me down but tired me out too (the 7.02 was straight into it). Finishing up I was again like last week pretty tired and this is only after 12 @ MP so not overly impressed although I only had two days rest since my 20 and it was bucketing down so I shouldn't be too hard on myself. The 17 will give more of an impression of where I'm at. This evening was an easy 5 on the treadmill one soaking a day is enough for anybody!!!
A couple of questions for the abo veterans. What is the weather usually like? I know it's nigh on impossible to say but you can usually get a good idea from previous years, I'm guessing with it being inland it's less likely to be windy. And secondly what do we run on? Cycle paths, pavements etc if it is pavements what about people walking on them lol
25/09/2012 at 21:33
Cloudy, 11 degrees, a bit breezy. That's my guess on the "what will the weather be like" sweepstake

Speedy sessions from FW and MG, I'll see you at the start line chaps and then watch you get smaller into the distance!

Sounds painful Barry....

AC, I'm in a 10K on Sunday so will do my last LSR (19-20) the following Friday and then have a short taper. Tapers don't seem to agree with me so doubt it will make that much difference

Postie, those fellas will make a great windbreak, get drafting!

Martin, the course description on the first few pages of this thread give a good run down of the terrain.
26/09/2012 at 00:13

Martin, weatherwise the last 3 years have been dry, calm, bloody freezing at the start (especially 2010) and near perfect by the last 10 miles - if near perfect for you is sunnyish and about 12ºC - it is all on roads/pavements with very good tarmac, apart from a repeated mile along a footpath, which is still pretty level. Do not worry about the mythological underpass of doom at 22 miles. It is an underpass not an alp

I seem to have got out of the marathon bike ride with no more than a couple of slightly achy knee tendons, which are not a worry. Jogged 4 miles on Sunday, ran 4 at 8m/m last night, and trotted round 9 miles tonight. Everything feels great except, as ever, I don't have any speed in me this year, at least not since the South Downs Mara. No matter, I'll do maybe an 18 this weekend, Windsor Half and Henley Half, , and aim for sub 3:30 again and see what happens.

26/09/2012 at 08:31
Thanks guys the underpass holds no fear for me lol I live a stones throw from snowdonia national park it's impossible for me to find a four mile route without a lump in it
The plan says 6/4 easy double today but I want to fit circuits in tonight so it's going to have be a simple 10 easy.
Thanks Slokey I've had a look at the course description not long to go now, starting to get the collywobble's already lol I need a decent long run tomorrow and my 17 next week. This is only supposed to happen deep into taper
26/09/2012 at 08:39

AC -  I'm planning a 20+ for this Sunday, then I've got a HM two weeks before Abo. Probably an easy 12 for the Sunday a week before.

Martin -  The weather has been kind for the last 3 years, no great problems with the route, some roads are partially closed to traffic, from about mile 2 to 3 1/2 its down a woodland path, then a narrow track at mile 13 which is repeated about mile 21, some of the running is on pavement but never had any problems.

7 miles easy this morning.


26/09/2012 at 11:19

0 miles this morning . Took a few steps and felt a bit of hamstring tendonitis starting to come back. Went straight back home for some stretching / massage.

Damn - this was my final full week of training before holiday. Looks like I will miss my last interval session (will see how I am this evening). Should still fit in an easy run and a last long run before hols, then its a week of trekking and roughing it. I generally find long walks help to rejuvenate the legs so hope to come back to the remainder of the taper rejuvenated.  If only I could get that last interval session finished ........


26/09/2012 at 12:32

AR -  Bad news on the injury but don't push it missing one run will not hurt too much.

AC -  Going back to the question on pacing, if you want accurate mile pacing to the course, turn off the autolap function and press the lap button at every mile marker, gives a more accurate pace, make sure you have avg pace displayed, if you miss one of the mile markers just press the lap button to make up for it and the avg pace will still be accurate when you press the lap button again at the next marker - hope that makes sense. 

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